Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 29


Thank u soo much rashi verma, sanam, ritzi (i remember u), panchi, riya, srija, loveleen, akankshak, aliza, sara, dheemahee… ?????

The episode starts with twinkle sitting in the room on the bed nd reading the book full frustrated kunj comes to her twinkle looks at him nd ignores him kunj comes to twinkle nd sits beside her
Kunj: twinkle what happened why r u sitting so angrily
Twinkle: none of ur business
Kunj: twinkle i want to tell u something
Twinkle thinks
Twinkle: kunj i alsa want to tell something
Kunj: so u tell first
Twinkle: no u

Kunj: twinkle dont argue tell me
Twinkle: why do u always have to fight u first
Kunj: ladies first patni jii
Twinkle: no men… acha ok i will tell… i know this will be very happy news for u… kunj
Kunj: yes twinkle
Twinkle: mahi dii got married to the one she loved
Kunj gets happy
Kunj: what r u saying twinkle, r u serious omg i cant believe awesomee… to whom
Twinkle smiles
Twinkle: i know u will be happy… nd she married to uvi bhaii
Kunj is shocked
Kunj: what uvii bhaii?? How?? Why??
Twinkle: what do u mean by how nd why… they got married as they loved each other… nd i was so happy… u left nd on the other hand there was marriage i was smiling the whole time but was missing u… uvi bhaii told that he is happy because im happy…. i lovee him soo much
Kunj looks at her smiling face nd thinks no kunj u cant tell the truth to twinkle she will be heartbroken look at her face u cant do this… this is not the right time
Twinkle: kunj… what happened
Kunj: nothing

Twinkle: now u tell
Kunj gets to think
Kunj soul talk: what do i tell her now damn i cant ruin her happiness
Twinkle: kunj… where r u lost
Kunj: umm yeah i was… umm te..telling that y dont we… we do what??
Twinkle: what
Kunj: i mean y dont we do… no… y dont we shift to my home
Twinkle gets shocked nd smiles brightly she hugs kunj tightly
Twinkle: i always wanted that thank u soo much i love u
Kunj smiles nd hugs her back
Kunj: i love u 2 siyappa queen
Twinkle: dont address me that
Kunj: i have each and every right did u tell the last night
Twinkle recalls the nigh nd blushes they break the hug
Twinkle: umm raat gayii baat gayii (night went the talk went)
Kunj: oh really
Twinkle nods kunj pulls her close still sitting on the bed twinkle blushes
Twinkle: kunj leave me someone will see
Kunj: noone will see

Kunj comes close to her nd kisses her cheeks nd moves to her neck twinkle clutches his shirt but then pushes him nd stands up
Twinkle: arent u getting too much romantic mr kunj sarna
Kunj too stands up
Kunj: so i have the right
Twinkle: whatever
Twinkle turns to go outside but kunj stops her by holding her hand as the others r decorating the house
Twinkle: what??
Kunj: nothing

Twinkle: then why r u holding my hand??
Kunj leaves her hand she turns to leave again kunj acts to slip nd falls on the ground twinkle turns as she heard something falling nd laughs loudly as she finds kunj on the ground
Kunj: oucchhh siyappa queen i got hurt nd u r laughing
Twinkle: hahahah pati dev look nd walk na
She gives her hand to kunj nd makes him stand kunj acts to feel pain twinkle makes him lay on the bed nd brings the ointment she removes his shirt while kunj stares at her lovingly (sajna ve plays) twinkle starts to massage his back while he smiles

Next scene
Manohar is shown in the home still in coma uvi mahi nd leela standing near the mandir in their house praying
Leela: god knows when everything will be fine
Mahi: dont worry maa everything will be fine soon
Leela: i hope so
Uvi is shown feeling guilty

Next scene
Twinkle is hugging nd sitting kunj nd his arms around twinkle on the bed they both r watching movie twinkle moves
Twinkle: kunj comeon we will go out today
Kunj: why is there anything special??
Twinkle: (sadly) no nothing special
Kunj notices this he gets up nd goes to the almirah nd takes out a gift nd hides it behind him while twinkle is busy watching the movie kunj comes to her nd sits he shows her the gift slowly she looks at it nd is shocked
Twinkle gets hell happy nd hugs him tightly
Twinkle: thank u soo much kunj… u remembered?? (Breaking the hug)
Kunj: who will forget his wifes birthday… comeon get ready
Twinkle: but why
Kunj: go nd wear i will tell u afterwards… nd yeah take this nd wear it
Twinkle nods happily nd leaves to washroom kunj sits there nd smiles screen freezes

Precape: twinkles birthday celebration kunjs gift for twinkle

Hope u all like it…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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  1. Sweetie u rock !!!!!
    Loved it sooooooooooop much
    I am out of words to praise u … ♥♥♥♥♥

  2. Awesome

  3. Simply a muahh! Sweetie

  4. Romantic scence twinkle and kunj….. But sweetie what is that truth pls tell next episode yar.

  5. Muskan{News reporter}

    Very much osum..

  6. awesome episode sweetie…. loved it….

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