Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 28


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The episode starts with the bacha party sitting in the hall nd waiting for twinj
Deepika: what happened why r they not coming??
Avni thinks something nd smile
Paro: why r u smiling paro nd we have to discuss about the party
Avni: wo dii nd bhaiyya want to spend some time alone let it be naa… nd yeah we have to plan for the party once dii nd bhaiyya comes we will start discussing about the party
Rakesh: wait wait wait what party for whom we r keeping the party
Everyone stands nd looks at rakesh angrily
Raju: haaawww rakesh u forgot
Rakesh: that is y i am asking
Avni comes nd starts to hit rakesh… he tries to save himself avni runs behind him everyone enjoys it nd laughs they feel exhausted nd stops
Avni: stupid twinkle diis birthday
Rakesh: oohhh damn i completely forgot
Raju: u always do
Others laugh

Next scene
Twinkle is getting ready infront of the mirror wearing a sari of ligh blue color with golden embroidery
Twinkle self talk: i know kunj will remember my birthday… ufff i cant wait… im sure they planned something…!!!
Kunj comes from behind nd hugs her twinkle thinks he will wish her nd closes her eyes he comes close to her ear nd whispers
Kunj: i love u siyappa queen
Twinkle opens her eyes nd feel distraughted but smiles nd starts to get ready again still kunj hugging her he comes to her neck nd kisses it twinkle feels his touch he kisses it again kunj moves his hand on her stomach twinkle blushes she turns around holds his neck kunj pulls her close nd start to kiss her neck while twinkle caresses his hair just then they hear avni screaming
Avni: what happened dii nd bhaiyya u guyzz ok??
They move back twinkle blushes
Twinkle: ye…yes avni we r coming
Twinkle is about to leave kunj holds her hand nd signs her to kiss him showing his cheek twinkle smiles nd kisses it kunj shows the other cheeks twinkle kisses it kunj shows his forhead twinkle kisses it kunj shows his lips twinkle is about to kiss it she pushes him away kunj laughs twinkle smiles kunj leaves
Twinkle self talk: what happened if kunj didnt wish me maybe he didnt know my birthday… others will wish me i know that….!!!

Twinkle comes down nd watches everyone sitting on the break fast table she smiles nd comes to avni
Twinkle: hii avni… do u remember something…!!!
Avni thinks nd gets shocked
Avni: oh damn im soo sorry im really sorry di… i forgot to….
Twinkle: its ok nd u forgot to…
Avni: i forgot to clean my room… im really sorry
Twinkle gets sad but manages to smile
Twinkle: its ok (she comes to raju) hey raju do u remember something??
Raju: oh damn im really sorry i forgot to iron my cloths
Twinkle smiles nd goes to paro
Paro: dii thank u for reminding HAPPY……
twinkle waits for her answer
Others laugh silently
Twinkle: what?? Sisters day??
Paro: umm yeah today is sisters day
Twinkle: never heard of it btw thank u
Same thing goes for rakesh deepika nd kunj they tell something else twinkle eats the breakfast very sadly others smile looking at her kunj smirks

Kunj comes down nd tells everyone not to wish her as it is birthday nd we will surprise her everyone agrees
Flashback ends

Kunj: umm do u all know… today is my friends sisters husbands friends birthday
Twinkle looks on shocked she talks to herself in a low sound
Twinkle: khudki biwi ki birthday yaad nahi hai kisi aur ki birthday yaad hai (doesnt remembers his wifes birthday but remebers someone else birthday
Kunj: did u tell something? (Looking at twinkle)
Twinkle: umm wo i just told great happy birthday to him
Avni: ohh happy birthday to him
Deepika: yeah a very happy birthday

Everyone leaves the break fast table twinkle sits there angrily
Twinkle: i forgot to clean my room i forgot to iron my cloths uufff they dont remember my birthday how bad is this… now wait when there birthday comes i will not wish them or give them attention
She angrily stands nd leaves while everyone laughs from behind the pillar
Rakesh: now everything is done can we write the names of the guests oh how i wish anita aunty was here
Deepika: i know right i miss her so much
Paro: me 2
Avni: acha enough now write the names of the guests

All sit in the hall
Avni: mr sharma… mrs dolly kapoor
Raju: we r missing someone very important
Kunj: who??
Rakesh: arey them uvi bhaiyya nd maya dii
Uvi bhaiyya nd maya dii echoes in kunjs ear
He recalls how he saw uvi standing in the village his smile fades nd thinks i have to tell this to twinkle he stands up
Kunj: i will come u write the guests name nd avni u r incharge of all the decoration nd rakesh u help her (avni shows rakesh tounge)… paro deepika raju do whatever it is less in the party
Everyone nods nd starts to prepare
Kunj: nd for me tell the truth to twinkle
Screen freezes

Precape: kunj stammers to tell twinkle about the truth nd ends up telling her that they will go nd live in his house sarna mansion

Hope u all like it…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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