Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 27


A very very very very very verrryyyyyyyyyyy big SORRRRYYY…. i was really busy past two days… im sorry so that i was late i will be posting as many episodes i can today… im really sorry for the delay…!!!
Nd thank u all for ur comments…!!
As i was late i will put a recape…!!

Recape: kunj tells deepika that twinkle will come for the party, she comes to the party nd gets drunk by mistake nd starts to behave weirdly twinkle goes to the room nd everyones mouth falls open when she returns

The episode starts with everyones mouth open it is shown twinkle wearing a a black mini skirt her stomach visible nd a small black blouse with high black heels she walks weirdly in a drunken state she comes down nd acts like maya
Twinkle: hello everyone myself maya… i was this much popular in my college kunj loved me so much… nd now this twinkle came… nd bla bla bla (she turns to the bacha part nd kunj) do u like maya or twinkle??
Everyone stands there confused thinking to answer or no
Twinkle: do u like maya or twinkle?
Avni: i like twinkle
Twinkle: haawww… very bad
Funny tune plays
Everyone gets surprised
Twinkle: u only like twinkle (she cries like a baby) u only like twinkle uuwwaahhh
Avni: ssshhh sshhh no no no i love twinkle
Others laugh silently
Twinkle: (wiping her tears) really??!
Avni: yes yes.. i love twinkle
Twinkle gets happy nd hugs her kunj comes to her nd holds her hand
Kunj: twinkle u r drunk we should go to the room
Twinkle looks at him nd widens her eyes nd jerks her hand off
Twinkle: who r u??
Everyone gets surprised
Kunj: i….im kunj
Twinkle: no u r not (everyone gets shocked) because my kunj doesnt have two heads
Others laugh
Kunj: umm…wo im kunj u drank so much that is y u r not able to recognize me
Twinkle: no u r not my kunj… i want my kunj… where is he
Kunj thinks: if i tell her im kunj she wont recognize i should do something
Kunj: umm i kidnapped him
Twinkle gets shocked nd stands on the sofa
Twinkle: i will kill u bring back my kunj or else i wont come down nd i will scream…. AAAAHHHHH…. THIS MEN KIDNAPPED MY HUSBAND… HELLLPPP
Kunj: ssshhhh twinkle ssshhh…. it is late night someone will come from outside ssshhhh
Twinkle: u bring my husband back i will not scream
Kunj: i… wo… i was brought by him…. umm to…. to yeah to take care of u
Twinkle thinks nd gets down from the sofa nd smiles
Twinkle: look how much kunj cares for me (to kunj) oyee double head massage my legs
She sits nd keeps her leg on the table deepika takes some dupatta nd tries to cover her because she is wearing such short cloths twinkle stops her nd stands
Twinkle: what r u doing?? Nd why do u have two heads?? Nd why do u look like deepika (she turns around nd finds everyone having two heads because of the wine) why do everyone have two heads (she touches her head) i dont have two heads…. double head (kunj) she is looking like avni she is like deepika he is like raju she is like paro he is like rakesh nd u r like kunj why??
Kunj:……. because… we r… ur servant
Twinkle gets happy

Twinkle: kunj sended u all for me (she sits crossing her legs on the table) look how good my kunj is… u know in the forest he gave me mouth to mouth respiration to save me (Everyone smile nd laughs while kunj is embarassed) nd in the room……
Before she continues kunj interrupts
Kunj: umm… twinkle u dont…
Twinkle interrupts
Twinkle: who is twinkle?? I want to see twinkle (she stands up) come double head show me twinkle
Rakesh: i think we should go nd sleep kunj bhaiyya will handle twinkle dii
Everyone nods nd leaves laughing at kunj
Kunj: come i will show u… but u have to promise that u will go to sleep after that
Twinkle keeps her finger on her cheeks nd acts to think
Twinkle: i wont promise i will try
Kunj: uffff ok

He takes her to the mirror she sees herself nd is shocked to see her wearing short dress
Twinkle: haawwww this girl dont have any shame she is wearing such a short dress (kunj smiles looking at her childish face) (she takes the dupatta nd covers the mirror) now she will change nd come she will look good…!!
Kunj: now u saw twinkle can we go nd sleep
Twinkle: okaay
Twinj starts to walk but due to high heels twinkles leg twists nd she falls down kunj lifts her in his arms (sajna ve plays) he takes her to their room where winds r blowing nd the curtains r moving the candles r lighted up kunj thinks something nd takes twinkle to the washroom he makes her stand under the shower nd ons the tap
Twinkle: what r u doing double…
She stops as she looks at kunj who is looking hot in red she comes to her senses just able to see kunj properly still drunk she smiles while kunj smiles back twinkle pulls kunj in the shower
Kunj: twinkle what r u……
Twinkle shuts him by keeping her finger on his lips (khamoshiyan aawaz hai plays) she pulls him close she takes kunjs hand nd make him keep on her waist twinkle holds kunjs shirt nd starts to pull him close still in the shower kunj smiles he comes close to her nd kisses her on the cheeks eyes forhead twinkle kisses his neck nd tries to unbutton his shirt but he moves back thinking twinkle is not in her senses but to his surprised twinkle pulls him close
Twinkle: what happened pati dev… u always wanted to see me like this right??
Kunj is shocked
Twinkle: why r u so shocked?? Oh because i was drunk naah i was just acting
Kunj moves back nd goes out shocked twinkle smiles

Twinkle goes to the bar nd watches kunj talking to some girls
Girl: u r soo young nd u married… btw how is ur typical wife
Kunj: she is nice… but for real i really want to see her in ur kind of dresses
Girl 2: like mini skirt nd all
Kunj: umm yeah babe u r right
Twinkle overhears this nd plans to make kunj happy
Flashback ends

Twinkle comes to the room nd sees kunj standing in the balcony she comes nd back hugs him kunj turns making his eyes meet with hers which r full of tears twinkle is shocked she cups his face
Twinkle: what happened kunj?? Why r u crying is everything ok??
Kunj: twinkle do u really think i will want u to wear short dresses
Twinkle smiles
Twinkle: ummm infront of girls yes but for real….
Kunj waits for her reply
Twinkle: for real no… i know my husband will never want me to see in short dresses… whereas he will never let my head down
Kunj smiles
Kunj: thank u..!!
Twinkle: thank u for what?? I was talking about my husband not about u
They laugh
Kunj sees twinkle laughing nd is mesmerised (hasi ban gaye plays) kunj holds twinkle hand nd pulls her close he cups her face nd kisses her cheeks twinkle closes her eyes nd feels his touch he lifts her in his arms nd takes her to the room sharing an eyelock kunj makes her stand he pulls her close my touching her waist twinkle feels his touch nd closes her eyes she clutches kunjs shirt kunj comes forward for a kiss twinkle clutches his shirt more tightly as she feels kunj really close to her kunj notices this nd moves twinkle opens her eyes nd is surprised
Kunj: im sorry twinkle if u dont want to…. i will not force u
Twinkle smiles she comes close to him takes his hand nd keeps them on her waist
Twinkle: u got every right since the day i was married to u
Kunj is touched by her words twinkle comes close to him nd kisses on his cheeks nd forhead she starts to unbutton his shirt while kissing him on the neck kunj holds her waits tightly nd moves towards the bed as twinkle continues to kiss him on the neck she bites his ear they fall on the bed her hair comes on her face kunjs moves them he kisses her on the neck nd moves the other side while twinkle feels his every touch nd smiles she holds kunj hands while kunj kisses her hands nd moves towards her neck he comes to her face nd stops twinkle opens her eyes nd smiles
Twinkle: i love u
Kunj: i love u 2
They both smile twinkle keeps her hand on kunjs neck nd starts to pull him close they r really close nd can feel each others breath they part their lips kunj moves his tongue on his lips their lips finally meet there kiss was so passionate they kiss for few minutes kunj breaks it nd moves twinkle her back facing him he opens her blouse zip nd kisses her back twinkle clutches at the bed sheet he moves her hair nd kisses her neck he holds her hand from back nd keep kissing her neck kunj turns her they both hug each other kunj removes her blouse nd kisses her neck lips nd back they both get intimate

Next scene
A room is shown cloths scattered here nd there two people shown hugging each other nd sleeping who r none other than twinj kunj wakes up due to the sun rays he finds twinkle in his arms nd smiles kunj kisses twinkles forhead twinkle doesnt wake up as she is in a deep sleep kunj recieves some msg on his phone he smiles reading the msg he kisses twinkle on her cheeks nd sleeps again screen freezes

Precape: twinkle wearing a sari nd working in kitchen kunj comes there nd back hugs her

Hope u all like it… nd again sorry for not posting in the past days…!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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