Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 25

Well who wanted to unite kunj their wish has been accepted… read it out to know how did this happen… plzz do comment… nd love u all… ???

The episode starts with kunj opening his eyes he is shocked to see himself tied on a chair nd mandap infront of him he turns nd finds twinkle beside him who is unconscious kunj tries to wake her up by screaming
Kunj: twinkleee… wake up… twinkle what happened wake up…!!!
Just then maya comes there in a bridal dress kunj looks angrily at her
Kunj: what is this maya… what r u doing??

Maya: oh kunj cant u see we both r going to marry… infront of ur wife
Kunj: i always knew something was wrong when u came close to me but guess what im now perfectly fine u r going police station ms maya
Maya is shocked to know this but thinks he is lying
Maya: oh if u r perfectly fine then tell me where did u nd twinkle marry… tell me…
Kunj looks on
Maya: hahaha kunj u thought im that much stupid… (she turns) well let me tell u when i….
Kunj: when u wanted to marry me forcefully by keeping twinkle locked in the room
Maya gets shocked nd turns to find kunj smiling at her
Kunj: well im very thank ful to u… ummm u r the one who hitted me with the rod on my head that is the time i got my memory back
Maya stands there tensed twinkle wakes up kunj gets happy twinkle looks everywhere shocked she turns nd finds kunj beside her twinkle gets happy but looks at maya nd fumes
Kunj: twinkle u ok?? Hah??
Twinkle nods
Maya: well if ur memory is back let me tell u… u r going to marry me now
Twinkle laughs

Twinkle: ms maya he wont as he is already married to me… do u see this mangalsutar this is the sign that he is married to me
Maya looks at it
Maya: ok then why dont we remove this sign
Twinj looks shocked maya moves forward to twinkle… twinkle tries to open her ties while kunj screams to stop maya… maya holds twinkles mangalsutar nd is about to break it but in time twinkle opens one of the hand ties nd pushes maya who falls down nd wrenches in pain twinkle opens all of her ties nd then opens it for kunj twinj stand up nd looks emotionally at each other (sajna ve plays) twinj hugs tightly
Twinkle: i missed u so much
Kunj: me 2
Kunj breaks the hug nd kisses twinkle on her forhead twinkle too kisses him on the cheek nd they hug again just then some goons enters twinj break their hug maya stands up nd orders them to lock twinj in the room

Next scene
The goons pushes them in the room twinkle holds kunjs hand tightly
Kunj: twinkle relaxe im with u
Twinkle: dont u dare to leave me again u know how i died every day knowing that u r not with me
Kunj cups her face
Kunj: now relaxe ok im with u
Twinkle nods they hug again suddenly some gas comes in the room twinkle coughs they break the hug twinj gets tensed nd they start to cough
Twinkle: what is this?
Kunj: i… i dont know
Twinkle: i think… this gas is gonna kill us
Kunj looks on shocked he cups twinkles face
Kunj: i wont let u die
Twinkle: nd i wont let u die
They start to search for a way to escape kunj remembers something
Kunj: wait wait… this is the same room i was locked in
twinkle: wht do u mean
Kunj: do u remember when maya captured us she puted me in this room nd i was trying to escape through a window then they sealed the window it must be here somewhere
They both start to search for a window twinkle finds it she calls kunj… kunj comes there they both r coughing badly kunj is trying to open the window nd is successful he turns nd finds twinkle gone he looks down twinkle is laying down unconscious

Kunj: twinkle… wake up… oh babaji help plzz
He lifts twinkle is his arms nd goes out of the window he goes far from the place still holding twinkle in his arms nd is staring at her he keeps her down he tries to wake her up but she is not waking up kunj gets tensed
Kunj: what will i do now… twinkle wake up… babaji show us some way
He gets into thinking nd looks at twinkle he gets an idea
Kunj: should i do it…. of course i should she is my wife… but without her permission… i should because if i didnt do that twinkles life will be in danger… nd if i will she start scolding me… babajii bacha lena
He holds twinkles mouth nd gives her mouth to mouth respiration twinkle opens her eyes nd pushes kunj she sits kunj gets happy
Twinkle: what were u doing
Kunj: umm… i was saving ur life

Twinkle: like this??
Kunj: ob…obviously… nd btw we r husband nd wife i can do that
Twinkle: without my permission
Kunj: well yeah… nd why would u mind u r my wife nd we love each other
twinkle stands up followed by kunj
Twinkle: that doesnt mean u can do whatever u want
Kunj: why not… a pati can do anything
Twinkle: a pati can do anything (she mimics kunj) no u cant… until i give u permission
Kunj looks on surprised
Kunj: what do u mean i want permission from u to do anything
Twinkle: yes thats exactly what i mean
Kunj comes forward twinkle moves back until she is stopped by a tree kunj comes close to her
Kunj: then when will u give me permission

Twinkle blushes nd pushes kunj
Twinkle: i dont know… nd we have to return home now chalo
Kunj smiles

Next scene
Maya asks one of the goon to bring kunj as he will be fainted till now he goes to the room nd finds them gone the goon tell this to maya she gets angry
Maya: i will not leave u kunj… u r playing with my feelings… u r doing this for twinkle right now she have to die

Next scene
The bacha party r successful in opening the door rakesh is running turning back
Rakesh: im going to inform police about bhaiyya nd dii
Avni: u dont have to
Rakesh looks surprised they turn nd finds twinj entering the house hand in hand screen freezes

Precape: twinkle gets drunk

Hope u all like it…!!

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  1. Ur ff has drunk me!!!! Lol

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    Precap is soooo INTERESTING!!!
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