Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 24


Hey guyzz… thank u soo much for ur love nd support (the silent readers too)…. ?? ok so back to the episode

The episode starts with kunj being shocked as he enters the washroom (funny tune plays) twinkle is standing on the sink like a statue
Kunj: twinkle what happened why r u standing up??
Twinkle signs him from her eyes he is not getting any clue he comes to her while twinkle is shocked nd scared
Kunj thinks: if i tell twinkle about the wire she will get tensed
He smartly removes the wire from the bath tub twinkle is unknown about this nd still standing like a statue
Kunj: twinkle come down
He holds twinkle hand to help her come down but twinkle screams
Twinkle: Kunjj cockroach
Kunj looks down nd finds a very small cockroach he laughs badly he picks it up nd throws it still laughing twinkle gets relieved
Kunj: u were scared of this much small cockroach
Twinkle: umm… yes everyone is scared of it
Kunj: hahaha seriously twinkle i thought u were very brave khoda pahar nikla chuha (digged the mountain nd found a mouse)
Twinkle: how mean kunj… u r very bad
Kunj: well i was just trying to become like u
Twinkle eyes him angrily she makes some face kunj smiles looking at her childish face
Kunj: now will u come down
Twinkle nods she holds kunjs hand nd is coming down until twinkle slips from the sink nd falls on kunj nd they both falls in the bath tub they both r completely wet they share an eyelock (mere rubaru plays) twinkles hair r on her face kunj makes them behind her ear twinkle clutches at kunjs shirt as she feels his touch she was dying for him to touch her kunj comes close to her nd kisses her on the cheek nd forwards to her neck nd kisses it twinkle smiles nd clutches kunjs shirt more tightly he continues to kiss her on her neck nd moves to other side of her neck he holds twinkles waist nd pulls her close he comes to her face kisses her on the cheek nd eyes he pulls more close to her while she closes her eyes nd feels each nd every touch of his he finally comes to her lips twinkle opens her eyes nd smiles at kunj who is already smiling at her he comes forward to kiss her he holds twinkles face with one hand they part their lips they r just few milli meters away their noses touch each other until they r disturbed by a knock on twinkles room kunj gets conscious while twinkle stands up leaving kunj feeling full awkward
Twinj comes to the room
Kunj: i… i will hide…. otherwise someone will feel something else
Twinkle nods she makes him hide in the cupboard twinkle goes nd opens the door maya comes in pushing twinkle
Maya: where is kunj
Twinkle: i…i…i dont know
Maya: dont lie to me
She comes in nd looks in the washroom but kunj is nowhere to be found she gets sad nd sits on the bed but smiles evilly twinkle is surprised by her behavior
Maya: yaar twinkle i have no idea how do u get saved all the time
Twinkle: what do u mean?
Maya: well i puted the electric wire in ur tub so that u will die… nd i will have kunj for the rest of my life… he wont even know who is his wife
Kunj is shocked at her confession twinkle gets tensed to know that kunjs life will be in danger she tries to handle the situation
Twinkle: what r u talking about maya… kunj is ur husband
Maya is surprised
Maya: what happened to u twinkle… u r his wife nd telling me im his wife… well in reality u r but kunj knows that i am his wife
Kunj is hell shocked
She sits on the bed facing twinkle while twinkle is hell tensed about kunj
Maya: what happened to u… why r u so quite now
Kunj opens the cupboard nd comes out maya turns nd is shocked to see him kunj looks at twinkle who is feeling guilty he comes to maya nd holds her by her shoulders angrily
Kunj: i told u not to hurt twinkle… but u did… u hurted MY WIFE
Twinkle is surprised by his words nd gets happy MY WIFE echoes in twinkles ears as that is what she always wanted to hear
Kunj: i hate u from the bottom of my heart i never loved u… nd i never will now i wonder y do i feel something is wrong when u tried to come close to me the reason is this
He points at twinkle
Maya: no kunj… it is prank…im ur wife i….
The bacha party comes there kunj looks at them
Kunj: u all call me ur bhaiyya right?? Why did u all hide this much big thing from me
Twinkle: kunj it is nothing like that….
Kunj: shut up twinkle… i dont want to listen talk to u… u have played with my feelings… i dont want to see ur face
Twinkle: no kunj plzz listen to me
He leaves angrily twinkle cries maya fumes in anger nd leaves the bacha party comes nd consoles her
Paro: dii dont come out of ur room
Rakesh: why r u stupid??
Paro: no because if kunj bhaiyya will see her he will scold her again
Twinkle: he still loves me
Raju cups her face
Raju: he only loves u
Twinkle smiles a bit the bacha party hugs her

Next scene
Kunj is sitting on the terrace wearing white shirt nd black coat with white jeans he is recalling all the moments spent with twinkle
Kunj self talk: i knew something wasnt right… i knew twinkle was my other half
Just then someone hits him on his head many things flashes through his eyes nd he faints

Next scene
Kunj is shown tied to a chair with twinkle beside him who is also tied to a chair somewhere with mandap infront of them on the other hand the bacha party locked in twinkles room maya comes to kunj
Maya: look kunj today we will officially becomes husband nd wife… infront of ur real wife dont worry i have prepared everything for our wedding
Maya smirks evilly screen freezes

Precape: maya gets angry on kunj nd pushes twinj in one room where gas starts to come in

Hope u all like it..!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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