Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 23


Thank u everyone for ur lovely comments… well i too want to unite kunj fast but things come in to my mind nd i go with that story… hope u all understand that nd dont forget SABAR KA PHAL MEETHA HOTA HAII… i love u all… ???

The episode starts with everyone on the terrace waiting for the moon twinkle looks really weak maya who is also standing on the terrace
Maya self talk: ufff this twinkle also i puted chilli in her food so that she can break her fast… but she didnt i dont know what should i do to make her feel down infront of kunj
Maya turns nd finds kunj who is standing shocked maya gets tensed
Kunj: u did all this maya
Maya: kunj i didnt do this on purpose
Kunj drags her down in the hall nd holds her arms tightltly
Kunj: why did u do this?? Did u see the condition of twinkle how weak she was
Maya pushes him
Maya: yes yes yes i did it because she was getting close to u… u r my husband i cant see u close to anyone…
Kunj: if i am ur husband u can tell me u dont like me being with twinkle… but this way i never thought u could stoop so low especially with twinkle
Maya: what twinkle hah what twinkle…… wait u started liking her am i right?
Kunj stands there numb nd having no words to say
Maya: i am right my husband started to like twinkle isnt that great
Kunj: i dont know what u r talking about… maya u r my wife just telling u dont u dare harm twinkle otherwise u will see my worst side
He gets some unclear flashes with voice telling maya not to harm twinkle but this time it was a bit clear nd he can see maya kunj gets surprised on the other hand the moon comes out everyone starts their ritual

Twinkle thinks: i wish i will see kunjs face infront of my eyes plzz babajii
She lifts her steel strainer nd eyes the moon she closes her eyes nd turns the steel strainer she opens her eyes nd finds kunj walking towards her (ishq sufiyan plays) she smiles nd feels dizzy she is half conscious nd is about to fall but kunj comes in time nd saves her he sits down with her by keeping her on his lap the bacha party smiles but is tensed for twinkle avni gives water to kunj who makes twinkle drink the water which breaks twinkles fast the ladies gossips
Lady: oh my god someone elses husband broke her fast
Lady 2: this is very bad
Kunj gets surprised while twinkle is unconscious
Avni: dont listen to them kunj bhaiyya take dii to her room
Kunj nods nd lifts twinkle in his arms (agr tum saath ho plays) kunj keeps looking at her lovingly while walking he comes to her room makes her lay on the bed gently removes her sandals covers her with blanket nd sits beside her holding her hand
Kunj self talk: twinkle who r u? What is my past why do i get attach to u y do i care for u y do i love ur company this didnt happen with maya y r u so different from others i really want to know what is my past i dont even know if i am kunj sarna or no i dont even know if maya is my wife or no im so messed up with my life…… but the only thing is clear to me that there is some connection between u nd me which u didnt feel it with maya
He feels tired nd sleeps keeping his head on the bed nd holding twinkles hand
He wakes up nd finds twinkle gone he gets tensed kunj goes out nd finds twinkle sitting on a chair he gets relieved he is about to go to her but somone stabs twinkle from behind it is revealed to be maya kunj gets shocked nd screams TWINKLEEEE
He wakes up it turns out to be kunjs dream he us sweating so badly he looks beside him nd finds twinkle gone he gets tensed kunj goes hurridely outside nd finds twinkle cleaning the dust from the pillars he goes to her nd hugs her tightly (sajna ve plays) twinkle is surprised by his behavior but hugs him back as she too wants the same kunj hugging her deepika comes there nd is glad to see them hugging she clicks some pictures from her phone twinkle breaks the hug by pushing kunj as she didnt want kunj to know that she is his wife kunj feels awkward
Kunj: i..i…wo…umm i…i thou… thought it…its maya
Twinkle feels sad
Twinkle: oh… it… its ok i understand… afterall u love maya so much right?
Kunj have no answer
Kunj thinks: i dont love maya i can say that… but i do have some feeling for u
Kunj: umm yeah afterall she is my wife
Twinkle feels broken but smiles anyways
Twinkle: acha… ok so i have to go see u later
Kunj nods twinkle leaves she comes to her room
Twinkle self talk: yes afterall she is my wife (she mimics kunj) hmph i will take his class once he get his memory back i will not leave u mr kunj sarna… u should not even think about any girl in ur memory loss i dont care… i will kill that maya if she tries to come close to u… nd u just wait i will not leave u…. u should not think about any girl but u married someone… hmphhhhh
She takes her cloths nd goes to the washroom nd opens the tap to make the water fill in the bath tub she eyes the mirror angrily but her anger turns into smile thinking about how kunj saved her in his memory loss also
Twinkle thinks: but he cares for me now also because im his one nd only wife
Kunj is going out nd watches some wires coming out from the main switch he is surprised nd follows them he finds out that the wires r connecting to twinkle washroom he gets tensed recalling his dream he comes to twinkles room
Kunj: umm twinkle u ok?
Twinkle gets surprised
Twinkle: yes i am what happened
Kunj: actually can u come out it is very important

By the time twinkle screams
Kunj gets hell tensed he asks twinkle to open the door but no sign of her to answer back
On the other hand maya looks at twinkles room behind the pillar nd smirks evilly
Maya: kunj sweetheart ur twinkle is dead now
Maya puts electric wires in the bathtub nd leaves
Flashback ends
Maya: i told u kunj who ever comes between u nd me will have to face death
She leaves smiling evilly
Kunj breaks the door nd is shocked screen freezes

Precape: kunj sits on the terrace recalling his moments with twinkle nd someone hits him on his head he faints

Hope u guyzz like it… thank u for ur support…!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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    Superb episode dear…kee it up.

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  5. very nice and i am happyb with some one hitting on kunjs head as he will regain his memory

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