Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 22


The episode starts with kunj coming to maya who is sitting angrily he comes to her she looks at him nd ignores him kunj feels guilty
Kunj: maya
Maya: I don’t want to talk to u
Kunj: maya look im sorry
Maya stands up to leave kunj holds her hand
Kunj: maya plzz im sorry
Maya: for what will I forgive u, for what u did in the room or outside with twinkle sometimes I think that she is ur wife not me
Kunj leaves her as he gets some unclear flashes maya gets angry nd leaves kunj sits there feeling shocked
Kunj self talk: what is happening to me… maya is my wife why do I forget that… I loved her a lot she told me why am I attracted to twinkle this is not good for my married life I have to speak to twinkle about this maybe she knows something regarding my past that is y I feel relaxed in this home
He stands up nd leaves kunj comes out nd finds twinkle working her hair r tied lightly nd small hair on her face her dupatta tied (sanam rey plays) nd working her hair flies kunj keeps staring at her nd gets unclear flashes about he staring at someone whos hair r flying nd working in kitchen he holds his head he walks in the corridor still eyeing at twinkle he gets angry at himself
Kunj thinks: kunj u r married don’t even think of it
He leaves while twinkle is still working he comes to the terrace nd starts walking he looks at some wall nd gets unclear flashes about someone romancing he hits himself nd sits on the sofa swing full frustrated

Next scene
It is morning twinkle gets up nd prepares food for herself as she have to keep the fast she remembers something nd goes out just then maya comes nd eyes the food evilly he comes nd put red chilli powder in the food nd leaves twinkle comes there nd prays
Twinkle: babaji plz make my fast easy nd nice I know this food is given my MIL but she is not here so I prepared it myself I hope kunjs memory comes back as soon as possible I miss him nd make our relation more stronger thank u
She eats the food nd feels spicy but eats it anyways as she doesn’t have time

Next scene
Everyone is standing outside the washroom except kuya twinkle comes out full weak avni nd rakesh holds her nd makes her sit on the bed avni offers her water but she refuses
Avni: plz dii drink some nd break ur fast I don’t think u can bear it more
Twinkle: no avni if this fast was for myself I would have but this is for my husband
Paro: dii look at urself u look so dull plzz don’t be stubborn
Twinkle: I told u all I wont so I wont…. Nd if u guzz love me so much go nd get ready nd welcome the guests
Avni: u serious dii we wont leave u especially in this condition
Kuya enters the room they eye twinkle on the bed maya smirks evilly kunj is tensed maya acts to be tensed she comes to twinkle nd sits beside her
Maya: omg twinkle u ok what happened
Everyone pretends to be nice to her infront of kunj
Raju: she ate something in the morning for keeping her fast nd now she is not well she is not even breaking her fast
Maya: twinkle what is this… ur husband is not here why do u have to keep the fast leave it naa
Twinkle: this is my first karwa chauth nd I wont break it
Maya: twinkle don’t be stubborn here drink the water
She offers her water

Twinkle: I told u I wont break my fast
Maya forces her she holds twinkles face nd is making her drink the water twinkle feeling so weak cant fight back but she pushes mayas hand the glass falls down
Twinkle: this fast is for my husband not for me nd I wont break it as my husbands life depends on this understood now plz leave I don’t want to scold u
Kunj is touched by her words twinkle looks at him maya stands up nd leaves the bacha party also leaves there r only twinj in the room they look at each other twinkle gets teary eyed but turns her face the other side (sad sajna ve plays) kunj looks at this nd leaves twinkle looks at him leave she cries silently
Next scene
The guests starts to come in kunj welcomes them kunj comes to mayas room who is still getting ready kunj gets frustrated because the door is locked
Kunj: maya come on yaar how much time will u take
Maya: just a second im ready
She opens the door kunj looks at her with surprise she is wearing red kurta with a lot of design nd a pant her hair rolled with a lot of makeu kunj smiles at her to make her feel she is looking nice he offers her his hand she holds it they come down kunj stands there while maya engage in talking to the guests kunjs eyes r finding someone deepiks notice this nd tells rakesh about it rakesh thinks something nd tells avni
Avni comes nd stands beside kunj rakesh comes there
Avni: rakesh where is dii
Rakesh: actually she was not well she is ready nd sitting in the room she might be coming as the karwa chauth rituals r going to start
Kunj gets relieved nd smiles but his smile fades away after a second
Kunj soul talk: what the hell kunj u r married don’t think of it
just then twinkle comes down kunj stares at her nd is mesmerized by her beauty she is wearing red sari with golden blouse her hair rolled nd on one side with jewellery full Indian look (sajna ve plays) everyone stares at her twinkle feels dizzy nd is about to fall but kunj comes there nd saves her as always the share an eyelock
maya is standing with some ladies
lady: awww look they look so cute together
lady 2: I know right they r perfect match
maya gets angry
maya: he is my husband
lady 2: oh we r sorry we thought
maya pretends to be nice
maya: no its ok
kunj makes twinkle stands she comes down the bacha party comes nd praises her for her looks twinkle thanks them avni brings one chair nd offers it to twinkle who sits
deepika: dii u have kept the fast how will u break it
paro: yes dii how will u break it
avni: u haven’t think of this right
rakesh: dii kunj bhaiyya wont break ur fast as he is busy with someone else
he points where kunj nd maya r standing but kunjs eyes r just looking at twinkle… twinkle smiles
twinkle: I kept this fast for my husband he will only break my fast
avni: dii but how?
Twinkle: babaji will do something
Everyone smiles but twinkle is a bit tensed screen freezes on kunj nd twinkles faces

Precape: twinkle is going for a bath but maya puts electric wire in her bath tub

Hope u guyzz like it…!!

Credit to: sweetie aka star anna

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