Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 21


Thank u sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i love u all… i have no words to explain how happy i am by reading ur comments… thank u soo much nd plzz keep supporting me like this… ???

The episode starts with raju coming to twinkle who is sitting on the terrace
Raju: hey dii… u ok?
Twinkle smiles at him
Twinkle: after knowing that there is no relation between kunj nd maya im more than ok
Raju: what r u talking about??
Twinkle: haha leave it merey choteu bhaii… chalo its very late come we will sleep
Raju nods they leave

Next scene
Kunj is walking towards his room with a smile he opens the door nd his smile fades away he enters the room which is fully decorated with flowers nd candle someone closes the door it turns out to be maya
Kunj: what is all this maya?
Maya: what do u think?
Kunj: i dont know thats y im asking u
Maya comes nd crosses her arms around kunjs neck
Maya: this is what should be between husband nd wife
Kunj is surprised
Kunj: maya i told u i need time
He moves her away maya holds him again nd starts to unbutton his shirt while pushing him to the bed he falls with maya on top of him kunj hits his head nd feels dizzy but comes back to his senses he opens his eyes nd finds twinkle instead of maya he is surprised twinkle smiles sajna ve plays kunj smiles back to her he cups her face he pushes her nd comes top of her twinkle blushes nd turns but kunj holds her nd turns her face towards him he kisses her hand nd goes to kiss her on lips he gets close to her they part their lips for a passionate liplock but suddenly kunj comes back to his senses nd finds maya instead of twinkle he is shocked he moves back maya is surprised by his behavior kunj sits their holding his head
Maya: what happened kunj… why did u stop??
Kunj: i told u i need time
Maya doesnt listen to him she pushes kunj again on the bed nd kisses his cheek while kunj asks her to move she doesnt listen nd kisses his neck kunj gets angry nd pushes maya who falls down from the bed kunj stands up nd eyes maya angrily while she wrenches in pain as she got hurt on her elbow nd back
Maya: what is wrong with u kunj… why r u behaving so weird…!!!
Kunj doesnt want to answer her question nd leaves angrily he is walking to the door but suddenly recalls what twinkle was telling about feeling peace on the terrace he turns nd goes to the terrace he sits there recalling how he was about to kiss maya thinking she is twinkle
Kunj self talk: what happened to me… sometimes it looks like im not in the right place… maya is ny wife y i am not able to make any relation with her… nd today what the hell babaji plzz help
He feels good sitting on the terrace not knowing the time he felt asleep over there

Next scene
Kunj is walking down nd is surprised to see the house being decorated twinkle is helping in decorating he eyes her lovingly twinkle climbs the ladder nd is putting flowers the ladders nail starts to get loosen kunj sees this twinkle is about to fall kunj comes to her rescue (sajna ve plays) they share an eyelock maya comes there nd fumes looking at this the bacha party comes nd gets teary eyed looking at them so close like before maya comes to twinj nd pushes kunj to leave twinkle but instead of that kunj slips nd twinkle falls on him her hair comes on kunjs face the flowers breaks nd the petals fall on them kunj moves twinkles hair they share a very beautiful eyelock kunj comes close to her twinkle clutches at his shirt he comes more close nd is about to kiss her just then maya interrupts
Kunj comes in his senses nd is shocked to know what he was about to do twinkle gets up kunj stands up they stand there feeling awkward
Kunj: im sorry i dont know wht i was thinking
Twinkle: no no its ok… it happens
Maya looks at them nd leaves in anger
Twinkle: oh im sorry because me u people will have problems now
Kunj: no dont worry about that she is like that from start… by the way what is going here
Twinkle: umm dont u have eyes to see
Kunj: well i can see u people r decorating but for what
Twinkle: for karwa chauth this is very important for every wife
Twinkle explains his everything about karwa chauth
Kunj: oh so u r also going to keep… best of luck for that
He leaves
Twinkle stares at him
Twinkle self talk: of course kunj afterall i got such a handsome husband
She smiles screen freezes

Precape: maya mixes something in twinkles food

Hope u all like it… love u all…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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