Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 20


Umm im really sorry for the short episodes… hope u all forgive me… nd i love u all… plzz do comment nd tell ur views about my ff… love u all ???

The episode starts with everyone standing there shocked while maya smirks evilly but then makes a sad face
Kunj: i dont know u all r talking about… maybe u all r mistaken
Twinkle is freezed her tears r unstopable she doesnt move
Kunj: i think u all r mistaken me to be someone else
Avni: no kunj bhaiyya u dont remember us how is that possible
She drags him to twinkle
Avni: look at her face bhaiyya dont u remember her
Kunj jerks his hand off from avnu
Kunj: plzzz stop i dont know who she is let me tell u i lost my memory nd my wife is maya she told me everything

Avni: no bhaiyya no she is not ur wife she is a cheater she tried to kill twinkle dii she is a big liar nd she
Before she continues kunj slaps her twinkle is shocked to see this avni cries
Kunj: not a word against my wife… i have no idea why she lives here i was forced to come here for her happiness but i dont think u all love her
Twinkle hugs avni
Twinkle: how dare u hit my sister
She breaks the hug nd pushes kunj
Twinkle: if u dont have any idea who u r nd who is ur wife u have no right to touch my family members understand
She pushes him again but kunj holds her tightly by her shoulder it hurts twinkle
Kunj: who r u then?? I trust my wife completely she is not wrong… what if i lost my memory but i have a loving wife who wont hurt me
Twinkle is being hurt by his words her tears fall on kunjs hand kunj looks in her eyes he feels her pain he gets some unclear flashes someone trying to ask forgiveness he leaves her twinkle cries kunj feels dizzy nd faints twinkle rushes to him maya too comes there but twinkle pushes her rakesh nd raju take him to the room paro calls the doctor the doctor comes there he checks kunj while he is unconscious nd comes out
Twinkle: what happened is he ok?
Doctor: im afraid to say his head is still damaged from inside it will take a lot of time gaining his memory make sure not to give him stress otherwise….
Avni: otherwise what doctor?

Doctor: otherwise his life will be in danger
Everyone is shocked
Maya: if we wont give him stress is he fine till then??
Doctor: yes absolutely now will u excuse me i have to go
Rakesh drops him till out
Twinkle enters the room she eyes kunj laying on the bed unconscious maya tries to go in but deepika paro avni nd raju stop her twinkle sits beside kunj caresses his hair she recalls what the doctor told
Twinkle self talk: kunj look at this… we r infront of each other but it looks like we r not….. how can i tell u… u r my husband im twinkle kunj sarna (she cries holding his hand) but no i wont tell u ur life will be in danger nd i cant bear that… u know what kunj when u fell off the cliff it looked like i lost my soul… but i knew that u r alive as if u were dead i would have died too because u r my breath my heart everything even my life…. (sad sajna ve plays) u have no idea kunj how much i missed u even one day i didnt forget to think about u… my life starts with u nd ends with u… plz come back to me plzz…
she cries vigorously but silently trying not to disturb kunj

Next scene
Twinkle is sitting on the dinning table maya comes there twinkle fumes looking at her nd stands up
Maya: how r u sweetheart… well i can definetly tell from ur face that u r not happy with me… but guess what i really dont care… how r u feeling about kunj protecting me
Twinkle: maya did u forget something or u havent heard of it lies cant not be hidden for long nd about kunj he will gain his memory i will try that then u will be out of this house
Maya: i think u forgot something the doctor clearly told u cant stress kunj… what will u tell kunj that u r his wife nd he will believe it twinkle baby i have thrown a very clear short kunj wont trust u nd about that his life will be in danger too
Twinkle: if u have thrown a clear short then im also not less… kunj wont be stressed nd he will gain his memory by his ownself u will see that
Just then raju comes there
Raju: twinkle dii twinkle dii kunj bhaiyya is conscious now
Twinkle looks at maya… maya runs followed by twinkle maya goes to the room she sees kunj conscious so does twinkle maya hugs kunj he too hugs her back twinkle gets teary eyed looking at this the bacha party notices this paro holds twinkles hand nd signs her to be brave twinkle nods nd takes a heavy breath kunj looks at twinkle nd gets angry kunj stands up nd feels dizzy nd is about to fall but twinkle comes to his rescue
Twinkle: plzz lay down

He does as he had no option
Kunj: maya we must leave as i dont think there is place for us
Maya smirks but then makes a sad face
Twinkle: umm mr kunj im sorry actually there were some issues between me nd maya now they r all sorted if u wish u can stay here nd i hope maya has forgived me for my mistake….because she isnt the one who will leave the battle field so soon
She looks at maya kunj is looking confused nd have no idea
Maya: yes sure twinkle (she pretends to be nice) i forgived u nd its ok it happens between friends (she hugs twinkle) its ok
Kunj smiles looking at her…. maya breaks the hug
Kunj: look at her u alleged her for being bad… u wont see that because u dont have a heart
Twinkle is really hurt by his words nd thinks the person who used to praise her is now blaming her she gets teary eyed but controls herself
Twinkle: im sorry to hurt u kunj… im really sorry… nd yeah i was mistaken actually my husband looks exactly like u i thought u were him… u know i loved him very much nd then he suddenly left me… but i know he will come back to me
She looks at kunj with teary eyed kunj looks at her feeling guilty
Kunj: im sorry i didnt know that
Twinkle: no its okay… nd yeah if u r really feeling guilty plz stay here i will feel u forgived me
Kunj: well if u insist… im ready… what say maya??
Maya: of course i will love too
Twinkle: good then i will set the room for u… nd plzz make urself comfortable nd if u need anything just let me know

Kunj nd maya nods twinkle goes out of the room stands there nd cries hamari adhuri kahaani plays twinkle recalls their moments she cries nd goes to her room on the other hand kunj is sitting there nd thinking why did i feel bad when she cried the song continues it starts to rain twinkle goes to the window so does kunj twinkle cries thinking about twinj moments she keeps her hand on the window so does kunj… he gets some unclear flashes nd then he moves back next scene everyone comes to the breakfast table so does kuya twinkle looks at kunj hamari adhuri kahani the song continues kunj looks at her twinkle sits on the chair kuya comes kunj sits opposite of twinkle… twinkle gets up telling she is not hungry nd leaves kunj looks at her going twinkle goes to he room nd cries sitting behind the door she screams nd cries the song ends

Next scene
Twinkle is standing on the terrace nd looking at the sky at midnight kunj comes there he stands beside twinkle she notices him
Kunj: hey
twinkle: hii… why r u here… u should be with ur wife at night especially (she tells this by keeping stone on heart)
Kunj: haha i know that… why do u have to care
Twinkle: naah i was just telling
Kunj: so u here why nd at this time
Twinkle thinks something
Twinkle: well i get peace looking at the stars, the sky, the moon… it makes me feel light… dont u think… it helps me to forget my past
Kunj gets some unclear flashes but this time it was with voices he holds his head twinkle gets tensed nd makes him sit he is surprised by her behavior

Kunj: why do u take care of me like u r my wife
Twinkle have no words to speak
Twinkle soul talk: who will tell u kunj the person who is sitting infront of u us actually ur wife
Twinkle: nope nothing like that… im like this from before
Kunj: hmm interesting
Twinkle: so how is ur married life with…….. ma…maya
Kunj: well its nice but u know we didnt share the husband nd wife thing like i told her that i need some time to accept her again as i lost my memory…. we still didnt get close to each other
Twinkle is glad to hear that inside she feels so happy
Twinkle thinks: i know kunj… because u only love me
Twinkle: oh… wellnu should atleast try to accept her
she tries to know the truth if there is something between kuya or no
Kunj: i dont know… whenever she tries to get close to me i dont know something feels like this is not right….. i feel somone calling me nd i…..
He stops
Kunj thinks: why am i telling her everything… this is not goodni should leave
Kunj: umm im sleepy i should leave
Twinkle: ye…yeah u should then see u in the morning
Kunj leaves twinkle smiles screen freezes

Precape: maya tries to get intimate with kunj

Hope u all like it….!!!
Nd one more thing if u guyz dont mind can i add occasions in story???

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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