Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 2

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The episode starts with twinkle on the terrace thinking about how her life has changed how she misses her parents even though they dont, how her new family accepted her avni comes there
Avni: dii u ok??
Twinkle: life has becomes so difficult one time u want to do something the other time u think it is a very bad decision
Avni: di im really sorry for what happened with u but dont worry u will find someone who will solve ur problems
Twinkle: wow my avni became so mature in the past 8 years
Avni: im always like that
Twinkle smiles
Avni: dii can u do a favor?
Twinkle: sure avni plzz tell
Avni: will u laugh plzzz
Twinkles smile fades away nd tells avni that she forgot to laugh the day my parents broke all the relations with me… im sorry i cant (she leaves)
Avni self talk: dii i will make u laugh with someone… or without someone (she smiles)

Next scene
Kunj is packing nd dancing on the song kukda kamaal da from student of the year he is admiring himself he winks at himself in the mirror mahi comes nd sees him like this she laughs kunj drags her nd starts to dance with her the song ends
Mahi: uff my chotey bhaii what r u??
Kunj: sshhh di i know i am hot, handsome nd etc what do i tell u about me
Mahi: ufff again
He smiles nd mahi pulls his cheeks
Mahi: acha packing done…??
Kunj: yup almost… im soo excited
Mahi: yes i can see that… so tomorrow going cant wait
Kunj: yup
He smiles

Next scene
Twinkle is done with the cleaning of two rooms anita comes to her
Anita: twinkle we have one more thing to do
Twinkle: yes anita aunty tell me
Anita: actually mr friends house is small nd her daughter is getting engaged she requested me to do her marriage in this house with all the rituals
Twinkle: dont worry anita aunty i will handle everything
Anita: i have full faith in u but the thing is they want to do the engagement tomorrow
Twinkle is shocked but she tells anita not to worry anita thanks her nd leaves the bacha party comes
Rakesh: dii how will u handle everything nd today kunj bhaiya nd mahi di is coming tomorrow is not possible
Twinkle is shocked nd asks rakesh who all r they raju tells her that they r only the guests coming
Deepika: nd u will love kunj bhaiya he is soo sweet
Twinkle is surprised nd stunned
Anvi interrepts by telling that she means he is very nice and will be a good friend nd yeah one more thing he is the most pampered person for anita aunty
Twinkle: ooo… what about mahi di?
Paro: she is just amazing sweet awesome u will love her when u meet her
Twinkle nods in okay

Next scene
Kunjs nd mahi (kuhi) comes out of the airport kunj stretches him arms
Kunj: finally India… we r back i hope there r cute girls
Mahi comes from behind nd hits him on his head
Mahi: stop it this is very repected country girls r not like london ok
While she continues to lecture kunj one girl passes by nd winks at kunj kuhi sees this kunj turns to mahi (funny tune plays) she stops lecturing him
Kunj: ha di why did u stop continue ur lecture
Mahi: umm… wo i ha not all girls r like this some are very decent also nd im sure u will like that type of girls who r very decent nd sweet type
Kunj: oh dii in ur dreams these type of girls r cute
Mahi: acha now stop it we have to reach the house
Kunj: yes maam

Next scene
Anitas house
Twinkle is running here nd there for work she is decorating the hall avni comes to her
Avni: dii wait stop… take some rest
Twinkle: how can i there is soo much work to do tomorrow is the engagement nd nothing is done
Avnii: dii have some food atleast
Twinkle: not now i have a lot of work
Twinkle turns to leave just then kunj enters the hall (sajna ve plays) with all his lagguage twinkle leaves kunj doesnt see her the bacha party comes nd hugs kunj… mahi also enters they hug her also
Kunj: how r u all… u guyzz have grownup so big man
Avni: we had no choice kunj bhaiya
Anita comes there kuhi hugs her
Anita: arey where is twinkle… tell her to bring something to eat
Avni: anita aunty she is almost dead… she is running here nd there for tomorrows engagement
Anita: i forgot this… poor child she works so much
Mahi: wait who is twinkle
Anita: she is sweet girl never argues with anyone she is soo decent her parents broke all the relation with her for a mistake which she didnt even do that…. nd yeah she is not interested in boys (indirectly pointing to kunj)
Kunj: what when did i ask for her
Anita: what i didnt even tell anything
All of them laugh avni takes kunj is the corner
Avni: bhaii do u want to see twinke dii??
Kunj: im not interested she is not my type
Avni: she will become ur type when u see her
Kunj: yeah come let us see what do i think
Avni takes kunj to the kitchen many women r working over there for the prepration of tomorrows engagement avni spots twinkle making jalebii she signals kunj to see as he is looking here nd there kunj turns to see her but before he can see twinkle she hands over the jalebi spoon to one old lady kunj is shocked to see her (funny tune plays)
Kunj: umm avni r u correct she is twinkle
Avni nods in yes as she is looking at kunj to see his reaction
Avni: bhaii what happened why is ur face like this
She turns nd sees the old lady
Avni: umm no no bhaii she is not our dii… where did she went… come i will show u
Avni brings kunj to the launch twinkle is putting flowers using ladder kunj is using the mobile avni turns nd tell kunj to look at the girl who is putting the flowers but before kunj can see twinkle moves nd a man comes in her place
Kunj is shocked nd tells avni to do her eye checkup because there is a man on the ladder avni turns she is surprised kunj leaves
Avni self talk: why cant kunj bhaiyya see twinkle dii is this some sign… no this cant be how can twinkle dii nd kunj bhaiyya be no no this is not… oh what i am thinking leave it…!!!
She starts to find twinkle… twinkle is having basket of flowers in her hand
Avni: dii u here oh god thank u… come i will make u meet kunj bhaiyya
Twinkle: what??!! no need
She turns to leave while avni insists her she is not agreeing on it nd starts to run while avni runs behind her
Kunj is in the hall nd looking at the decoration
Kunj: not bad ms twinkle
Kunjs head is turned the otherside twinkle is running while looking back at avni she is still holding the basket she collides will kunj the basket falls down nd twinkle falls on kunj they both fall on the ground twinkles face is covered with hair twinkle keeps telling sorry she moves her hair nd sees kunj… kunj looks at her (sajna ve plays) the flowers petals fall on them they share an eyelock screen freezes

Precape: kunj flirts with twinkle she tries to ignore him

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