Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 18


Sorry for the short episode but i hope u guyzz r liking my episodes… thank u soo much for supporting…!!

The episode starts with kunj coming to the room having food in his hand full shocked nd in his thoughts twinkle comes from behind nd hits him with the pillow he falls down kunj gets conscious twinkle keeps hitting him
Twinkle: why did u left me nd go hah
She keeps hitting him the pillow kunj tries to stop her but is not able to twinkles leg slip she falls on kunj they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) kunj comes close to her for a kiss twinkle pushes him nd stands up nd acts to be angry kunj gets up
Kunj: twinklee
Twinkle: i dont want to talk to u
Kunj: arey listen naa
Twinkle ignores him nd sits on the bed kunj comes to her
Kunj: twinkle sorry naa… it was not safe
Twinkle: im a grownup now i can fight fear… im not scared of anything
Just then she sees a cockroach she screams nd climbs up the bed still screaming nd jumping (funny tune plays) kunj looks at her nd laugh he picks up the cockroach nd acts to throw it to twinkle… she screams more kunj goes nd throws out of the window he comes back after washing his hands he stands there arm fold while twinkle is still on the bed
Kunj: well i think someone told they r not scared of anything
Twinkle is still scared kunj signs her to see where she is standing she inmediately comes down
Twinkle: woo umm… that was suddenly… anywayzz im hungry
Kunj: i will bring food wait
He goes nd picks up the box twinj sit on the bed nd starts to feed each other twinkle keeps talking kunj looks at her lovingly nd smiles (sajna ve plays)
Twinkle: u know what kunj… uvi bhaiyya used to bring this kachori everytime… i love it
Kunjs smiles fades away he remembers what uvi was talking
Kunj soul talk: twinkle i dont know how will u react to this… but u should know the truth
Kunj: twinkle i want to tell u something
Twinkle: yeah tell naa
Just then they hear gun shots twinj gets tensed kunj holds twinkles hand goes to the door nd peeps outside he sees the same goons standing out he gets tensed he hides twinkles face with her dupatta nd hides his face with handkercief they sneak out slowly so that the goons wont see they go towards the jungle twinkle removes her dupatta so does kunj removes handkercief
Twinkle: kunj when will we go home… im scared
Kunj cups twinkles face
Kunj: dont worry twinkle im with u right… nd dont worry i informed mahi dii she must be coming
Twinkle: how?
Kunj: when i went out to take food… i called her
Twinkle: oh thank god
The goons see them twinj run towards the jungle nd reach on the cliff
Twinkle: kunj there is no where to go
Kunj: leave everything twinkle… i want to tell u something
Just then mahi nd others comes there they r glad to see twinj together they hug each other after a while the goons comes there nd points the gun towards twinj everyone is shocked one of the goon approaches to kunj while he stands on the cliff
Man: y betrayed my masters sister
Twinkle comes in between nd pushes the goon… the goon gets angry nd is about to push twinkle down the cliff kunj pushes twinkle… the goon pushes kunj instead of twinkle he falls off the cliff twinkle screams
Everyone is hell shocked twinkle faints just then uvi comes there nd is shocked

Next scene
Twinkle wakes up nd finds herself in the hospital avni comes to her dressed in white nd have tears in her eyes twinkle is shocked
Twinkle: avni y r u wearing white dress
Avni: d…di… ku…kunj…. bhaiyya… i…is no more
This echoes in twinkles ears it looked like the floor has been moved her dreams r shattered she never loved someone as she loved kunj
Twinkle: this is not possible… how is… stupid stop pranking me im not gonna be pranked ok… call kunj here (she talks like a mad person)
Avni cries
Twinkle: arey avni y r u crying kunj is alive he will come… he is fine i can feel it… because if his heartbeat stops my heart beat will automatically stop… u dont get it
Mahi nd others come in who r wearing white dress twinkle screams at them
Twinkle: WHY R U ALL WEARING WHITE HAH…. my kunj is alive ok… i will show that kunj… he is acting
She cries vigorously mahi comes to her nd hugs her everyone cries screen freezes

Precape: leap of 3 months twinkle is seen sitting on the terrace

Hope u guyzz like… plzz do comment…!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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  1. Heart broken episode.plz unite twinj soon.and plz no memory loss drama.waiting for the next epi.

  2. Sweetie episode was superb
    But kunj .. no he cannot die :`-(

  3. Seher Mushtaq

    The episode wss awsom but what that kunj ko kiom mar diya ?buy the episode was really awsom

  4. ♥twinj- forever♥

    awesome…..and emotional…. still in tears….. how u write so beautifully ……loved it…

  5. ??? leap !!!!

  6. no no kunj cant die…sweetie I hope this isn’t true….u made me cry…. :'( :'( 🙁 🙁

  7. no no no i cant see this i cant plz bring kunj back back to our twinki

  8. 🙁 wat a sad epi…. but you wrote it welll…. plz unite twinj…….

  9. Heartbreaking episode….????

  10. Muskan{News reporter}

    Oh! God bring back kunj dear cnat see this much juddai very emotional was the last part…

  11. oh i love this episode

  12. It was awesome but please don’t separate our twinj please

  13. I am still crying Sweetie

  14. so sad episode ….. kunj cant die…. plz unite kunj…..

  15. U made me cry yrr sweetie :,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:,(:(:( omg where is kunj..

  16. Meenat Abubakar

    oh sweetie u made me cry and broke my heart, pls pls reunite our twinj if not I won’t stop crying…

  17. Nahiii..kunj cannot die like dis leaving twinkle alone..how can he??nice episode but it made me cry

  18. I luv it yrr …..Nicee epi bt i know twinkle’s kunj cant die leaving her

  19. Episode was superb but kunj * he can’t die waiting for the next episode

  20. Heartbroken epii!!!!

  21. Ohh nooo plzzz Sweetie di!!! Kunj can’t die yaar …..
    It’s a heartbreaking update…..plzzz update the next part soon!!!

  22. Oh my twinj…..miss them…..ab kya hoga….awesome episode…..tears were in my eyes….

  23. So emotional :O 🙁

  24. callmeprincess3

    please post the next epi soon

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