Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 17

Im tired of thanking each one of… thank u soo much thank u thank u thank u…. i love u all… ur support is making me think to write more nice episodes…… thank u soo much… ???

The episode starts with twinj running and the goons behind them they come to one of the tree kunj makes twinkle hide her in his arms while he hides behind the tree the goons come there they r looking here nd there the goons r not able to find them so they leave to the other side twinj takes a heavy breath twinkle is about to move but her mangalsutar gets stuck to kunjs shirt they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) twinkle tries to remove her magalsutar but is not able to kunj helps her they r finally able to remove it
Kunj: twinkle
Twinkle: ha kunj
Kunj: y i am so lucky
Twinkle: matlab??
Kunj: matlab i got so lucky by finding u
Twinkle: uffoo kunj how can u get lucky by finding me
Kunj: arey dont u get it
Twinkle: no i didnt get it… how can a person be lucky finding the other person
Kunj: leave it mrs kunj sarna… u r completely unromantic
Twinkle: im not unromantic ok… nd how is this called romantic “how did i get so lucky”
Kunj: yes u r unromantic… if u were romantic then u would have understood what i meant
Twinkle: first of all pati dev im romantic… nd second of all what u told was called flirting… who does flirting with his own wife
Kunj holds his head
Kunj: maaf kardey merii maa (forgive me my mother) u won ok… i was flirting with my wife… great right
Twinkle: look even u also agreed… anywayzz which way to go
Kunj makes some faces nd turns the other side twinkle notices this nd thinks something twinkle turns kunj to her side nd kisses him on his lips they share a passionate liplock (sajna ve plays) twinkle moves back kunj is in a shock
Twinkle: now tell am i unromantic
Kunj: umm..wo…t…i… that… umm… is not ca…call…called romantic
Twinkle: oh really!!
She comes forward kunj moves back she continues to come forward until kunj is stopped by the tree kunj keeps his hands on his chest covering himself twinkle comes close to him kunj starts to sweat twinkle moved back nd laughs
Twinkle: hahahah kunj sarna why did u start sweating
Kunj stands properly nd comes in his attitude
Kunj: wo… umm its very hot right… that is why
Twinkle laughs
Twinkle: correct… come lets go
They starts to walk
Kunj self talk silently: i thought she was very simple… today she made me sweat… i have no idea what will i do in my future
He imagines himself as a servant twinkle ordering him to clean the floor fold the cloths cook the food
Twinkle calls him he comes in his senses
Twinkle: where r u lost pati dev
Kunj: tw..twinkle umm… stop calling me pati dev
Twinkle: haawww how can i call u kharoose sarna on ur face
Kunj makes some faces twinkle laughs they continue to walk until they reach a village
Kunj: ok so let me go nd talk to them u stay here
Twinkle: no i will come with u
Kunj: twinkle dont be stubborn i will come back
Twinkle: i dont care i wont leave u nd as a wife it is my duty to protect my husband
Kunj looks at her lovingly twinkle holds kunjs hand kunj smiles at her

Next scene
RT is walking on the road he meets with an accident leela nd uvi rushes him to hospital the doctor informs them he went in coma leela breaks down while uvi tries to console her

Next scene
Mahi nd everyone r sitting in the hall still sad nd tensed maya comes back angrily everyone gets surprised
Maya: where is kunj nd twinkle?? (Angrily)
Mahi: why do u want to know?
Maya: just tell me where they r… i will kill twinkle today
Avni: oyee maya dii hold ur tongue we will kill u before that
Maya: when i find them i will kill them… twinkle snatched my kunj… she married him (she cries)
Everyone is shocked nd somewhat happy
Rakesh: what r u telling?? R u in ur sense
Maya narrates everything how she was going to marry kunj but twinkle hit something on her head she fainted twinkle came in her place
Mahi: do u even think before speaking
Maya: what do u mean??
Paro: she means
Mahi shows her the phone which is dialled the police number maya gets shocked while others smile

Next scene
Twinj comes to the room which they took in the village twinkle feeling exhausted sits on the bed
Twinkle: kunj in hungry
Kunj: me 2… u wait here i will see is there something out
Twinkle: i will come with u
Kunj: no twinkle… plzz
Twinkle: why dont u let me come with u
Kunj: because i cant see u in pain
Twinkle: but i will come with u
Kunj soul talk: she wont understand anything i have to do something
Kunj: twinkle look what that
Twinkle turns kunj goes out nd locks the door from outside twinkle gets surprised
Twinkle self talk: i wont leave u kunj sarna
Kunj is smiling nd going looking for which food is good just then he sees uvi standing nd talking on the phone he gets happy kunj goes nd stands behind uvi to scare him but uvi is telling is something which is muted kunj is shocked screen freezes

Precape: twinj r standing on the cliff kunj: twinkle i want to tell u something it is very important twinkle looks on surprised

Hope u guyzz like it…!!!

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