Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 16


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The episode starts with twinj tensed
Twinkle: kunj what if someone sees us together
Kunj thinks nd is tensed
There r 2 men knocking the door kunj opens the door shirtless nd is having lipstick marks on his neck nd cheeks men r shocked (funny tune plays)
1 man: where is maya
Kunj: dont u have any shame… today is mine nd mayas suhagrat nd u r troubling us
1 man: u were not marrying maya what happened now
Kunj: umm… wo… i changed my mind

2 man: whatever we need to see if maya is with u or no
Kunj slaps him hard the men r shocked kunj is scared but acts angry
Kunj: u people r so shameless u will see my wife hah… u want to see come inside
He opens the door fully nd makes them see the room where the jewelleries the dupatta nd everything is scattered on the floor nd maya/twinkle on the bed turned the other side the men feel ashamed nd runs out of the room kunj locks the door nd takes a heavy breath twinkle gets down the bed who is wearing only blouse nd skirt her stomach showing she comes to kunj nd hits him on his shoulder
Twinkle: idiot… such a stupid idea

Kunj: what… this idea was stupid look they r gone
Twinkle: yaayy they r gone… u could have thought something else… this idea was so shameless
Kunj: (giving naughty smile to twinkle) but it worked… nd by the way u r looking very s*xy in this outfit
Twinkle looks her self from down to up nd is shocked she goes hurriedly takes the dupatta nd covers herself feeling ashamed kunj is in love with her decentcy nd smiles he comes to her twinkle blushes kunj holds twinkle by her waist nd pulls her close twinkle feels his touch nd knuckes her fist which is on kunjs chest kunj gets closer for a kiss (sajna ve plays) they r about to kiss but twinkle pushes him
Twinkle: kunj we have to leave somehow… maya will be getting conscious now
Kunj: why do u have to do that… let me kiss u for once
Twinkle blushes by his words
Twinkle: umm… stop it… we have to leave now
Kunj: ok as u say my dear wife
Twinkle smiles

Next scene
Kunj nd twinkle comes out of the room kunj holds twinkles hand nd is running looking here nd there suddenly someone stops them twinj gets tensed kunj turns while twinkle is turned the other side
Man 1: what r u doing out at night?
Kunj: umm….wo… we..walk… i mean we r going for a romantic walk
Man 2: oh ok… sorry for disturbing
Kunj: no its ok
The man leaves twinj runs to the jungle twinkle holds kunjs hand tightly as she is scared of jungle they run to find some way to get out

Next scene
Two men comes in twinkle/mayas room they ask her to go as she is free but there is no sign of her waking up they come to her remove the blanket nd is shocked to see maya instead twinkle they call vicky
Vicky: go nd see who is with kunj then

They leave nd come back after a while
Man: they r not there
Vicky: what do u mean they r not there
Man: they ran away
Vicky holds the collar of man
Vicky: how can they run away GO ND FIND THEM (he screams)
The man hurridely go to the jungle nd starts to find twinj

Next scene
Twinkle is sleeping on kunjs shoulder kunj beside a tree twinkles arms wrapped around kunjs chest nd kunjs arms around twinkle shoulder twinkle wakes up due to the sun rays she sees kunj sleeping beside her nd smiles (sajna ve plays) twinkle keeps looking at him lovingly she comes close to him nd kisses on her forhead kunj wakes up due to the touch he smiles at her she smiles back
Twinkle: good morning patidev
Kunj: good morning patni jii
Kunj cups her face nd is gets close to her for a kiss twinkle pushes him nd gets up
Twinkle: stop romancing we have to find our way out
Kunj: uffo siyappa queen y do u always have to interrupt in the last moment
Twinkle: what do u mean??

Kunj: i mean that… y do u have to do something between the romantic moments
Twinkle blushes: it is because… u dont look at the place at the time nd the situation
Kunj:oh!! So we can do everything at night??
Twinkle: of course u can it is…..
She stops thinking what she told twinkle turns around nd blushes kunj comes nd gives her a back hug nd holds twinkle by her waist she feels his touch (sajna ve plays) kunj moves her hair on the other side nd gently kisses on her neck twinkle keeps her on kunj hand which is on her stomach kunj is about to kiss her again but he hears the goon he gets tensed kunj holds twinkles hand nd runs the goons sees them nd runs behind them

Next scene
Mahi nd others thinks to call police just then uvi comes mahi hugs him crying (janam janam tune plays) yvu consoles her
Uvi: they will come dont worry… im here right… dont worry
Screen freezes

Precape: twinj reaches some village

Hope u guyzz like it…!!!

Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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  1. Meenat Abubakar

    oh Allah! sweetie u ar an incredible and brilliant writer luv u yaar! bt pls short more troubles for twinj, it shouldn’t be too long. Thanx

  2. Awesome episode…..luved the romance part….butterflies in my stomach….

  3. Superb yrr sweetie I am speechless

  4. awesome episode….

  5. Sweetie u r simply awesome..your ff is just amazing

  6. Muskan{News reporter}

    Nice episode dear.

  7. ♥twinj- forever♥

    awesome episode …. wow…. how cute romance… . ♥♡♥

  8. niceeeeee epi sweetie

  9. I am still blushing…..

  10. Wow sweetie its awesome as always darling

  11. Woww yrr its awesome sweetie

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    Amazing as always!!!!
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