Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 11


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The episode starts with twinj tensed
Kunj: ummm wo… dii
Twinkle: amm… dii… wo
Mahi: why u people r stammering tell me whats the problem
Kunj narrates everything to mahi she is shocked
Mahi: i will not leave that maya… wait i will just come by the time u take twinkle to her room
Twinj nods they r about to leave mahi stops them
Mahi: wait… dont go to ur room u dont have dress to wear also… twinkle open my cupboard u will see silver color lehenga wear that nd the jewellery r in the draws it will suit u
Twinkle: thank u soo much dii… im happy to have u in ur life
Mahi smiles: acha noww goo
Twinj leaves for mahis room they come to mahis room twinkle goes to the cupboard kunj follows her by keeping hand on her back
Twinkle: kunj u can leave now no one is here (while opening the cupboard)
Kunj nods he leaves her back it is fully open he is shocked he turns around not seeing her back twinkle takes the lehenga nd turns to find kunj looking the otherside twinkle sees the mirror nd is surprised

Twinkle soul talk: omg kunj sarna is so decent i have never understood him… he is soo nice
She goes to the washroom she wear the lehenga but is having difficulty tying her blouse
Twinkle: kunj??
Kunj: yes twinkle
Twinkle: kunj can u call someone
Kunj: what happened twinkle
Twinkle: umm wo im not able to zip my b…bl…blouse
Kunj: oh… acha wait
He turns but remembers everyone is busy he comes back to twinkle
Kunj: ummm twinkle
Twinkle: ha kunj did u call someone
Kunj: no actually everyone is busy nd they wont come
Twinkle: oh babajii what will i do now… y everytime bad things happen to me
Kunj: aamm twinkle?
Twinkle: now what kunj?
Kunj: if u dont mind…umm… i can umm u know… i can help u
Twinkle: how will u help me??
Kunj: umm ummm by
Twinkle: by what kunj?
Kunj: by ziping ur blouse (he closes his eyes after telling this waiting for twinkles reply)
Twinkle is shocked self talk: will he tie my blouse… i dont have any other way also
Twinkle: o…ok kunj

Kunj opens his eyes nd is surprised
Twinkle: but close ur eyes nd come
Kunj: umm ok… nd dont worry im not interested in seeing u
Kunj enters the washroom closing his eyes twinkle sees him nd smiles kunj comes to her
Twinkle: dont open ur eyes
Kunj: i wont… u r not a material in which in interested
Twinkle: i dont care… i dont trust u in all this
Kunj lifts his hand nd is not able to find her zip
Kunj: what kind of dress is this… where is ur zip
Twinkle turns her hand holds kunjs hand nd makes him touch the zip (sajna ve plays) while zipping twinkles eyes r continuosly on kunj nd eyes him lovingly
Kunj: twinkle dont stare at me like this
Twinkle is shocked
Twinkle: i was not staring at u
Kunj: this much lie is not good siyappa queen i can feel it when someone is staring at me
Twinkle: umm wo actually i was staring at u to see if u will open ur eyes or no
Kunj zips her blouse angrily opens his eyes turns twinkle nd pulls her close
Kunj: twinkle i wont do anything against ur will did u get that damnit (angrily)
Twinkle: (smiles) i know that kunj
Kunjs anger fades they share an eyelock (sajna ve plays) kunj comes close twinkle clutches his sherwani they r just centimeters awat kunj eyes twinkles lips twinkle eyes kunjs lips but this time it was from both the side twinkle comes forward instead of kunj not able to control herself while kunj too comes forward twinkle closes her eyes nd comes close their noses meet each other they r now just few millimeters away but they r disturbed by the knock on the door they both becomes conscious nd leaves each other they were feeling so awkward they didnt even know what was going to happen kunj leaves twinkle stands there feeling surprised

Twinkle self talk: babaji what was going to happen… omg what was this… y i wasnt able to control myself…this shouldnt happen
Kunj is going to open the door
Kunj self talk: what was i even thinking… y u was not able to control urself kunj what happened to u??
He opens the door nd there she stands the evil maya she eyes him evilly just then twinkle comes out of the washroom nd sees maya standing she fumes
Maya: oh two person one male nd one female alone in the room
Twinkle comes to her angrily
Twinkle: why r u doing this… i forgived u but u were so cheap i was not knowing
Maya: oh my twinkle jaan… now u know who am i (she smiles evilly)
Twinkle: yes i know who u r completely u r the girl who dont have feelings of a girl… u r that girl who is heartless… well u know what u wont get true love because u dont deserve it
Twinkle is about to leave maya holds her elbow
Maya: u talk about true love well did u know that ur friend or should i saw lover here kunj… loved me
Twinkle is shocked nd looks at kunj who makes a guilty face
Maya: we used to love each other alot… he loved me alot that was true love
Twinkle is shocked kunj looks at her twinkle smiles
Twinkle: i already know this…
Kunj is surprised while maya is shocked
Kunj: how??

When kunj was telling maya about how she loved money not him twinkle overheard it
Flashback ends
Kunj smiles a bit maya fumes twinkle holds kunjs hand
Twinkle: lets go kunj
They leave while maya hits her hand on the door
Maya self talk: no kunj nd twinkle i wont let u people live in peace i will never let u be together neverrr

Next day
Next scene
Everyone is sitting nd having breakfast while twinkle is serving kunjs eyes r only on her
Paro: areyy dii come nd sit… have some food
Twinkle: wait let me serve first
Raju: they will have by them self come nd sit
They both drag twinkle nd makes twinkle sit opposite of kunj twinkle smiles at him he too smiles back
Mahi: well now twinkle is fine nd the marriage is also over y dont we make some outing plan
Twinkle: great idea… im in
The bacha party agrees nd waits for kunj to answer
Kunj: well… if everyone is going im also coming
Deepika: when do we leave then??
Mahi: of course tomorrow
Twinkle gets happy maya comes there
Maya: if i am also invited??
Rakesh: only family memebers dii
Twinkle hits rakesh on his head
Twinkle: yeah sure maya
Kunj nd maya r shocked at her behavior
Kunj soul talk: how can twinkle talk to maya in a sweet way i should ask her

Next scene
Twinkle is folding the cloths in her room someone knocks her door twinkle asks to come in kunj enters twinkle stands up
Twinkle: kunj u here??
Kunj: how can u talk to maya in such a sweet way afterall what she has done to u
Twinkle: (smiles) if she is bad that doesnt mean we also have to be bad
Kunj: so u mean to say u forgived her?? (Surprised)
Twinkle: umm yes
Kunj: how do u do that??
Twinkle: do what??
Kunj: how do u forgive people so easily??
Twinkle: well im professional in that
She laughs kunj smiles looking at her screen freezes

Precape: everyone is going in the bus nd singing

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Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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