Tashan e ishq – ishq ka junoon episode 10


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The episode starts maya meeting avni mahi deepika paro raju rakesh nd twinkle maya comes to twinkle nd looks her from up to down
Twinkle: hii twinkle
She forwards her hand
Maya: umm hii… im sorry i dont shake hands with servants
Twinkle is hurt nd gets teary eyed while everyone is shocked kunj stands there angry the bacha party comes
Deepika: look maya di… she is not out servant ok
Rakesh: yes she is our dii
Paro: nd if anyone talks about our dii like this we wont handle it
Raju: u better ask forgiveness

Maya: oh come on it was just a mistake… by the way anyone can think her as a maid in this kind of outfit (she makes a disgusted face)
Twinkles tears fall kunj looks at this nd gets angry
Avni: how dare u tell like this
Maya: how dare i how dare u to speak to me like this… im elder than u… u should respect me… nd btw y is twinkle like a bhenji type didnt her parents teach what is fashion
Twinkle cries silently but her tears her unstoppable the bacha party tries to console her but is not able to kunj gets angry
Kunj: ENOUGHH MAYA… this is a limit u were shameless before nd now also… dont make me do something which is not good for u… u better go to ur room nd yeah remember one thing people r beautiful from inside not outside… leave now
Maya leaves in a angry face twinkle looks at kunj she runs from there to her room she drops herself on the bed nd cries
Avni: kunj bhaiyya plzz go nd talk to her she wont listen to us

Kunj nods he goes to twinkles room nd watches r cry vigorously he gets teary eyed watching her in this state he comes to her nd sits beside her nd keeps his hand on twinkles head twinkle looks up she hugs kunj tightly nd cries kunj hugs her back nd consoles her
Twinkle: what is my fault if my parents didnt believe me… if my parents dont trust me what is my fault
She cries
Kunj: sshhhh twinkle sshhh ur fault is nothing… but yeah there is one fault of urs
Twinkle is shocked she breaks the hug nd looks at kunj while he cups her face
Kunj: nd ur fault is that u cry for something which u cried before
Twinkle smiles a bit nd wipes her tears
Kunj: thats like a good girl
He stands to leave twinkle holds his hand he turns to her she thanks him
Kunj: anytime siyappa queen
He leaves while twinkle smiles

Next scene
Kunj bursts into mayas room nd holds her shoulder tightly
Maya: kunj what the hell do u think u r doing
Kunj: what the hell do uu think u r doing… how dare u to hurt twinkle
Maya smirks
Maya: oh this is the reason y u r angry
She pushes him
Maya: someone is in love
Kunj: stop ur useless talk… nd im warning u dont u ever try to hurt twinkle otherwise u will see my worst side
Maya comes to him nd arm crosses his neck

Maya: baby u dont love me now… we were so in love in college what happened to u now??
Kunj pushes her she falls on the ground
Kunj: i got to know the real side of urs u never loved me just loved me for my money thats all… nd yeah all i came is here to tell u not to interfere in my life or twinkles
He leaves angrily slamming the door maya sits down nd smirks
Maya self talk: oh kunj baby u love twinkle… i wont make ur dream come true i will make misunderstanding between u nd her… nd ms twinkle see u soon honey
She smirks evilly

Next scene
The guests r coming anita nd the lady welcomes them kunj comes down wearing black nd while sherwani he is looking so damn hot the girls comment on him while he flirta with them mahi comes there nd pulls his ear she takes him with her
Mahi: u started again
Kunj: oww dii they were also joining
Mahi leaves his ear
Mahi: so that doesnt mean u have to join also
Kunj: well they were pretty well i love pretty girls
Mahi: what about twinkle

Kunj: (in thoughts of twinkle) she is the most pure thing on earth… she is unbeatable she is very pretty
Mahi: ahem ahem….
Kunj becomes conscious
Kunj: i mean to say yeah she is also pretty
Mahi: she is not just pretty she is very pretty
Kunj: umm yeah yeah whatever u think (he leaves)
Mahi self talk: achaa bachuu now my small brother will hide things from me (she smiles)

Next scene
Kunj is searching for twinkle he sees twinkle from far her back towards kunj he goes to her nd turns the other side
Kunj: wow u look so beautiful siyappa queen i never thought u were so beautiful
he turns nd finds maya standing nd smiling kunj is shocked
Maya: oh thank u soo much baby… i know u love me today also
Kunj is disgusted
Kunj: what is this maya y r u wearing twinkles cloths
Maya: well twinkle is not that bad but she dont know that im very bad

Kunj turns nd sees twinkle wearing red nd black lehenga kunj is mesmerised to see her (sajan ve plays) maya looks at him nd then at twinkle she snaps her finger kunj becomes conscious
Kunj: what do u mean by u r mad?
Maya: well u see
Flash back
Maya goes to twinkles room nd apologies her twinkle accepts it maya asks twinkle to give her twinkles dress she agrees twinkle takes red nd blacj lehenga keeps it on bed nd goes to washroom maya eyes the lehenga nd cuts her doris half part so that when she wears at the wedding it breaks nd she will be humiliated

Flash back ends
Kunj is shocked he eyes twinkle nd runs to her twinkles dori starts to break slowly kunj runs to her twinkles dori breaks just then kunj comes nd keeps his hand on twinkle back they r in the hugging position the share a eyelock (sajna ve plays)
Mahi takes this opportunity nd ons the music nd announces the dance of twinkle nd kunj
Twinj r shocked twinkle gets teary eyed
Twinkle: ku…kunj what will we do now
Kunj: do y trust me?
Twinkle: more than myself

Kunj: then dont worry
The music starts mein hu hero tera plays kunj dances with twinkle smoothly but doesnt move his hand behind her back they dance twinkle feels his touch they have many lifts the comes closer
after every lift but manages to finish the dance
Kunj keeps his hand behind twinkles back nd moves with her to her to the room while walking kunj tells twinkle about maya
Twinkle: that witch… i wont leave her
Kunj: u should not
Before going upstairs the photographer calls everyone for the photo anita calls twinj they r tensed

Twinkle: kunj what will we do noww (her voice changes to crying voice)
Kunj: dont worry siyappa queen when kunj is here why to fear
Twinkle nods they go down nd to the stage photographer asks twinj to stand more closely
Kunj soul talk: we r close this much how much close does he want us to be
Twinkle soul talk: i will kill this photographer
Just then maya comes in between twinj nd pushes twinkle down kunjs hand moves from her back twinkle fumes while kunj is angry at maya she smiles at him some men stare at twinkles back evilly just then kunj comes there nd covers her back with his chest like back hugging twinkle feels goosebumps they go on the stage maya gets angry nd leaves twinj nd others engage in taking pics while twinj stands close nd feeling awkward mahi comes there
Mahi: why r u both standing like this
Twinj r tensed screen freezes

Precape: everyone makes a plan for camping in the jungle

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Credit to: Sweetie aka star anna

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