Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Story of Our Love Episode 9


**Season 2 for Intense Love**


Hi all Fatarajo here. Thank you soooooooooooooo much, thank you thank you thank you for loving the previous episode a lot I was really overwhelmed with the response I received in the previous episode. That meant a lot for me. I thought most may not like the Alzimers concept as you all may get confused or whatever, but I am happy that was not the case. And believe me I invested 2 days only to do research on Alzimers as I dont want to just write like that. And pardon me if I had made any mistake, well whatever I know about Alzimers is based on the research I did and also that movie U, Me and Hum. But my story won’t be a copy paste of that movie, it will be totally different. And I hope you all will love this episode. And keep on supporting me. Thank you.

By any chance if you didn’t read the intro, episodes and promos here is the link.

Here is episode 9.
Scene 1: Hospital
The episode begins with Twinkle looking through the window and she is sad as she remembers that Kunj is suffering from alzimers and she is also in dilemma whether Kunj knew about it or not.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Oh God what kind of situation have you kept me in? I love my Kunj so much why is my Kunj suffering a lot. Sometimes I am so confused if he truly loves me a lot. I know he is suffering from alzimers, but still in his normal self did he ever loved me?
Twinkle is teary-eyed. Just then Jaya comes,
Jaya: Twinkle, you haven’t went back home?
Twinkle: Jaya dii,
Twinkle wipes her tears.
Jaya: Why what happened?
Twinkle: Nothing.
Jaya: Jai told me about Kunj, I really felt very bad for him.
Twinkle tries to control her tears.
Jaya sits beside Twinkle.
Jaya: Poor guy, I feel so bad for him. He suffered so much and also lost his true love.
Twinkle: True love?
Jaya: Yes, true love. His girlfriend died in plane crash years ago.
Twinkle is more surprised.
Twinkle: What is his girlfriend’s name?
Jaya: He didn’t mention his girlfriend’s name. All I just knew that he used to call his girlfriend Siyappa Queen lovingly.
Twinkle gets super surprised and she got it that Jaya was talking about her only and she remember show Kunj used to call her Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: How do you know all this?
Jaya: He wrote all this in a diary. When I came to meet him, I found this diary and but he was really mad when he saw the diary in my hand, and he snatched it. But now that he is hospitalized, I managed to obtain this diary.
Jaya gives Twinkle the diary.
Jaya: I have some work, I should leave now.
Jaya leaves. Twinkle sits down and reads the diary.
She reads on how Kunj was actually from a rich family which she already knew and how he had interest in engineering and also managed family business. And then how he met his Siyappa Queen, Twinkle and then how he fall in love. Despite several attempts he failed to tell the truth, and how they confessed love and all that and how his Siyappa Queen left him.
Twinkle: And this is my story. I lost my Siyappa Queen forever.
Twinkle reads it and she is teary-eyed and she hugs the diary.
Twinkle: My Kunj loved me so much. And I,
Twinkle cries.
Twinkle: (in her mind) I wonder what Kunj must be doing now, I should check on him once.
Twinkle goes to Kunj’s ward.

Scene 2: Kunj’s ward
Twinkle comes to Kunj’s ward to meet Kunj,
Twinkle: Kunj, have you?
Twinkle is shocked to find Kunj missing.
Twinkle: Kunj?
Twinkle tries to find Kunj. Twinkle looks everywhere but she still doesn’t finds Kunj.
Twinkle: Kunj!
Twinkle is looking everywhere outside the hospital,
Twinkle: Oh God, Kunj, he won’t be able to explain. What if he went out there will be a big problem.
Twinkle finds tries to Kunj, and then suddenly she finds Kunj at the big window in the hospital centre outside the ward, and she runs there.
Kunj is looking at the moon and Twinkle from behind hugs Kunj.Tay Hai from Rustom plays. Kunj is surprised. Kunj looks at Twinkle surprised. Twinkle looks at Kunj and they share an eyelock.
Twinkle: Where did you went Kunj, I got so afraid.
Kunj: S.. s
Twinkle smiles looking at Kunj.
Kunj: Sorry doctor, I will never ever do like this again. I made you worried right.
Twinkle becomes a little sad as he thought Kunj will call her Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: It’s okay Kunj come with me.
Twinkle brings Kunj into his ward. As Twinkle was about to go, Kunj holds her hand. Sajna plays. Twinkle looks at Kunj.
Kunj: Doctor, you know about me right?
Twinkle nods.
Kunj: Can I talk with you?
Twinkle: Sure.
Twinkle sits besides Kunj.
Kunj: The only thing I know is that my name is Kunj and nothing else. I really don’t have anything else I know about myself. Why is it so?
Twinkle is teary-eyed.
Twinkle: Kunj, this happens no need to worry. Don’t stress yourself gradually, you will remember everything.
Kunj: Can you tell me more about me?
Twinkle: Sure.
Kunj: My family? I only know about Jai bhaia.
Twinkle: Well I dont know about your family much, I just know you have a mother, father, elder brother like Jai bhaia and younger sister named Aliya.
Kunj: Anything else?
Twinkle nods no.
Twinkle: That’s all. You can ask your brother hope that is fine with me.
Kunj: I hope no one will forget me, just like the way I forgot them.
Twinkle: No, Kunj no one have forgotten you.
Kunj: I don’t know much I feel so clueless. Can you tell me more?
Twinkle says all the basic things that a person should know.
Kunj: That means everyone have a friend right?
Twinkle: Yes, Kunj.
Kunj: I don’t remember my friends at all. Would you love to be my friend, doctor?
Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand and Twinkle also lets him.
Twinkle: Sure we will be friends.
Kunj smiles.
Kunj: Doctor, everyone have a name like I have, what’s your name is it Doctor?
Twinkle laughs.
Twinkle: No, its not Doctor. I am a doctor that’s why all calls me doctor.
Kunj: Then what is your name?
Twinkle: Twinkle. Twinkle Taneja.
Kunj: Twinkle.
Twinkle smiles.

Next day morning,
Twinkle is speaking to someone,
Twinkle: Thank you so much for understanding Sir, really means a lot to me.
Twinkle comes to Kunj’s ward, Kunj looks on. Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: Kunj get ready.
Kunj: Why?
Twinkle: I took permission. We can go out together.

Scene 3: Park
Twinkle brings Kunj to the park. Kunj looks all around the places and streets, and Twinkle tells Kunj about it and Kunj looks on and is also interested in those.
And Kunj sees a family enjoying themselves and Kunj looks on clueless and surprised. Twinkle sees this and realizes it. Twinkle holds Kunj’s hand to make him feel better. Kunj looks on. They hold hands and walk together.
Kunj sees some kids playing with balloons and he smiles. Twinkle sees this.
Twinkle: You wait here for a while.
Twinkle goes and buys some balloons.
Twinkle: You liked it right? Here is some.
Kunj looks at the balloon and smiles, later, Kunj takes the balloon and makes it flies in the balloon.
Twinkle: Kunj, why did you made them fly?
Kunj: They look so nice on the sky. It looks like they were made to be for being on the sky. Why did I do something wrong?
Twinkle: No, Kunj you can also do that.
Kunj happily looks at the sky, and Twinkle looks at Kunj and smiles.
Twinkle: (in her mind) My Kunj is so innocent, who will say that he is suffering from
Tears drops from Twinkle’s eyes.
Kunj looks at Twinkle.
Kunj: You are crying?
Twinkle: No, I am not.
Kunj wipes Twinkle’s eyes. Twinkle looks on.
Kunj: Don’t cry these doesn’t suit you Twinkle. We are friends you can tell me.
Twinkle: Nothing like that Kunj.
Kunj: Sure.
Twinkle: Yes, now I am hungry. Let’s go and eat.
Twinkle and Kunj goes to have lunch.
Twinkle and Kunj are having lunch, and Kunj sees a mother feeding his son.
Kunj: Bhaia told me that a mother is the most special person in the world. She is the one who brings her child in the world.
Twinkle becomes sad.
Kunj: Twinkle, your mom
Twinkle becomes sad remembering about her mother and tears drop from her eyes. And she cries.
Kunj: Why what happened? Did you feel bad?
Twinkle: No, is just that my mom is no more in this world.
Kunj: Twinkle how many times I have told you not to cry and your mom what she must be thinking, that I am such a bad friend. Firstly I disturb you as a patient and secondly I can never make my friend smile like that.
Twinkle smiles.
Kunj: This looks better.
Kunj: Your mom must be very happy from there and don’t worry my balloon will reach till her.
Twinkle looks on,
Twinkle: (in her mind) Yes Maa, you were right Kunj is a very nice guy. Despite what he is suffering from his thinking is so naive and innocent, this shows how much clean-hearted he is. I am lucky to love someone like Kunj. I wish he becomes normal soon and then I can tell him that his Siyappa Queen is alive.

Scene 4: Hospital
Twinkle is in her cabin and Kunj comes.
Twinkle: Kunj, you and here?
Kunj: Don’t worry, I took permission this time.
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: Come here.
Kunj comes and sits down.
Kunj: I have something for you.
Twinkle: Is it?
Kunj: Close your eyes.
Twinkle: Ok.
Twinkle closes her eyes. Kunj gives her a gift.
Twinkle: Gift?
Kunj: Yes this gift is just for you only.
Twinkle: Kunj, what was the need of it?
Kunj: Not fair, you are my friend and you can’t accept this gift.
Twinkle: Okay fine and thank you for the gift.
Twinkle opens the gift and smiles as she finds a teddy bear.
Twinkle: Aww this teady bear is so cute.
Kunj: Just like you.
Twinkle looks at Kunj and Kunj smiles.
Kunj: Okay doctor Twinkle you do your work now, I take your leave.
Kunj leaves.
Twinkle sees the teddy bear and smiles and hugs it.
Twinkle: After so many years, my Kunj gifted me something. I should keep it safely.
And Twinkle does so,
Later, Twinkle thinks.
Twinkle: I think Kunj should meet his parents now, they should also know about it. And Kunj will be happy to meet them, I should tell Jai bhaia and ask him.
Twinkle gets thinking and Kunj comes back.
Twinkle: Kunj?
Kunj: Yes, I have came back.
Twinkle: Is there anything you need?
Kunj: Give me your hand.
Twinkle: Why?
Kunj: Just do so.
Twinkle: Okay fine.
Kunj takes a band and puts it on Twinkle’s hand.
Twinkle: What is this Kunj?
Kunj: Some kids told me that friends gift each other a special band to their friend on friendship day. Well I dont know when is that but for me everyday is friendship day and I am so lucky to have a friend like you.
Twinkle smiles, and as Kunj was about to go, Twinkle’s dupatta gets stuck with Kunj’s button. They look at each other.
The episode ends.

Precap: Kunj is talking to Twinkle and Kunj says he needs help from her. Twinkle says sure. And just then Yuvi comes and is shocked to see Kunj and Twinkle together. Yuvi scolds Kunj and punches him. Kunj is shocked. Twinkle shouts Yuvi. Yuvi said he deserved it how dare he cheat you? Kunj says what did you mean I didn’t get it. Yuvi says that you and Twinkle loved each other and later you cheated on her. Kunj is shocked and Twinkle is worried.

Hey all, sorry for the short update, actually I am studying also, so whenever I take a short break, I write a little and like that I finished writing one episode. And the next episode, I will publish on Friday most likely.
And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you 

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