Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Story of Our Love Episode 8


*With summary of Episode 1-7.*
**Season 2 for Intense Love**


Hi all I am back. My short trip ended and also my Physics test ended that’s why I am free this week and I can upload the episode today. Thank you so much for waiting for my fan fiction patiently. And I am happy you all are enjoying my fan fiction. I hope you all will still like my fan fiction. Thanks for supporting me via your sweet comments means a lot to me. Okay, now let’s go on to the episode. Before that those who are new to my fan fiction or don’t remember the story can read the summary given.
Here is the summary of episode 1-7.
The fan fiction is about Kunj a guy who is emotionless and seemed something happend with him. Later 5 yrs ago, a story of his and Twinkle is revealed. Kunj is a rich businessman who is interested in engineering stuffs and Twinkle a medical student and is from a well established family. Kunj falls in love at first sight with Twinkle. Later due to some Misunderstandins Twinkle assumes Kunj is poor and she feels bad for him. In this way somehow Twinkle and Kunj bond more. Kunj wants to confess his love and also clear his confusion. Later, after so much happened Kunj decided to confess his love as soon as possible to Twinkle and tell her his truth that he is from actually a wealthy family. And then later Twinkle gets scholarship in Singapore University, and she is very happy but she don’t want to go away from Kunj. Kunj inspires Twinkle to take scholarship and once her education finishes they will marry. Twinkle agrees and she leaves. Later, a plane crash in which Twinkle is travelling happens and all dies. Kunj assumed Twinkle to be dead.Later, its revealed Twinkle and Mahi went back to Singapore in advance due to deadline and Leela was the one who died in the plane crash. Twinkle and Mahi comes back to India, for Leela’s last rites once they get news. Twinkle sees Kunj but Kunj refuses to recognise her. Twinkle breaks all ties with Kunj, Kunj is clueless and returns to Singapore with Mahi and is now a successful doctor. And due to fate, Twinkle and Kunj agains meet each other, this time Kunj is Twinkle’s patient.
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Previous Episodes

Here is episode 8.
Scene 1: Kunj’s cabin
Twinkle is shocked as she finds Kunj sleeping.
Twinkle: So, he is Kunj? Nurse: Yes
Twinkle: Kunj Sarna?
Nurse: Yes, Dr. Taneja he is Mr.Sarna.
Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle: Isn’t he Kunj Malhotra?
Nurse: No.
Twinkle: Show me his reports again.
Twinkle sees Kunj’s report and looks at Kunj. The nurse leaves.
Twinkle: The age is same, blood group is same, everything is so same and even his face, just that he is Sarna not Malhotra what is going on here?
Just then Jaidev, Kunj’s brother comes to Twinkle,
Jai: Dr. Taneja, so you are the new doctor for my brother is it?
Twinkle looks and is shocked to see Jaidev. And she remembers Jaidev came to her college once as Sarna Industries owner.
Twinkle: So you are Kunj’s elder brother? Jai: Yes, I am.
Twinkle remembers how people were excited over Sarna industries owner coming and also remembers Jaidev and Kunj talking to each other openly.
Twinkle: (in her mind) If Kunj is from Sarna family, why did he lie to me?
Jai: I hope Jaya told you everything about Kunj, please Dr. Taneja we lost hopes now only you can do something.
Twinkle: Don’t worry I will check Kunj and then I will make sure he gets the best of treatment.
Jai: Thank you so much, Dr.Taneja it means a lot to me.
Twinkle: It’s okay.
Jai leaves, and Twinkle looks at Kunj who is sleeping.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Why did you lie to me Kunj?
Twinkle remembers how Kunj said he doesn’t knows her and also all their romantic moments. Agar tum saath ho from Tamasha plays.
Twinkle: (in her mind) No, my Kunj is not like that he must have done so for a purpose. He is not like those rich spoil brats who cheat girls. My Kunj is different. But why did he do so?
Twinkle is teary-eyed and as she was about to go, Jaya comes to Twinkle.
Jaya: Twinkle good you are here. This is Kunj, the patient I was talking about.
Twinkle looks at Kunj.
Twinkle: What happened to him?
Jaya: No idea. His case seems to be very much rare.
Twinkle looks on.
Jaya: Today I am very busy, so I leave for now, you do check on Kunj.
Jaya leaves. Twinkle checks Kunj. She checks his heartbeat, blood pressure and all that.
Twinkle: Looks like we must get some tests to be conducted for him, here is the paper, bring all the necessary equipments.
The nurse leaves.

Twinkle is about to go, and Kunj holds her hand. Sajna plays.
Kunj: Please never leave me and go, Twinkle.
Twinkle looks behind stunned.
Kunj: If you leave, please do take me along with you.
Kunj opens his eyes and sees Twinkle, he looks at Twinkle. Kunj and Twinkle share an eyelock. Hamdard from Ek Villian plays.
Nurse: Dr.Taneja, here are all the equipments.
Twinkle: Thanks.
The nurse leaves, Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj: Please say something.
Twinkle: I am the doctor, and you are just my patient.
Kunj is surprised.
Kunj: Doctor? Patient?
Twinkle: Look Kunj, I don’t want to speak much to you, so you better let me do your job.
Twinkle uses injection and is about to give Kunj injection,
Kunj: What is this?
Twinkle: Injection.
Twinkle ignores Kunj and is about to give him injection, Kunj holds her hand.
Kunj: No! Please.
Twinkke: Kunj, stop being stubborn. Let me give you injection.
Kunj: No! Twinkle tries to give Kunj injection but she fails and the nurse comes back.
Twinkle: Nurse, can you help me out with this patient.
The nurse comes and gives Kunj injection. Kunj closes his eyes in pain and holds Twinkle’s hand. Twinkle looks on.
Kunj: No!
Twinkle: Kunj, listen.
Twinkle sings a song which makes Kunj feel better and then the nurse peacefully gives Kunj injection.
Twinkle: See it’s done.
Kunj smiles.
Kunj: It’s done? Twinkle: Yes,
Kunj: Thank you doctor.
Twinkle: Good that you understood my point. Keep it up.
Twinkle leaves. Kunj looks on.
Kunj: (in his mind) I have disturbed her a lot. How to make her feel better?
Twinkle: (in her mind) Why do I always fall for his innocence despite the fact Kunj deceived me? Twinkle, you must be strong.
Twinkle gets determined and she leaves.
Twinkle: Nurse, when I will get his reports?
Nurse: In about 2-3 days time, Doctor.
Twinkle: Do pass me the reports when it arrives as soon as possible.
Nurse: Okay. But there is an x-ray to be done tomorrow.

Twinkle: Okay.

Scene 2: Twinkle’s residence
Twinkle is in her house and in the living room, she is lighting up all the diyas the orphanage kids gifted her in her birthday.
Twinkle sees this and remembers all her moments with Kunj, and she gets into flashback,
Twinkle and Kunj are in Twinkle’s house, and Kunj is tired so he falls asleep. Twinkle decides to play a prank on Kunj. So Twinkle takes the glass and pours water on Kunj’s face.
Kunj: It’s raining.
Twinkle: Areh Kunj, stupid it’s not raining it’s me Twinkle.
Kunj: Siyappa Queen.
Kunj chases Twinkle and then he keeps on chasing her and then as Twinkle is about to fall to the stairs Kunj holds her hand.
Twinkle: Thank god Kunj, you saved me.
Kunj: Why will I not save you?
Twinkle: Kunj, I am scared what if I fall down.
Kunj pulls Twinkle towards him and blackout happens. Kunj and Twinkle hug each other.
Kunj: I am scared of darkness,
Twinkle: Wait Kunj, dont worry I am here.
Kunj: Don’t leave me please.
Twinkle: Kunj? You are such a scary cat.
Twinkle takes the candle and lights it up. Kunj and Twinkle look at each other and share an eyelock via the light and Tum Hi Ho from Aashiqui 2 plays.
Twinkle is about to go, Kunj holds her hand.
Kunj: Twinkle promise me you will never leave me.
Twinkle looks at Kunj and gets teary-eyed.
Twinkle: See, you made me emotional.
Twinkle wipes her tears.
Twinkle: Okay fine I promise, until and unless you also promise that you won’t leave me.
Kunj: I promise I won’t leave you Twinkle.
Twinkle and Kunj hug each other.
Twinkle gets out of the flashback, and while lighting up the diya she burns her finger.
Twinkle: Ouch!
Twinkle realizes she was thinking about her past.
Twinkle: Kunj you promised me you will never leave my hand, then why did you do so with me? Why did you leave me? And when I was about to carry on in life, why did you come back in my life? Why?
Just then Mahi comes and she is shocked,
Mahi: Kunj?

Twinkle is shocked and she wipes her tears. Mahi comes to Twinkle.
Mahi: What about Kunj?
Twinkle: Nothing.
Mahi: Dii, you can’t lie to me.
Twinkle: Kunj is here in Singapore.
Mahi is surprised.
Twinkle tells Mahi that Kunj is his patient and then she gets to know Kunj is Kunj Sarna.
Twinkle: The fact is that he is Kunj Sarna. He didn’t deceive me, he also hid this fact. How dare Kunj played with my feelings? I will never forgive him. All rich spoilt brats are the same.
Mahi is silent. Twinkle realizes Mahi is hiding something,
Twinkle: Mahi?
Mahi: I knew Kunj was Kunj Sarna.
Twinkle: Then why you never told me?
Mahi: Because you told me never to mention his name.
Twinkle: Mahi, why?
Mahi: How could I see you like this, especially when I mentioned his name?
Twinkle: That Kunj deceived me and also he hid the fact he is Kunj Sarna.
Mahi: No dii, this is not true.
Twinkle: What are you trying to say?
Mahi: He wanted to tell you so many times that he is Kunj Sarna but I didn’t allow him.
Twinkle: What are you saying Mahi?
Mahi: Truth.
Twinkle: Look Mahi, for now I dont want to talk about Kunj, and past is past, now this is present.
Twinkle leaves.
Mahi: I know Kunj and Dii still love each other, but why Kunj did so with Dii? I can’t believe it. Something definitely is very fishy. And I am also to be blamed for this problem. I should have told Dii about Kunj.

Scene 3: Hospital
Twinkle comes to the hospital, and Mahi follows her.
Twinkle: Wow Mahi today you came without me even telling you.
Mahi: Areh Dii, I am bored today na also no classes that’s why.
Twinkle: Okay I will check on a patient and you stay here for a while.
Twinkle leaves.
Mahi: Now, I come here to know why Kunj did so.
Mahi reads Kunj’s file.
Mahi: Nothing can be known from this, useless file.
Twinkle comes and Mahi acts to listen to music.
Nurse: Hey, Dr. Taneja, now its time for the scan for Mr.Sarna.
Twinkle: Okay I am coming.
Mahi: Dii, can I come with you?
Twinkle: Why?
Mahi: Please. I want to see scan.
Twinkle: I know you very well and my answer is no.
Twinkle leaves.
Mahi: Dii wont agree, I will still see.

Twinkle comes to the scanning room, and Kunj is there.
Kunj: Will anything happen to me? Twinkle: Don’t worry all will be fine.
Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj: Please doctor, don’t leave me.
Twinkle: Look Kunj, trust me nothing will happen to you.
Twinkle leaves and Kunj’s scan is done. Twinkle is worried. Mahi sees this hiding from outside.
Mahi: They still love each other but Kunj why did he do so that time?
Twinkle comes out and Mahi hides.
Twinkle: Will I get it by tomorrow?
Nurse: Should be Doctor.
Twinkle: Thank you.
Twinkle leaves.

Scene 4: Twinkle’s cabin
Twinkle is looking at the clock waiting for Kunj’s report.
Twinkle: By now Kunj’s report should have come where is it? It has been a week.
Just then the nurse comes in,
Nurse: Here is the report of Kunj Sarna.
Twinkle: Finally, it was suppose to come in 2-3 days why so long?
Twinkle sees the reports and she gets shocked. She drops it.
Twinkle: No, this is not possible, this can’t happen.
Nurse: Even we were surprised, but this case is very rare like 0.00001% people have it.
Twinkle: Do the blood test and the scan again. This is not possible.
Nurse: Dr. Taneja this case is very rare and even to confirm it we did the tests again, that’s why the report came in late. Believe me its the same.
Twinkle: How can it be? Nurse: I know it is hard to believe, but this is true.
Twinkle: Okay, you may leave now.
Twinkle looks and she gets teary eyed.
Twinkle: Is this the reason why he?
A tear drops from Twinkle’s eye.
Twinkle calls Jaya.
Twinkle: Hello Jaya dii can do something for me?
Jaya: What is it?
Twinkle: Can you tell Kunj’s brother to come to my cabin as soon as possible.
Jaya: Okay fine, but is everything fine.
Twinkle: I will tell you everything.

Twinkle is waiting and then Jaidev comes in,
Jai: Dr.Taneja may I come in?
Twinkle: Yes, I may come in.
Jai sits down.
Jai: Is everything fine? Is my brother alright?
Twinkle: That you will get to know soon, but before that I have some questions to ask you which is regarding Kunj’s health.
Jai: Okay I will.
Twinkle: Go on.
Jai tells all the weird things Kunj did like cluelessly trying to jump from the cliff and spoiling the keyboard and all that. Twinkle is surprised.
Twinkle: Is there anything else?
Jai: No.
Twinkle: Anything, anything that happened to him?
Jai: Nothing else. I just told you whatever I knew.
Twinkle: (in her mind) What actually happened to my Kunj?
Twinkle: Anything regarding his past like childhood life or something like that.
Jai: Yes, it was but that was a long time ago, like some years ago.
Twinkle: What happened?
Jai: In childhood, once dad came to pick him up from school but then we found him missing. We couldn’t find him anywhere. Whole day and night we tried but Kunj was not there, until next day morning, we found Kunj in the doorstep scared and then we all rushed to him. We tried to ask him but he couldn’t say anything we didn’t know what actually happened and he will get more scared, so we just didn’t ask him about it at all.
Twinkle is surprised.
Twinkle: Anything else?
Jai: Another incident, in his college life. One day, we got a call from Kunj’s college that he did so well in all the subjects but in one subject, physics he didn’t write a single thing. Not even a single thing not even his name.
Twinkle is surprised.
Jai: We all knew something was wrong. We asked Kunj so many times but he never said anything. He said he himself didn’t know why he did so? Dad and Kunj also had a fight over it, but he still didn’t do so. He still remained as if he is clueless. Even we had a doubt someone who topped in all subjects why will he do so in one subject and due to this he had to repeat a year. And in that he also topped in physics. We really had no clue, we realized this was affecting Kunj’s health so we automatically stopped asking him and then we all forgot about it,
Twinkle is surprised.
Twinkle: It was not his fault. This had to happen.
Jai: What do you mean, I didn’t get you.
Twinkle: Kunj is
Twinkle closes her eyes and passes Jaidev the reports.
Twinkle: See it yourself.
Jai: Kunj is
Jai is shocked.
Jai: He is suffering from alzimers?
Twinkle who is teary eyed nods yes.
Twinkle remembers how she and Kunj fought that Kunj was actually suppose to come at 8 but he came at 9 and thinks it was at 9 and he doesn’t admits it.
Jai: This report is nonsense. My brother is not crazy.
Twinkle gets up and says
Twinkle: Who said Kunj is crazy. Kunj is not crazy! Jai is surprised.
Twinkle: Everyone have this misconception that alzimers means mad. This is not the case.
Jai: Then? Twinkle: Alzimers is a disease that is common for old people but very rare for young people. Its 1 in 100000 for people in Kunj’s age. Is just that one forgets everything and even their name. But not always sometimes.
Twinkle shows Jaidev Kunj’s x-ray of his brain.
Twinkle: This shows Kunj is suffering from alzimers. He is not crazy. You get it?
Jai is surprised with Twinkle’s behaviour. Twinkle realizes.
Twinkle: I am sorry. It’s just that I wanted to explain what it really means.
Jai: Is there any treatment for this?
Twinkle nods no.
Twinkle: There is no treatment to get rid of this but it can treat via exercises and medicines, it may be less serious but it will never cure.
Jai is sad.
Jai: Doctor, can I meet my brother?
Twinkle: Yes, you can.
Jai leaves. Twinkle is teary-eyed while she looks at the report.
Twinkle: How I wish this report was fake.
Twinkle cries. Sajna plays.
Twinkle walks while thinking her moments with Kunj and as she passes by Kunj’s ward she looks at Kunj through the window. Kunj is sleeping.
Twinkle: I am so sorry Kunj for hating you so much. I didn’t know you were suffering so much. I am so sorry, but you are also at fault didn’t you trust your Siyappa Queen once? Why did you reject me that time? Why?
Twinkle cries and the episode ends.
Those who dont have any idea what alzimers is, you can search in Google. Hope it helps.

Precap: Twinkle tries to ask Kunj why he did so with her? Kunj doesn’t replies. Later, Twinkle talks to herself. If Kunj didn’t know that he was suffering from Alzimers why did he do so? What’s going on, I don’t get it. Later, at night Kunj is looking at the moon somewhere outside the hospital, Twinkle comes and hugs Kunj. Twinkle is teary-eyed. Kunj is surprised.

Well, I had to do a lot of research while writing this fan fiction as I myself dont have much idea about it but I had this story in mind for quite long.

And well, my lessons ended and also my tests ended. The next episode I will publish earlier than usual on 15 or 16 or 17 or 18 Aug. I have two exams one on 22 and one on 24, so to relax myself while studying I will take breaks and will write my fan fiction little bit to relive stress. Once I finish writing I will publish the episodes.

And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you (

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