Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Story of Our Love Episode 5


**Season 2 for Intense Love**

Hey all, I am back. I managed to get some time so I published the episode. Well, I think by now due to this problem most of you may have forgotten my fan fiction but what to do I am really very busy. But I also want to write. I managed to get some time today, that’s why I am writing this episode. Please do bear with me is only for this month. By any chance, if you didn’t read the intro and episode 1-4 and promo for episode 5 and 6:

You can read the summary of episode 1-2 in episode 3.

Here is episode 5.
Scene 1: Terrace
Here Kunj is stunned as Twinkle slaps him.
Kunj: Twinkle?
Twinkle: You just shut up.
Kunj: Twinkle, I know that you
Twinkle: How dare you? How dare you even think of it?

Kunj is bowing his head down.
Kunj: (in his mind) I knew you will never accept my love once my truth comes infront of me.
Twinkle: What have you thought I will agree and accept what you have done?
Kunj is about to speak, but Twinkle doesn’t let him do so.
Twinkle: How can you even thought of committing suicide?
Kunj is surprised.
Kunj: Suicide.
Twinkle: Yes Kunj, I saw that. Good I came here on time if not you would have jumped from the terrace.
Kunj realizes that Twinkle scolded him for another reason.
Twinkle: Look Kunj, life is very precious. You just can’t send your life like this, I know there are problems in your life but problems will always come but will also go away soon. But don’t end your life for this. Please. Just consider it as a friend’s request, Kunj.
Twinkle folds her hands to plead Kunj not to do so.

Kunj: You know about all this?
Twinkle: Definately.
Kunj: First, you answer me will you accept me?
Twinkle: You are getting me wrong, Kunj you have deceived me.
Kunj: I am sorry, Twinkle but what to do?
Twinkle: You have promised me that you will never let problems affect your life.
Kunj is confused and he stares at Twinkle.
Twinkle: Please Kunj, never even think about it?
Twinkle is about to go, Kunj stops her.
Kunj: Wait a second, Twinkle.
Twinkle stops. Kunj comes to Twinkle and he takes a rope and ties Twinkle’s hand.
Twinkle: Kunj what are you doing?
Kunj: Keep Quiet!
Twinkle is about to go like that, Kunj blindfolds her.
Twinkle: Kunj, this is crazy! Have you lost it?
Kunj closes her mouth with his hand, Twinkle tries to talk and free herself but fails and he brings her somewhere.

Scene 2: Place
Kunj brings Twinkle somewhere, and he frees his hand.
Twinkle: Anyone here? Help!
Kunj frees Twinkle’s hand and opens her blindfold.
Twinkle: Look Kunj, I can take any action for what you have done just now.
Twinkle looks at another side and she is surprised.
Just then Twinkle sees on the grass full of lamps and is written and designed with the lamps “Happy Birthday!”
Just then Twinkle’s mother, sister, friends and her little friends from the orphanage comes and sings Happy Birthday.
All: “Happy Birthday to you,]

Happy Birthday to you.
Happy Birthday dear Twinkle,
Happy Birthday to you!”
Twinkle is super happy and she hugs everyone.
Twinkle: All of you here?
Yuvi: How can we not? After all it’s your birthday today.
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle is most happy seeing the happy birthday written using lamps.
Twinkle: This is so nice and pretty. Even the lamps designs are so nice and cute.
Leela: Twinkle puttar, this celebration and all this especially the lamp one was of Kunj.
Twinkle looks at Kunj surprised and smiles.
Twinkle: You did all this for me?
Kunj: And what else?
Twinkle: Oh so that’s why you called me in the terrace!
Kunj: Umm, yes!
Twinkle: And I slapped you for that? I am so sorry.
Yuvi: Kunj, bro Twinkle slapped you?
Kunj: Unfortunately yes.
Mahi: Why dii?
Leela: Yes, Kunj is such a sweet guy, why did you slap him?
Twinkle looks at Kunj, and Kunj is silent.
Twinkle: What to do? I thought he was planning to do suicide.
All are stunned and start laughing.
Sonal: Twinkle, you na why will Kunj suicide?
Kunj: Exactly.
Twinkle: This lamp thing is so pretty so sweet. Thank you so much.
Kunj: This lamp are not designed by me, but are designed by all the kids in the orphanage.
Twinkle comes to all the kids.
All the kids: Happy Birthday dii.
Twinkle: So sweet all of you. Thank you so much for coming here.
Twinkle gives a big hug to all the kids.
Twinkle: Thank you mam, for taking out some time to come here.
Orphanage Head: No, I should thank Mr.Kunj instead who came the orphanage today to invite all the kids.
Twinkle smiles.
Orphanage Head: Really you all made these little kids day, they all were designing this lamps for long time and all followed rule and were punctual and saying quick we need to go to Twinkle didi’s birthday.
Twinkle is happy.
Leela: Twinkle beta, so you were talking about these kids that day?
Twinkle: Yes, Maa.
The lady comes to Leela.
Orphanage Head: You are very lucky that you have a sweet daughter like, she is really a nice person. She also donated a good amount of money to the orphanage.
Twinkle: (in her mind) The money was not donated by me, but Kunj. Twinkle looks at Kunj and smiles.
Leela: Okay now, we have talked a lot, let’s go and show the other preparations.

Scene 3: In a corner
All are busy with the outdoor party for Twinkle’s birthday and celebrating. Kunj is about to go, and Twinkle stops Kunj.
Twinkle: Stop, Kunj!

Kunj stops.
Kunj: Yes, Twinkle.
Twinkle comes to Kunj.
Kunj: (in his mind) Looks like it’s time for me to get a slap, again.
Twinkle: Kunj, why did you lie?
Kunj knows he is gone this time.
Twinkle: Answer me.
Kunj is silent.
Twinkle: You donated the reward money you got to the kids and that too you gave my name. Why?
Kunj: The reward money we got is only because of you, you were the one who caught the thief.
Twinkle: But you saved my life that day, if you were not there I would have been dead by then.
Kunj closes her mouth, Twinkle and Kunj look at each other and Bol Do Na Zara from Azhar plays. They share an eyelock. Kunj removes his hand from her mouth.
Kunj: Never ever say like this again.
Twinkle: Okay, I won’t.
Twinkle stares at Kunj.
Kunj: Twinkle, why are you staring at me?
Twinkle: You are so nice Kunj. What are you made of? Despite financial problems, you could have kept the money for you, but you thought of those kids first. How sweet of you! I am very lucky that you are my friend.
Twinkle hugs and Kunj is surprised.
Kunj: (in his mind) That means Twinkle still doesn’t knows my truth?
Twinkle breaks hugs and just then Leela calls her.
Leela: Twinkle!
Twinkle: Coming.
Twinkle: Kunj Maa is calling me and you better don’t leave.
Twinkle leaves.

Scene 4: Twinkle’s room
Kunj: Why did Twinkle say like this? I am sure she still do not know my truth yet. I need to tell her. I can’t cheat her like this.
Kunj goes and he collides with Yuvraj,
Kunj: Bro, can tell me where is Twinkle?
Yuvi: She is in her room.
Kunj goes.
Kunj comes to Twinkle’s house and then go to Twinkle’s room and sees Twinkle talking to someone on the phone and laughing.
Kunj lovingly stares at Twinkle for non-stop. Music plays. Kunj remembers he have to tell Twinkle his true soon.
Kunj: No Kunj, you have to tell Twinkle the truth at any cost.
Kunj was about to go and just then someone holds his hand and brings him away. Kunj is surprised.
Kunj: Why did you bring me here, Mahi?
Mahi: Just come with me.
Mahi brings Kunj and Kunj fails to speak to Twinkle.

Scene 5: Mahi’s room
Mahi brings Kunj to her room.
Kunj: Why did you bring me here, Mahi?
Mahi closes the door and window.
Kunj: Mahi what are you intending to do?
Mahi comes to Kunj, Kunj is confused.
Kunj: Mahi?
Mahi: You will get your answer soon, Kunj Sarna.
Kunj is surprised as Mahi calls him by his actual name.
Mahi: Surprised? As I called you by your actual name.
Kunj: You know everything?
Mahi: Yes.
Mahi gets into the flashback, how she was the one who picked up the phone instead of Twinkle and listened to all the truth Kunj confessed and is shocked. Twinkle comes there and snatches the phone from her.
Twinkle: Is bad manners to pick up one’s call without permission, Mahi?
Mahi: Dii?
Twinkle only listens to the last line that I will be waiting for you at the terrace, Twinkle. And she keeps the phone.
Twinkle: Mahi, I have to go now will talk to you later?
Twinkle rushes.
Mahi: Oh god, Dii also got to know the truth, what would have happened if she came after a minute?
Mahi is worried and she gets out of the flashback.
Mahi: I was so worried but when I got to know dii have no idea about your truth, I got relieved.
Mahi remembers how she overheard their conversation in the corner and when she sees Kunj going to tell the truth.
Mahi: No, I can’t let Kunj tell Dii the truth.
Mahi goes and she sees Yuvraj.

Mahi: Yuvraj, did you see Kunj?
Yuvi: I just showed him the direction to Twinkle’s room and he just went there.
Mahi: Why did you do so, stupid!
Mahi rushes to stop Kunj.
Yuvi: What is my fault in that?
She gets out of the flashback.
Kunj: But Mahi, I need to tell Twinkle the truth I can’t hide it from her. How long?
Mahi: I know it’s difficult but you have to.
Kunj: No. I can’t cheat Twinkle like this anymore. I need to tell the truth to her.
Kunj goes to tell the truth to Twinkle.
Mahi: Do you love Twinkle dii?
Kunj stops.
Mahi: Answer me.
Kunj: Yes, I love Twinkle a lot, even more than my life.
Mahi: Then please don’t tell her the truth.
Kunj: Mahi, I have to do so, as love and all pure relationships are based on trust.
Mahi: It’s trust not truth right?
Kunj: What do you mean?
Mahi: It’s not the right time to tell Dii the truth when the right time comes tell her, for now just don’t tell her the truth. I am her sister and I know very well how she will react that’s why I am saying so. I dont want her to lose a true lover like you Kunj.
Kunj is confused.
Mahi: Think of Dii at least.
Kunj remembers all his moments with Twinkle, and also her kindness and sweet gestures.
Mahi: Okay fine, go ahead and tell her.
Kunj: No! I won’t. I don’t have the courage to lose Twinkle.
Mahi: Finally, you understood.
Mahi leaves and Kunj leaves also.

Scene 6: Party
Kunj is walking and thinking about what Mahi said to him. Mahi makes an announcement,
Mahi: It’s time for dance now. And we all will do a couple dance on di

i’s favourite song.
All claps. All make couples and dance.
Mahi: Dii, where is your partner?
Twinkle: Coming.
Mahi smiles seeing Kunj coming and later she sees Yuvraj coming and realizes that Twinkle’s partner is Yuvraj.
Mahi: Dii, I am going to dance with Yuvraj. How about you?
Yuvraj is surprised.
Twinkle: (in his mind) Yuvi and Mahi are dancing, then who I dance with?
Yuvi: But Mahi?
Mahi: Oho Yuvraj, you are so impatient I am coming.
Mahi looks at and pretends,
Mahi: So sad, Kunj don’t have any partner.
Twinkle looks at Kunj and goes to Kunj.
Twinkle: Kunj, will you dance with me?
Twinkle offers hand and Kunj is surprised.
Kunj: Me?
Twinkle: Please.

Mahi: Now the target has hit the right place.
Yuvi: But from when you become my partner?
Mahi: You shut up and come and silently dance with me.
Mahi pulls Yuvraj along.
The dance starts, all dance on Raabta from Agent Vinod. Twinkle and Kunj are lost in each other’s dance and Mahi smiles seeing this and Yuvraj is confused. Kunj and Twinkle dance passionately staring at each other, and later the dance ends. All clap.
Leela: It’s time for Twinkle to cut the cake.
Twinkle cuts the cake and all clap her. Twinkle feeds Leela and Mahi the cake. And then she feeds Kunj the cake. Kunj eats it. Later, she feeds her friends and the orphanage kids with her own hand. After feeding the cake, her friends gestures her something and Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle comes to Kunj,
Twinkle: Have the cake.
Kunj: I already had once, why again?
Twinkle: There is some leftover, so I found you that’s why I ask you.
Kunj: But why me?
Twinkle: Okay, fine if you don’t want then don’t have it.
Twinkle goes and Kunj stops her.
Kunj: Okay fine, feed me.
Kunj opens his mouth and as Twinkle is about to feed him, she smiles and she uses the cake piece and smears the entire piece on his face.
All laughs. Kunj is stunned. Twinkle laughs a lot. Kunj is staring at Twinkle.
Kunj: This is not fair, wait I won’t spare you.

Twinkle runs and Kunj chases her.

Scene 7: Nearby
Kunj is chasing Twinkle, later they both get exhausted and stop at a place. They look at each other and laugh.
Twinkle: I am so sorry I dirtied your face.
Kunj: It’s okay.
Twinkle: I will help you.
Twinkle takes some water hose and she is about to on it,
Kunj: I won’t let you do some mischief this time.
Twinkle smiles and Kunj washes his face using some water from the hose.
Kunj: Towel?
Twinkle: There is no towel nearby.
Twinkle looks around.
Twinkle: Wait a minute.
Twinkle uses her dupatta and cleans Kunj’s face. Music plays as Kunj looks at Twinkle.
Twinkle: Thanks yaar, for such a nice birthday party.
Kunj: It’s just a special gift from me.
Twinkle: You are so sweet.
Kunj sees a rod is about to fall on Twinkle and is stunned.
Kunj: Twinkle!
Twinkle is shocked to see the rod and as it falls Kunj saves her at the nick of time, and they roll over each other and they share an eyelock. Banjaara from Ek Villian plays.
Twinkle gets up.
Twinkle: Thanks.
Kunj: How many times will you say so?
Twinkle: What to do, you are always there for me.
Kunj looks at Twinkle surprised.
Twinkle: Why are you looking at me, like this?
Kunj: I love you!
Twinkle is surprised. Kunj starts laughing.
Kunj: Your expression is worth watching.
Twinkle: Kunj, what kind of prank was this?
Kunj: You thought what only you can play this kind of prank?
Twinkle: This is so stupid, Kunj.
Kunj: Oho, as if you are right Siyappa Queen?
Twinkle: Siyappa Queen and me?
Kunj: Because you are full of Siyappa.
Twinkle looks at Kunj stunned and starts laughing.
Twinkle: Not bad.
Kunj also laughs. And he gets a call and he keeps it.
Kunj: I have to go now, Twinkle.
Twinkle: Wait for longer.
Kunj: My sister is waiting that’s why.
Twinkle: Okay fine.
Twinkle is about to go, Kunj stops her.
Kunj: Twinkle, I need to say something.
Twinkle stops.
Kunj: (in his mind) Confess coward.
Twinkle: What is it, Kunj?
Kunj: Twinkle actually.
Twinkle nods.
As Kunj was about to confess, Leela calls Twinkle
Leela: Twinkle!

Twinkle: Coming.
Twinkle: Kunj, I am leaving will speak to you later?
Twinkle is about to go,
Kunj: Can we be something more than friends?
Twinkle looks at Kunj surprised and comes to him.
Twinkle: Did you say anything?
Kunj: I want to be something more than friends to you, Twinkle.
Twinkle looks at Kunj for a long time, and Kunj is waiting for her reply.
Kunj: So.
Twinkle: So?
Kunj: Can we be more than friends.
Twinkle later smiles.
Twinkle: Of course.
Kunj gets happy.
Twinkle: We can be best friends.
Twinkle hugs Kunj, and Kunj smiles.
Kunj: (in his mind) You may think of more than friend as best friend I meant by something else, but if you are happy with this then I am more than happy to be your best friend at least.
Later, Leela comes and Twinkle sees and leaves and waves Kunj bye. Kunj smiles.

Scene 8: Twinkle’s room
Twinkle is in her room sleeping and she smiles remembering how Kunj said more than friends to her.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Kunj is so sweet, am proud to be his best friend.
Twinkle sleeps and she smiles thinking about all her moments with Kunj and she opens her eye.
Twinkle: But did he mean more than friends by something else? Something like Love?
Twinkle thinks hugging her teddy bear and Aadha ishq from Band Baaja Barat plays.
Kunj also smiles thinking about Twinkle.
Kunj: (in his mind) My Siyappa Queen is so innocent.
The screen freezes on both of their happy faces.
The episode ends.

Precap: Kunj proposes to Twinkle, Kunj says I love you Twinkle, will you marry me? Twinkle is surprised and she doesn’t knows what to answer.

For those who haven’t read the promo.
Promo: Twinkle is walking and just then the place blackouts. Later she takes a candle and as she lits the candle on, she sees Kunj and they look at each other. As Twinkle was about to go, Kunj holds her hand and she looks at him. Kunj says to Twinkle please give me one more chance. Twinkle is teary-eyed. Later after few days in some isolated place, Kunj is shown bending down on the floor and he shouts Twinkle. And he cries. Kunj sees the scarf Twinkle left while bandaging his wound (in epi 4) and he looks on. This is after few years. Kunj looks at Twinkle’s potrait and hugs it saying I will always love you.

This promo is for episode 6 second half and episode 7.

This fan fiction I am planning to make 10-15 episodes, not more or less than that. More will think about it, but less chances.

Hey all, as you all know that I am busy with my classes. The thing is I won’t be able to publish the episodes before 29th July, Friday. And I don’t know if you all will be able to wait for that long. Episode 6 will be a Maha Episode. So I have a solution for that, but I need your help as I myself am confused. That is
Should I split episode 6 into two parts, then publish part 1 next week by 24th July and part 2 in first week of August
Should I just publish a Maha episode on 29th July?
Please do help me out as I am very confused.

I will publish the summary in the next update.

Thanks for taking your crucial time to read my fan fiction. Please do feel free to express your opinions and do comment as your comment means a lot to me. Thank you  Criticism is allowed but no offensive words 😛

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