Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Story of Our Love Episode 4


**Season 2 for Intense Love**
***With Recap***

Hey all, I am back. And yes to clarify, assume Kunj as Siddhant Gupta. I am big fan of Siddhant Gupta and I can’t wait for Jhalak. And as for the episodes, I wanted to publish the episodes earlier but as you all know I was busy with my studies and projects, and also in my place Eid was yesterday, so I was busy with that too. Today I got some free time, that’s why I decided to upload this episode. I was overwhelmed by the support you all gave me in the previous episode, it made my day. I love to read the lovely comments of all of you all comment in my fan fiction.Well, the next episode I may publish it earlier but I can’t promise.
By any chance, if you didn’t read the intro and episode 1-3:
You can read the summary of episode 1-2 in episode 3.

Recap for previous episode: After enjoying in the rain Kunj comes home and he catches cold. Next day, even Twinkle catches cold. Twinkle goes to her college early to complete her assignment. There Kunj comes with his father and brother for business purposes. Twinkle while doing her work faces some problems in the computer, and Kunj finds her worried. Kunj who has studied engineering helps Twinkle out and they share some moments and later, Jaidev, Kunj’s brother comes. Kunj is scared that he is exposed as Twinkle thinks he is a poor guy. Later, Kunj makes excuse to Twinkle that Jai wanted to meet him. Twinkle believes him. Later, while Kunj is going Twinkle thanks him for helping her and hugs him. She persuades Kunj that she will drop him home. Kunj secretly sends his driver home.Later, Twinkle and Kunj enjoy the scooty ride, and they also visit the orphanage where they played with the kids there, and while Twinkle is about to fall Kunj holds her.

Here is episode 4.
Scene 1: Orphanage
The episode begins with Kunj holding Twinkle, and they look at each other. Twinkle gets up.
Twinkle: Thank you.
As Twinkle was about to go,
Kunj: Twinkle I want to tell you something.
Twinkle: Tell me.
the headmaster of the orphanage comes to the kids.
Headmaster: Ravi, have you done your homework?
Ravi: Yes teacher.
The headmaster leaves.
Kuhu: Why did you lie that you did homework?
Ravi: Areh Kuhu, if I told her the truth, then she will punish me, and then I cannot play.
Kunj was about to tell his truth,
Twinkle: Wait a minute.
Twinkle goes to Ravi and Kuhu.
Twinkle: Ravi did you lie to the headmaster?
Ravi nods.
Twinkle: Look beta, lying is not good at all.
Ravi: But if I tell her the truth, then she will punish me.
Twinkle: But if she gets to know then how?
Ravi gets thinking.
Twinkle: You may get a worse punishment, then?
Ravi: Okay, I will tell the truth dii.
As Ravi was about to go,
Twinkle: Promise me you won’t lie to me next time. And I hate liars.
Ravi: That means now you hate me dii?
Twinkle: No beta, I still love you at least you realized your mistakes.
Kuhu: Dii, what if someone lies to you what will you do?
Twinkle: I will never ever speak to that person.
Kunj gets surprised and nervous.
Twinkle: But you two never lie okay.
Kuhu: Okay dii.
Kuhu and Ravi leaves. As Twinkle was about to leave, Kunj crops up to her, Twinkle gets shocked.
Kunj: So, you hate liars.
Twinkle: Yes, I hate them a lot.
Kunj gets more nervous,
Twinkle: Let’s go.
Twinkle and Kunj leaves.

Scene 2: On the road
Twinkle and Kunj are walking on the scooty,
Kunj: (in his mind) I can’t tell Twinkle the truth; she will hate me a lot for that.
Twinkle: Kunj, you seem to be quite worried when I said so? Why did you lie to me?
Kunj gets nervous. Twinkle starts laughing.
Kunj: Why are you laughing?
Twinkle: Your reaction when I said I hate lies. Hahaha.
Kunj: What is so funny about that?
Twinkle: You won’t understand.
Just then Twinkle gets a call, Twinkle applies her break.
Twinkle: Hello Maa?
Leela: Twinkle puttar where are you? It’s quite late.
Twinkle: Oho Mom I had to complete my other assignments, that’s why I stayed back in my college. I am still there.
Kunj looks at Twinkle stunned,
Leela: Okay , come quick.
Leela keeps the phone. Twinkle is about to start the scooty,
Twinkle: Why are you looking at me like this?
Kunj: You lied?
Twinkle: Yes, so.
Kunj is surprised and Twinkle looks at him and starts laughing again.
Twinkle: You still didn’t understand?
Kunj: What?
Twinkle: Areh stupid I don’t mind lies.
Kunj: Then in the orphanage?
Twinkle: That was a lie itself.
Kunj: What?
Twinkle: Yes, Kunj. See I lie a lot. This is my problem and later I fall in trouble because I honestly feel that telling the truth is better, and I also can’t teach these kids to lie, I don’t want them to have this problem too.
Kunj: Oh that’s the thing. Don’t you feel bad when you lie to your mom?
Twinkle: I feel a little bad. But what to do?
Twinkle starts her scooty, and Kunj lovingly looks at her,
Kunj: (in his mind) you are so innocent Twinkle. Even when you lie your innocence is seen in those lies too.

Twinkle fails to start the scooty,
Twinkle: Oh no this scooty is not starting.
Kunj: What? But why?
Twinkle: I think it’s petrol ended.
Kunj: Oh no not now.
Twinkle: What to do?
Kunj: Twinkle, let’s do one thing I go and bring some from the nearby gasoline stores.
Twinkle: Okay, I will be waiting.

Kunj leaves. Twinkle is waiting. After a while,
Twinkle: Kunj is taking so much time, let me do one thing.
Twinkle takes the newspaper from the basket in her scooty and she reads it. While reading it, she finds a guy giving her weird looks. Twinkle understands that and she ignores him, and while reading, she comes through an article.
In the newspaper, it’s shown a missing report with a guy’s picture who is known to have done theft including the national museum.
Twinkle: This thief na nowdays, theft is increasing in India.
Later, Twinkle sees the thief’s picture and she is shocked, she is looking at the same guy who was looking at her weirdly and still doing so, and she realizes it’s the same guy.
Twinkle: That means he is the thief, and he is in front of me?
Twinkle is stunned. The thief smiles at her she also smiles at him. She quickly secretly takes her phone out and she talks to the police.
Twinkle whispers while talking and faces in opposite direction,
Twinkle: Police station, you know the article where it mentioned this thief who stole things in the national museum, he is infront of me.
Police: Where?
Twinkle: Let me tell you the place.
Twinkle tells and she keeps the phone. And she looks around, and she is shocked as she sees the thief.
Twinkle: You?
Thief: Yes?
Twinkle: What do you want?
Thief: You seem to be alone. I wanted to say hi. Hi.
Twinkle: Hi.
Thief: Do you need any help?
Twinkle: No thank you.
Thief: You have considered me foolish? How dare you?
Twinkle gets nervous,
Twinkle: What do you mean?
Thief: You called the police right?
Twinkle: Strange, why will I call the police?
Thief: Don’t underestimate me, I am not a thief.
Twinkle: Yes, I know.
The thief holds a knife infront of Twinkle’s neck.
Thief: I am a robber.
Twinkle: Leave me.
Thief: Better give me your phone. If not,
Twinkle: If not what, you will kill me? Okay kill me, but the police is on his way to arrest you. Let me see what you can do.
Thief: Your phone?
Twinkle is about to give her phone, she uses the opportunity and she shouts.
Twinkle: Help!!!
The thief looks behind and she starts running. The thief chases her.
Thief: Hey girl.
Twinkle smartly escapes and manages to do so. She hides behind the tree and she takes a sign of relief, and she looks behind and is shocked to see the thief. The thief smirks.
Thief: Phone?
Twinkle is scared.
Thief: Ah Chorri, I am telling you last time give me the phone back, or you call the police and inform it’s a prank.
Twinkle nods no.
Thief: So you wont agree, right?
Twinkle nods yes. The thief takes out the knife and was about to hurt Twinkle, Twinkle closes her eyes, and someone’s hand stops the thief. He is none other than Kunj.
Twinkle: Kunj!
The thief was about to stab Kunj, Kunj holds the knife tightly with his hands and fights with the thief by himself, and all those. Just then the police comes and arrests him.
Police: You are under arrest.

The police takes the thief away. Twinkle runs to Kunj and hugs him. Hamdard from Ek Villain plays. Kunj is surprised. Kunj caresses Twinkle’s hair, and a little blood gets smeared near her hairline(not really like a perfect sindoor but seems so from a certain distance :P)
Kunj: Are you okay?
They break hug. Twinkle nods.
Police: Thank you so much for calling us and helping us to nab the thief. Really you are very brave.
The police handshakes with Twinkle, and was about to handshake with Kunj, Kunj closes his eyes in pain due to the injury he got while fighting with the thief.
Twinkle: Kunj, your hand. Show me.
Twinkle cares for Kunj.
Twinkle: Oh no you are very badly injuired.
Twinkle covers Kunj’s hand with her scarf. Kunj looks at Twinkle. Music plays.
Twinkle: Let’s go Kunj. Did you bring the petrol?
Kunj: Petrol? What petrol?
Twinkle: Our scooty ran out of petrol don’t you remember?
Kunj: I was passing by and then I saw you like that.
Twinkle: Okay forget about it, your injury is severe. You need rest.
Kunj: It’s nothing, Twinkle.
Police: I think its quite late, we should drop you home. And madam, I think there is no clinic opened nearby.
Twinkle: I am a medical student, I will heal his wounds.
Police: Yes madam, that’s better, I think you should do so. We will drop you and your husband home.
Twinkle and Kunj look at each other. Music plays.
The police drops Twinkle and Kunj home.

Scene 3: On the way
Twinkle and Kunj are in the police car and going home.
Police: Mr. Kunj can you meet me at my police station. I need to give the reward for nabbing the thief.
Kunj: It was our duty, no need of that.
Twinkle: You are dropping us home, that’s enough for us.
Police: No, no we have to give the reward if not it’s very unfair regardless of whether you are rich or not. Just accept it as a token of appreciation from us.
Twinkle: Okay fine.
Later, the police drops Twinkle and Kunj home.

Scene 4: Twinkle’s residence
Kunj: Twinkle, I am leaving now. It’s getting late.
Twinkle: No, you are not going anywhere.
Kunj: But Twinkle?
Twinkle: You will come to my house and that’s finalized.
Kunj: But Twinkle?
Twinkle: I am not listening to anything. I will heal your wounds first then allow you to go home.
Twinkle knocks the door and Leela opens the door and is shocked to see Twinkle and Kunj together.
Leela: I wish I died before seeing this day.
Twinkle and Kunj are surprised.
Twinkle: What happened Maa?
Leela: You brought a guy home and you married him?
Twinkle: What nonsense Maa? He is just my friend.
Leela: Then why did you apply vermillion?
Twinkle: Dont be silly mom, why will I do so?
Leela: Mahi, bring the mirror.
Mahi does so.
Mahi: Why mom, mirror for what and that too now?
Mahi is surprised to see Twinkle and Kunj.
Mahi: That college wala guy.
Mahi passes the mirror to Leela, and Twinkle sees and is shocked to see the blood stain smeared near her hairline. Twinkle wipes it.
Twinkle: What Maa, Kunj got injuired maybe that time it got near my hairline, it’s nothing like that.
Leela: Okay thats fine, but what is doing here, and injuiry I am confused.
Twinkle narrates the entire story,
Twinkle: If Kunj wasn’t there on time, I won’t have been alive till now.
Leela: Kunj puttar thank you so much for saving my daughter’s life, I will be inebriated to you my entire life.
Kunj: No Aunty, it’s okay it was my duty.
Mahi: (in his mind) This guy and dii will make a great couple.
Twinkle: Come Kunj, let me go and aid your wounds.

Scene 5: Twinkle’s room
Here Twinkle is aiding Kunj’s wound, and Kunj closes his eyes in pain and screams a little,
Twinkle: It’s not that painful.
Twinkle applies ointment.
Twinkle: Can you at least stop screaming like a girl does?
Kunj: Hey how dare you call me like a girl.
Twinkle: When you were fighting with the robber, that time, you were acting like a hero now what happened?
Kunj: It’s paining a lot. You know side effects are usually more painful than actual thing at times.
Twinkle: Like?
Kunj: If you eat something you are allergic to nothing happens but the side effects are too bad like itching, sneezing which is worse.
Twinkle: You are really funny.
Kunj doesn’t let Twinkle do the bandage, and holds her hand. They look at each other and Music plays.
Twinkle: Kunj, I got to know everything. I got to know about your reality.
Kunj is shocked.
Kunj: What reality?
Twinkl: The fact, the reality that you hide from me.
Kunj: What is it?
Twinkle bandages Kunj’s hand.
Twinkle: Done.
Kunj realizes Twinkle did so to divert his attention and he smiles as Twinkle is smiling.
Kunj: I should leave now.
Just then Leela comes,
Leela: But how will you go at this time?
Twinkle: Maa is right.
Kunj: Simple. I will call the driver and he will pick me up.
Twinkle: Driver?
Kunj remembers that Twinkle still thinks he is from a middle class family.
Kunj: I mean that my friend he drives an auto, and now he returns home at this time, so on his way he will pick me up and drop me home.
Twinkle: Oh I get it.
Kunj: Aunty, I should leave now.
Kunj leaves.
And in the car, he realizes Twinkle’s scarf is with him, he wants to give her but he left her home already. Kunj smiles and ties the scarf on his hand and looks at it. Music plays.

Scene 6: College,
Next Day Morning,
Here Twinkle is going to her college, and Kunj comes there too.
Twinkle: Hi, Kunj!
Kunj: Hi Twinkle.
Twinkle: I am so sorry about yesterday.
Kunj: What about that?
Twinkle: I forced you to come with me to the orphanage, if I didn’t force you would have not faced this much problems.
Kunj: What Twinkle? Am I not your friend? Its nothing.
Twinkle: Yes you are but I feel so bad.
Kunj: Even if some other girl was in your place I would have done the same.
Twinkle: You are very sweet,
As Twinkle was about to go,
Kunj: Wait a minute.
Twinkle: What is it?
Kunj: Here is the reward money for yesterday, the police called me and gave me that.
Twinkle: What is the need?
Kunj: Don’t you remember what the police said token of appreciation keep it.
Twinkle: Look Kunj, I am doing this as a friend. You keep this money.
Kunj: Why?
Twinkle: I know your family situation. It may help you later on, it’s a lot of money. You need it more than me.
Kunj: But?
Twinkle: This may help in your sister’s education and marriage, and you those who need it more should take it.
Kunj: (in his mind) Twinkle you are so caring and selfless.
As Twinkle was about to go,
Kunj: Twinkle, you keep the money with you.
Twinkle: But Kunj?
Kunj: More than me someone needs the money more. And that is the orphanage kids. This will give them more facilities. So you keep it.
Twinkle smiles at Kunj.
Twinkle: You are really very nice, Kunj.
Twinkle gives Kunj a kiss on his cheek. Kunj looks on.
Twinkle: This is from the kids. You don’t know how much happy you made me.
Kunj: I should leave now.
Twinkle: Not so soon, at least meet my friends.

Twinkle brings Kunj to meet her friends at the cafeteria.
Twinkle: Hey Yuvi, Sonal, Simran and Rohan this is Kunj my friend.
Sonal: Hi Kunj.
Yuvi: Nice to meet you bro.
Rohan: This maths is so difficult.
Twinkle: I don’t understand why do you have to do maths when you want to study medical? Medical needs biology. Like surgery and all those, where is the need of finance. This maths is for only business and banking,
Kunj: Twinkle, Maths is not for finance and economics only, is also for medical. See numbers, if you need to know a blood pressure of some one than numbers? What are they for?
Twinkle: Okay fine, maths is needed for medical.
Simran: But how to do? It’s so hard.
Kunj: I will explain to you. Which chapter?
Yuvraj shows Kunj the chapter, Kunj explains to them,
Yuvi: You are an engineering student right bro?
Kunj nods.
Kunj: So how is medical?
Yuvi: You know what I am not interested in anything. I am fine with anything, I hate maths, that’s why I took medical, but this got no less maths.
Simran: Don’t lie. You still do well.
Yuvi: I dont care.
Kunj: You should think while choosing your career.
Kunj continues explaining.
Simran: This is so much better and easier now. Really Kunj you are great.
Twinkle gets happy.
Twinkle: Kunj, may I ask you something?

Kunj: Sure.
Twinkle: You recently graduated, and I know you are doing a job maybe, but can you teach us whenever you are free?
The others plead.
Others: Please.
Kunj: Okay fine, I will. I leave for today, and tomorrow I will continue.
Kunj leaves,
Kunj: Dad from now, I continue office works from afternoon onwards.
Kunj keeps his phone.

Later, everyday Kunj used to come and teach Twinkle and her friends. Well, Kunj used to teach Twinkle, he wanted to tell her the truth but he failed as he wanted Twinkle to continue to focus.
Later, Kunj and Twinkle sometimes used to walk home, and Kunj used to look at Twinkle while Twinkle used to chit chat.
Kunj: (in his mind) I need to tell Twinkle the truth soon.

Scene 7: Kunj’s residence
After a few weeks,
Kunj is looking at the window and the stars.He remembers from day one how he meet Twinkle and all their moments.
Kunj: I am madly in love with Twinkle, I can’t deceive her like this.
After thinking a lot, Kunj finally calls Twinkle,
Kunj: Twinkle here?
Twinkle: Hmm.
Kunj: Twinkle I need to tell you something. In reality, I am Kunj Sarna not Kunj Malhotra.
Kunj narrates the entire story to Twinkle about her misunderstanding.
Kunj: You must be wondering why I did so right? Its because I love you Twinkle. I fear to lose you. That’s all I have to say. If possible please meet me at the terrace of your house.
Kunj keeps the phone. Twinkle is shocked at whatever Kunj said.
Twinkle goes to the terrace, and she sees Kunj there.
Twinkle: Kunj!!!!
Kunj looks around, and Twinkle comes to Kunj.
Kunj: Twinkle, I wanted to tell you from a long time but.
Twinkle gives Kunj a tight slap. Kunj is shocked.
The episode ends.

Precap: Twinj’s conversation
(Twinkle’s confrontation to Kunj)

I will publish the detailed precap in the promo.

Hey all, I am so sorry but I may not post this fan fiction for a while. Reason is because I am busy like I still have projects to do and also quizzes. But when I am free I will definitely upload the episode. Well, I will try my best to update next week, if I can then can. If I cannot then I will publish a promo at least, and then inform when I will publish the next episode. This thing is for this month only August I will publish more frequently. But please don’t stop reading my fan fiction for that. And when I will publish episode 5 I will publish a summary of epi 1-4 along so that you all don’t forget the story.

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