Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Story of Our Love Episode 3

**With summary and recap of episode 1 and 2**
***Season 2 for Intense Love****
Hey all, sorry for posting the episodes super late. My tests were going on, finally it ended, and that’s why I can finally publish the episodes now. I hope you all will love it. And please continue to support me I badly need them. I missed you all.
Just by chance, let me clear the confusion this fan fiction is mainly on Twinj and no one else. The other pairs are just supporting pairs and they are not for all episodes. I hope you all won’t stop reading my fan fiction as I added other pairs, just to clarify I added these pairs as they have a crucial role to play in Twinj’s story and nothing else.
Twinj is the main pair and the Yuhi and others are the supporting pairs.
Recap and Summary for episode 1-2:
The fan fiction begins with a guy who is full of depression and he is none other than Kunj. It seemed that something big had happened in his life which made him like that. He is always carrying the picture of the girl he loves and she is none other than Twinkle. Later, Dr.Jaya comes to speak to Kunj, but he doesn’t want to speak with anyone so he leaves from there and the doctor gets an diary. In the diary, it shows the flashback of Kunj’s life, of what happened in Kunj’s life a few years ago. A beautiful girl Twinkle is shown who is happily staying with her mom and sister. Twinkle hates cooking due to which she makes some excuses to her mom and goes to college early. Twinkle sees an orphanage there and she feels bad for the kids so she enjoys with them. Kunj who sees Twinkle in the car falls for Twinkle at the first sight seeing he enjoying life and also with the kids. Later, Kunj comes to collect his sister’s cycle. Later, Twinkle realiezes she is actually getting later for classes. She sees the same cycle and quickly takes it away and she goes for classes. Kunj chases Twinkle and he sees Twinkle’s face and again lost in her. Later, Twinkle and Kunj meet each other in Twinkle and Kunj’s sister’s college and then there Twinkle realizes that the cycle is of Kunj and she apologizes to Kunj. Later, Twinkle finds Kunj’s wallet so she follows behind Kunj to return him back his wallet. Twinkle reaches a place, which is actually Kunj’s friend’s house and she thinks Kunj is from a middle class family. Later, at night while Twinkle is buying groceries she meets Kunj again and introduces herself to Kunj as they always keep on meeting each other. Kunj is about to introduce himself as Kunj Sarna, she assumes Kunj to be Kunj Malhotra. As Kunj was about to clear his confusion, it starts raining and Twinkle enjoys herself in the rain, and Kunj once again looks at her and Twinkle makes Kunj wet in the rain.

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Well, here is episode 3.
Scene 1: Sarna Residence
Here Kunj comes home totally drenched and Usha is surprised to see him like this.
Usha: Kunj!
Kunj: Yes mom?
Usha: You are completely drenched.
Kunj: Actually the rain,
Usha: You go and change now.
Kunj goes upstairs to change. Kunj gets changed and Usha comes to his room also. Kunj starts sneezing.
Usha: Oh ho this is because you got drenched and also your hair is so wet.
Usha uses the towel and dries Kunj’s hair.
Usha: Who told you to get wet in the rain?
Kunj: No, I didn’t get wet in the rain.
Usha: Don’t lie.
Kunj continues sneezing.
Usha: Then how did you get wet?
Kunj: I don’t know.
Usha: Kunj, you are too much.
Kunj: Maybe because I fell into the water.
Usha: What Kunj, you are acting very weirdly today.
Kunj continues sneezing,
Usha: See now you caught cold. I will bring herbal drink. You drink that and go to sleep soon.
Kunj: Okay mom.
Kunj goes to sleep, he thinks about Twinkle and her getting wet in the rain and smiles in his sleep.

Scene 2: Taneja Residence
Here Twinkle is also sneezing and Leela is scolding her.
Leela: Who told you to get wet in the rain? Go and get wet again and sneeze again.
Twinkle starts to sneeze again.
Twinkle: Sorry mom.
Leela: Why sorry to me, loss is yours. You are the one who fall sick.
Twinkle: I haven’t fallen sick yet mom.
Leela: I can see that.
Just then Mahi is talking with her friend on the phone
Mahi: Wow, really! Okay, I will talk to you later.
Mahi keeps the phone.
Twinkle: What happened why you are so excited?
Mahi: Do you know who is coming the college?
Twinkle: Yes, I know.
Mahi: Really? Say.
Twinkle: I know students, teachers and even principal come to the college.
Mahi: Stop joking dii.
Twinkle: I am not joking, I am speaking the truth.
Leela: Areh Mahi puttar, if you don’t tell Twinkle how will she know?
Mahi: Today in our college, Sarna industries people are coming.
Twinkle: So what about that?
Mahi: You don’t know about them dii. They are very rich and also one of the renowned business in the city.
Twinkle: Good good.
Mahi: They are coming to our college.
Twinkle: So what is so exciting about that? You na.
Mahi: Uff dii, you won’t understand.
Twinkle: Maa, I have to leave for college now.
Leela: Areh, but now at this time?
Twinkle: Maa, I have to complete my assignment and then also print and submit it. That’s why I have to go early.
Twinkle leaves,
Mahi: Dii, I will come later. After all I have to look beautiful today.
Twinkle nods and leaves.

Scene 3: College
Here Kunj, Manohar and Jaidev come to the college. Kunj is in his businessman avatar.
Aliya: Dad you are here.
Aliya hugs Manohar. Later she hugs her brothers.
Aliya: I will make all my friends meet you.
Jai: Aliya we came here for work after that we will definitely meet your friends.
Aliya: Okay bhaia.
Kunj: Your classes are going to start soon right.
Aliya: Oh yes, I forget.
Aliya leaves. Just then the principal comes.
Principal: Mr. Sarna I am so happy you took some crucial time out to visit our college.
Manohar: No, its okay.
Principal: Well I have three assistants/staffs to help you to guide through the college.
The three assistants guide them in different places respectively.

Scene 4: Computer Lab
Here Twinkle comes to the computer lab and she works on the computer.
Twinkle: Phew at least the typing is done; now I have to open the presentation slides.
Twinkle is working, and she is surprised.
Twinkle: Why is this slide not opening?
Twinkle tries to fix it and realizes that the computer had crash in some programmes.
Twinkle: Oh no now this crash had to happen now how will I manage without the slides,
Twinkle is super worried, and she tries to make the thing okay.
Kunj on the other hand is walking with the assistant, he sees Twinkle from the glass and smiles, and he finds Twinkle worried, and he gets surprised.
Kunj is sweating,
Assistant: Are you feeling hot?
Kunj: Yes, it’s very hot
Assistant: After all you are very hot.
Kunj is surprised and he looks at the assistant surprised.
Assistant: I was joking sir. Sir if you are feeling hot, you should open your coat,
Kunj: Good idea.
Kunj opens the coat and passes it to the assistant.
Assitant: How can I help you?
Kunj: Bring me some soft drinks.
Assitant: Okay sure, sir.
The assistant leaves. Kunj comes to Twinkle and sits besides her.

Kunj: What happened?
Twinkle: Kunj, you?
Kunj: Yes me. You seem quite worried.
Twinkle: Look Kunj, I was working in the computer. I did the typing, but I still have the presentation slides to complete and this computer crashed and all my process will get delete and then I have to redo the slides, and I have no time as today is the submission date.
Kunj: Why worry when Kunj Sarna is here?
Twinkle: Sarna?
Kunj remembers that Twinkle knows him as Kunj Malhotra.
Kunj: Areh who Sarna? I am Kunj Malhotra. I don’t know any Sarna.
Twinkle: Oh I must have heard wrongly. You don’t know Sarna.
Kunj: (in his mind) Now she also behind Sarna Sarna uff.
Twinkle: Some renowned business in city, Sarna industries and its also said to be one of the popular one in the city.
Kunj: Do you know the owner of the Sarna industries? Twinkle: No, how would I know?
Kunj: He is sitting beside you.
Twinkle looks at Kunj surprised,
Kunj: I was joking.
Twinkle: I also heard that the owner of Sarna industries are also coming to our college today.
Kunj: You heard it correct.
Twinkle: Oh no, Kunj you should leave now, and I don’t want to let my project be incomplete because of Sarna.
Kunj: Because of Sarna, you will be able to complete your assignment.
Twinkle: What? Kunj: I mean to say you will definitely be able to complete your project, and who knows Sarnas maybe impressed by your assignment.
Twinkle: How is it possible, only when I will be able to operate this computer na.
Kunj: So this is the problem? It’s not an issue.
Twinkle: Huh?
Kunj: Let me help you.
Kunj holds the mouse, and he accidentally holds Twinkle’s hand and they look at each other. Music plays.
Twinkle moves her hand away, and Kunj makes the computer alright in a few moments.
Twinkle checks and gets happy.
Twinkle: Oh my god, you easily fixed it and also my presentation slides are fine.
Kunj: After all, I am an engineering student.
Twinkle: You are an engineering student?
Kunj: Yes. How about you?
Twinkle: I am a medical student, final year. I want to become a doctor.
Kunj: I am sure you will become a very good doctor as while fixing the computer, I saw your assignment. It’s really good.
Twinkle: Really? Kunj: Yes, really.
Twinkle: Thank you so much Kunj.
Twinkle quickly works on the computer, and she does her presentation slide. Twinkle and Kunj sneezes together. They look at each other and laughs.
Kunj: You also caught cold?
Twinkle: Yes.
Kunj: But you must be habit of getting wet in the rain.
Twinkle: It’s always the same story, I always get wet in the rain and I always catch cold. And I am sorry because of me, you also caught cold.
Kunj: No no problem.
Twinkle continues her work,
Twinkkle: Finally, it’s over.
Just then Kunj’s assistant comes back, and she speaks.
Assistant: Sorry Mr. Sarna I got late while bringing cold drinks.
And then the assistant gets surprised to see Kunj in the computer lab, and goes in the lab.
Assistant: Mr. Sarna you and here?
Twinkle looks at Kunj surprised.
Twinkle: Why is she calling you Mr.Sarna?
Kunj: The thing is
Just then Jaidev comes,
Jai: Oh yes, I wanted to see the entire campus so that’s why.
Twinkle: Oh so he is Mr.Sarna.
Kunj takes a sigh of relief, and then he sees Jaidev coming.
Kunj: (in his mind) Oh no Bhaia is coming here, now Twinkle will get to know that I am Kunj Sarna not Kunj Malhotra.
Jai: I must say this campus is quite good.
Assistant: Thanks sir happy you liked it.
Jai: Kunj, what are you doing here let’s go.
Twinkle looks at Kunj surprised.
Kunj: Okay, I will speak with her and then I am coming. You all wait for me.
They all leave and waits for Kunj outside.
Twinkle: How does Mr.Sarna knows you?
Kunj: Actually I am an engineer student, and they wanted to see my previous projects and present them that’s why.
Twinkle: Oh wow, that’s great.
Kunj is about to go,
Twinkle: Wait a minute.
Kunj: (in his mind) I think I am caught now.
Twinkle: All the best for your presentation. I am really happy for you. Always continue doing so, and I am sure your family must be really proud of you.
Kunj smiles.
Twinkle: And if you need any financial help or anything just tell me, I will always be there for you, but never break your dreams for a silly reason.
Kunj: (in his mind) Twinkle you are so good, you help people or not, sometimes I feel bad for not telling you the truth. I should tell you the truth soon.
As Kunj was about to say something,
Jai: Kunj, come quickly we are waiting for you.
Kunj: But Twinkle,
Twinkle: Go Kunj, all the best.
Kunj looks at Twinkle and smiles and leaves.

Scene 5: Outside
It’s evening,
Kunj goes out of the college,
Kunj: Dad and Bhai went off long back, now I hope Twinkle is still there, I need to tell her the truth soon.
Just then someone holds Kunj’s hand and Kunj is surprised. It’s none other than Twinkle,
Twinkle: Hi.
Kunj gets happy.
Kunj: You are still here?
And then he pretends to said in a surprised tone.
Kunj: Isn’t it late,
Twinkle: Areh I was busy with the assignment and also the presentation got postponed that’s why I got late.
Kunj: Oh I get it.
Twinkle: You know the teacher loved the presentation to the core. Thank you sooooooo much.
Twinkle hugs Kunj and Kunj got surprised. Music plays. Twinkle realizes this and gets embarrassed and feels awkward.
Twinkle: I am sorry.
Kunj: It’s okay.
Kunj was about to tell Twinkle,
Twinkle: Where are you going?
Kunj: Home and where else.
Twinkle: Let me drop you home today. You no need to take auto it will be hard to find one at this time.
As Kunj was about to deny,
Twinkle: Don’t deny, I own it to you. You helped me so much today.
Kunj: I just fixed the computer and nothing else.
Twinkle: If you didn’t fix the computer, I won’t have been able to submit my assignment today. So, I will drop you home with my scooty.
Kunj: Okay fine.
Twinkle goes, and she sits in the scooty
Kunj: Wait a minute, let me inform mom that I am coming.
Twinkle: Okay sure.
Twinkle is starting the scooty, and Kunj talks to the phone.
Kunj: Hello driver, you may leave now with the car I will come home later, I have some work.
Driver: Okay sir.
Kunj keeps the phone and goes to Twinkle.
Twinkle: Let’s go.
Twinkle rides the scooty and Kunj sits behind. Twinkle talks a lot and Kunj smiles a lot. Itni Si Baat from Azhar plays. Kunj lovingly looks at Twinkle.
Twinkle passes by the orphanage, and she stops by.
Kunj: What happened is the scooty okay? Twinkle: Yes, it’s okay.
Twinkle is about to leave, Kunj realizes
Kunj: So you want to visit the orphanage? Twinkle: But you are getting late.
Kunj: It’s okay, anyways I am free tonight and I also wanted to visit an orphanage once but never got the time.
Twinkle: Great. Let’s go then.
Twinkle and Kunj goes to the orphanage. All the kids get happy seeing Twinkle there.
Kuhu: Twinkle dii!!
All the kids hug her.
Twinkle: How are you all?
Ravi: We are fine dii.
Twinkle: I have brought another friend along his name is Kunj.
Kuhu: Hello Kunj bhaia.
Kunj bends down.
Kunj: What is your name?
Kuhu: Kuhu! Kunj: Nice name.
Slowly all the kids introduce themselves,
Ravi: Twinkle dii, Kunj bhaia let’s play.
Twinkle: But not catch catch again.
Kunj remembes how he saw Twinkle playing catch catch from the car and smiles.
Kuhu: Then lets play hopscotch.
Twinkle: Okay fine.
All the kids play hopscotch, Kunj also plays with them and later he tumbles, all the kids clap and later laugh. Its Twinkle’s turn. Twinkle plays hopscotch, and finally as she was about to fall Kunj holds her, and they look at each other. Tum Jo Aaye from Once Upon A Time in Mumbai plays. The episode ends.

Precap: Kunj says today I will tell Twinkle my truth. Kunj calls Twinkle on the phone and tells her that he is actually Kunj Sarna and his truth. Twinkle gets shocked and she says I hate you. Kunj is shocked. Later, Twinkle gets a call and she quickly runs and comes to the terrace and shouts Kunj!

Hey all I am so sorry for updating the episodes late. Well this may also continue this month. The reason is because firstly I have projects and quizzes. Secondly, next week is Eid, and thirdly my aunt is coming for treatment. So this july is a super busy month for me. I wanted to write as many episodes as I can during my holidays, but unfortunately my laptop had to be spoiled that time. I will get my laptop back tomorrow. Used my uncle’s laptop to write this episode, luckily half of the episode was saved in my pen drive. Well, I will try my best to upload the episode next Friday if not next Sunday latest.

And please feel free to express your opinions. Criticism is open here. But no flaw language is to be used: P .You can write whatever you feel and sorry if I disappointed you and please do say what else should I do to improve on my fan fiction. But please don’t stop reading my fan fiction at least till episode 7 or 8. And I will add summary and precap in every episode from now onwards. Thank you. Please do comment. Thank you once again 🙂
And yes Eid Mubarak in advance, and do comment that will be a great eid gift for me 😛

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