Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Story of Our Love Episode 2


Hi all. I am back with the second episode of the intense story of our love. As I finished my studying early, I had some free time so that’s why I published the episode earlier. Thanks for all the lovely support you all gave me in the introduction part, I hope you all will continue to support me like this. By any chance, if you didn’t read the introduction and episode 1 here is the link:

Scene 1: College
Here Kunj comes to Aliya’s college, and Aliya comes to Kunj.
Aliya: Bhaia, have you brought it?
Kunj: What?
Aliya: The cycle.
Kunj: Cycle?
Aliya: Yes
Kunj pretends to forget
Kunj: Oh no I forgot.
Aliya: Why Bhaia? I thought I will show my friend my new cycle and you forgot?
Kunj: I am sorry na Chotti, please forgive me?
Aliya: No matter what, I want my cycle at any cost.
Aliya leaves.
Kunj: But Aliya?
She doesn’t listens.
Kunj: Now where do I bring the cycle from?

Later, Twinkle is seen talking with Mahi during the break,
Mahi: Did the teacher scold you today?
Twinkle: Why would the teacher scold me?
Mahi: Because you were late, right?
Twinkle: No, I was not late. I reached on time.
Mahi is surprised.
Twinkle: Surprised?
Mahi nods.
Mahi: How?
Twinkle: Come with me.

Twinkle shows Mahi the cycle,
Mahi: Cycle?
Twinkle: I know I was getting late and I won’t get auto so I had no other option but to take this cycle.
Mahi: You did stealing?
Twinkle: Mahi, I had to do so I was getting late what to do?
Mahi: But dii, you always say stealing is not good.
Twinkle: Don’t worry I will return the cycle back from where I got.
I am sure it’s owner must be worried.

Kunj is walking,
Kunj: Kunj Sarna, think what to do about the cycle?
Kunj passes by Twinkle, and as he was walking back, he suddenly sees the cycle.
Kunj: That seems quite familiar.
Kunj comes to the cycle, and he touches the cycle.
Twinkle: Hey!
Kunj is looking around the cycle, and Twinkle and Mahi are surprised.
Kunj: This seems exactly same to Chotti’s cycle.
Kunj checks the picture and compares.
Twinkle: Why are you touching this cycle?
Kunj: This is the one! Twinkle: What?
Kunj is surprised as he sees Twinkle who is surprised, and he again gets lost in her sight and Music plays.
Kunj: (in his mind) Kunj, you should get back to the topic.
Kunj gets angry,
Kunj: What is this cycle doing with you?
Twinkle: This cycle is actually mine.
Kunj: Don’t lie. You were the one who stole the cycle right?
Twinkle is shocked.
Kunj: I know people like you very well. You people can only steal things. You are good for nothing.
Twinkle gets angry,
Kunj: First afford a cycle of your own, wait cycle is too much for you, I think you can’t even afford to walk to college.
Kunj: Girls like you are just impossible and biggest drama queen. And you, you are a thief!
Twinkle: How dare you call me a thief?
Twinkle slaps Kunj. Kunj is shocked.

Twinkle snaps her fingers at Kunj. Kunj realizes that it was her imagination.
Twinkle: Hello? Where are you lost?
Kunj: Oh I actually, I
Twinkle: What were you intending to do with the cycle?
Kunj: (in his mind) Where I am trapped? I can’t even take the cycle from her and if I don’t bring the cycle, Aliya won’t spare me.
Twinkle: Hey Mr. Look I am talking to you.
Kunj looks.
Kunj: Me?
Twinkle: Yes you. First you tell me why are you eyeing this cycle?

Just then Aliya comes and she sees this
Aliya: Bhaia what you are doing here?
Twinkle and Mahi are surprised and they look at each other,
Aliya sees her cycle and gets stunned,
Aliya: My cycle!
Aliya quickly goes near the cycle, and she hugs Kunj.
Aliya: Thank you so much for the gift Bhaia, it’s exactly the same cycle.
Kunj: But but
Aliya: Sorry for scolding you for not getting the cycle, but I knew you will get it at any cost no matter how much difficulty you will face.
Twinkle: Nice cycle.
Twinkle leaves, and Kunj is surprised as he looks on.
Kunj: (in his mind) Strange? She didn’t say a single thing?
Mahi: Dii, you just let them took the cycle.
Twinkle: Because that is the same guy whose cycle I took. So he got his cycle back.
Twinkle remembers seeing Kunj when she looked behind while holding her ears.

Scene 2: Road
Next Day,
Twinkle is returning home and Kunj comes infront of her.
Twinkle: You?
Kunj: Yes, me.
Twinkle: What do you want?
Kunj: Thank you so much for giving the cycle to my sister yesterday.
Twinkle: It was yours anyways, sorry for taking it away.
Kunj is surprised.
Twinkle: I was getting late for classes that’s why I had to steal the cycle. I am so sorry.
Kunj: No need to say sorry. Infact I am happy that the cycle didn’t get in the wrong hands of someone.
Twinkle smiles.
Kunj: I should leave now and once again thank you.
Kunj leaves.
Kunj: Strange? Cycle was with her?
Just then Kunj gets a phone call, drops his wallet
Kunj: Okay I am coming yaar. Yes, I am coming with auto no need to worry.

Kunj leaves. Twinkle was about to leave,
Twinkle: Wallet?
Twinkle opens the wallet and realizes it’s Kunj’s wallet.
Twinkle: Areh this is his wallet.
Twinkle looks,
Twinkle: Hello? Listen!
Kunj doesn’t listens and he gets into the auto,
Twinkle: Oh no.
Twinkle takes her scooty and follows the auto.

Scene 3: Colony
Here Kunj comes in the colony, and he goes upstairs. Twinkle sees Kunj.
Twinkle: Looks like he is from a middle class family. I have to give him his wallet. For these people, their wallet is quite valuable.

Twinkle is about to go, just then she gets a phone call from her mother,
Twinkle: Hello mom?
Leela: Why you didn’t return home with Mahi today?
Twinkle: Areh her lesson ended early that’s why.
Leela: See I always forget.
Twinkle was about to keep the phone,
Leela: Listen, Twinkle.
Twinkle: Now what mom?
Leela: I need to your help. Do buy some groceries from the market before returning home, okay?
Twinkle: Okay, what do you want.
Leela gives Twinkle a list and she tries to note it down.

Later, Kunj goes in a house, and just then a guy hugs him.
Guy: Finally you came.
Kunj: How can I reject you Raj?
The guy is Raj, who is Kunj’s friend and is from a middle class family.
Raj: Yes, of course you can reject me. You are so rich and I am so poor.
Kunj: Look who is rich who is poor doesn’t matter, what matters the most is that one’s heart understand.
Raj: Thank you so much yaar.
Kunj: No Thank you. No Sorry. After all we are best friends.
Kunj and Raj hugs again.
Raj: Now let’s enjoy some hot snacks.
Kunj and Raj are eating snacks,
Kunj: I have come by auto as you said.
Raj: Good you didn’t bring your car. If not it’s very difficult to park a car in this colony.
Kunj: Okay, now let’s chit chat.

Here Kunj and Raj are talking, and Twinkle comes upstairs.
Twinkle: How do I know where he stays?
Twinkle hears sounds from window and she sees different family and finally she sees Kunj.
Twinkle: Oh so this is where he lives.
Twinkle knocks on the door.
Lady: What are you doing here?
Twinkle: A guy dropped his wallet, I came to return the wallet.
Lady: Oh Malhotras are outside, but their son is at home.
Twinkle: I am asking about their son. It’s his wallet.
Lady: Okay.
Twinkle: Thank you.
The lady leaves.
Raj is about to go and open the door,
Kunj: You let it be. I will open the door.
Twinkle again knocks and as she was about to hold the doorknob Kunj opens it and that accidentally hurts her nose.
Twinkle: Ouch! Kunj is surprised to see Twinkle there.
Kunj: I am so so sorry. Are you okay?
Twinkle: It’s okay, I am fine.
Kunj: What are you doing here?
Twinkle: You accidentally dropped your wallet, that’s why I came here to return you back your wallet.
Kunj: Oh thank you. But how did you get the address?
Twinkle: I followed behind you with my scooty. Wont you invite me in your house?
Kunj is surprised.
Kunj: My house?
Twinkle: Yes yours.
Kunj: But that is in.
Twinkle gets a phone call,
Twinkle: I am so sorry, I have to leave right now.
Kunj: I can bring you to my house,
Twinkle: Once I am free, I will come back here again.
Kunj: Here?
Twinkle: Only if you want to. For now, I will leave.
Twinkle leaves.
Kunj: How many places she wants to get invited to?
Raj: Who is it?
Kunj: Oh I dropped my wallet so she came to return me back the wallet.
Raj: Here?
Kunj: She said she followed me to this place,
Raj: And who is that she?
Kunj: I didn’t even ask her, her name.
Kunj is surprised and Raj nods for Kunj’s silly tactics.

After a while,
Kunj: I think I should leave now.
As Kunj was about to go,
Raj: Wait a minute.
Kunj: What is it?
Raj: From the weather, it seems that it’s going to rain soon, and at this time it’s also difficult to get auto. Do one thing, take this umbrella with you. Kunj takes the umbrella and leaves.

Scene 4: Road
Here, Kunj is walking,
Kunj: I was thinking it may rain, I forgot to bring umbrella with me, but Raj gave me an umbrella. I just hope I can find an auto.
Just then an auto comes,
Kunj: Wow, I thought of an auto, that also came. Looks like whatever I will think of today, will come to me.
Kunj closes his eyes, and thinks of Twinkle. And he smiles. While walking, he collides with a girl, and drops her groceries.
Kunj: I am so sorry.
The girl is none other than Twinkle.
Twinkle: Can’t you see and walk? Are you blind?
Kunj: This really works.
Twinkle: Hello? Are you okay?
Kunj: Yes, I am.
Twinkle: What are you doing here?
Kunj: I I I am going to pick my sister up from her classes.
Twinkle: Oh, see we keep on meeting each other but we forget to ask each other our name. By the way, I am Twinkle Taneja nice to meet you.
Kunj: I am Kunj S
Twinkle: Kunj Malhotra, right! Kunj: Yes?
Twinkle: Tell me how do I know?
Kunj: How?
Twinkle: A colony aunty told me when I came to give you wallet, that this is Malhotra’s house.
Kunj: Oh, but
Twinkle: Friends?
Kunj: Friends.
Kunj smiles and handshakes. Twinkle smiles and Kunj looks on at Twinkle and the music plays.

Later, it starts raining, Kunj quickly opens the umbrella and he sees Twinkle getting wet in the rain.
Kunj: Quickly come in Twinkle.
Twinkle: Let me enjoy in the rain, Kunj.
Twinkle starts dancing in the rain.
Kunj: You will catch cold,
Twinkle: Come, let’s go and enjoy in the rain.
Kunj: It’s okay, I am fine here.
Twinkle throws the umbrella from Kunj’s hand and makes Kunj drenched in the rain too. Twinkle is enjoying, and Kunj looks on. Sab Tera from Baaghi plays. Twinkle makes Kunj enjoy in the rain, and later, and Kunj lovingly eyes Twinkle.
Kunj: (in his mind) Mr. Kunj Sarna you are definitely in love.
Kunj smiles. The episode ends.

Precap: Mahi tells Twinkle that tomorrow a young successful businessman will come to their college, who is the son of the owner of Sarna industries and running a business. Twinkle just listens to it. Later, Twinkle is working on her project, and Twinkle says it’s impossible to finish this project with the computer spoiled. Kunj says why fear when I am here? Kunj helps Twinkle, and Twinkle smiles. Later, the teacher comes and sees this and says Mr. Sarna what are you doing here? Twinkle is shocked and she looks at Kunj and says Sarna? Kunj is scared as he realizes that he is exposed now.

Photo collage credit goes to my friend (she doesn’t want me to reveal her name :P)

Well i have written ffs on TEI before, here they are.

Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love (18 episodes)

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(There is no part 2 as some wrong off got published in part 2 so its part 3 which is part 2)

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You can find intro and episode 1-10 in thjs link. And this ff is a combination of 4-5shows and TEI is one of them. Well I do mention which scene is for which show.

You can find link of episode 1 to 17 and episode 18 in this link. And in episode 17 you can find the links and summary of episode 1-16.

The next episode will be published on Sunday,3rd July. Please do read it. I know it’s quite late, but I am having common tests from this Monday onwards till Thursday, please do pray for me. And I will try to publish a promo if I am free.

Please do comment and feel free to express your opinions (

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