Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Story of Our Love Episode 10 LAST EPISODE


**Season 2 for Intense Love**

Hi all. I am finally back with the next episode Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Story of Our Love, Finally my exams are over and now I am having my semester break. I feel like dancing And thank you so much for supporting me so much. I hope you all still remember my fan fiction and so sorry for updating the episode super late. And this will be the LAST episode. I know it’s all of a sudden, but I had to end it as this fan fiction was for finite episodes. So sorry.

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Here is the precap for what will happen in this Episode.
Precap: Kunj is talking to Twinkle and Kunj says he needs help from her. Twinkle says sure. And just then Yuvi comes and is shocked to see Kunj and Twinkle together. Yuvi scolds Kunj and punches him. Kunj is shocked. Twinkle shouts Yuvi. Yuvi said he deserved it how dare he cheat you? Kunj says what did you mean I didn’t get it. Yuvi says that you and Twinkle loved each other and later you cheated on her. Kunj is shocked and Twinkle is worried.

Here is Episode 10.
Scene 1: Hospital
The episode begins with Twinkle sitting beside Kunj who is sleeping peacefully.
Twinkle: How much peacefully my Kunj is sleeping. As if he is so happy.
Twinkle is teary-eyed.
Twinkle: My Kunj. He suffered so much. But he never complained. How could he suffer? If I was his place I would given up hope on life. I love you Kunj.
Later, Kunj wakes up and he looks at Twinkle.
Kunj: Twinkle?
Twinkle: Kunj?
Kunj wakes up and tightly hugs Twinkle. Saajna plays. Twinkle is surprised. Kunj cups Twinkle’s face.
Kunj: You are fine?

Twinkle: Fine?
Kunj is teary-eyed.
Kunj: I knew it! I knew my Twinkle is alive.
Kunj again hugs Twinkle. Twinkle is confused.
Kunj: You know many of you assumed that you are dead, but from my bottom of my heart I knew you were alive. It was very hard to accept your death when I got the plane crash news.
Twinkle understands that Kunj is now normal and like remembers everything.
Kunj: Promise me, Twinkle you will never leave me.
Twinkle: I promise you, Kunj.
Kunj: I love you Twinkle.

Twinkle: I love you too Kunj.
They again hug.
Kunj looks around the hospital cabin.
Kunj: What am I doing in this hospital? I don’t understand.
Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle: (in her mind) That means Kunj doesn’t remembers what happened with him in the last few days.
Kunj: Twinkle I am getting scared I honestly don’t remember a single thing.
Kunj holds his head.
Twinkle: Kunj, relax. Don’t take stress. It’s just that you met with a minor accident and you were unconscious for a few days.
Kunj: Really? But how can I not remember?
Twinkle: This happens its very normal. Now don’t take stress.
Kunj looks around.
Kunj: This doesn’t seems India. Where are we?
Twinkle: We are in Singapore.

Kunj sees Twinkle in the doctor avatar.
Kunj: So finally you became a doctor?
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: Yes I did.
Kunj: I am so happy for you Twinkle. I always wanted you to fulfil your dreams.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Even when we were away for several years, you still remembered about me? Really Kunj you still remember about my dream?
Kunj: How is Mahi?
Twinkle: She is fine.
Kunj: Leela Aunty?
Twinkle gets sad and starts crying.
Kunj: What happened?
Twinkle: Mom couldn’t survive the plane crash. She
Twinkle cries and Kunj again hugs her to calm her down.
Kunj: Wherever Leela Aunty is she must be very happy. But I didn’t understand one thing? Why you never tried to contact with me?
Twinkle gets shocked and doesn’t know what to reply.
Kunj: Twinkle?
Twinkle: I tried calling you several times but it never got connected.
Kunj: Maybe because I changed my phone number.
Kunj remembers he is in Singapore. Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj: So now you got to know that I am Kunj Sarna?
Twinkle looks at Kunj and nods.
Kunj: Twinkle I have tried to tell you the truth several times but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t I feared what if I lose you. But God taught me a lesson, and now I understand.
Twinkle: Kunj dont say like this.
Kunj: Please forgive me for what I did.
Twinkle: I forgive you Kunj. I understand.
Kunj smiles.
Kunj: Where is mom and dad? I want them to meet you.
Twinkle: They will be here in 2-3 days time.
Kunj: They are not here? Then how come I am here?
Twinkle: Your brother.
Kunj: Bhai.

Just then Jai comes and he gets emotional and hugs Kunj.
Kunj: Bhai how are you?
Jai is sad.
Kunj: I am totally fine now. Be happy. Just smile.
Jai: Kunj, I know don’t worry I will be always there for you.
Kunj: I know that.
Twinkle gestures Kunj that he doesn’t know that he is suffering from alzimers.
Jai: I am happy that my brother is fine now. So doctor when can my brother be released from the hospital?
Twinkle: Very soon. Maybe in 1-2 days.
Jai: And then we will go back to India. Mom and Dad is also coming in 2-3 days.
Twinkle becomes sad.
Twinkle: I will fulfil some formalities.
Kunj: Twinkle wait.
Twinkle stops.
Kunj: Come here.
Jai is confused.
Jai: Is everything okay?
Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj: Sit down.
Twinkle sits down. Jai is more confused.
Kunj: Bhai, I have to tell you something?
Jai: What is it?
Kunj: This is Twinkle. And I met her 5 years ago. And I love Twinkle a lot. We love each other.
Jai is surprised.
Kunj: I know this maybe confusing, I will tell everything from the beginning.
Kunj tells Jai the story.
Jai: You are very lucky you got someone like Twinkle to love you.
Kunj and Twinkle look at each other and Sajna plays.
Twinkle: I will go and complete all the formalities.
Twinkle leaves.
Jai: Kunj no need to worry your Bhai is here. I will speak with mom and dad regarding yours and Twinkle’s relationship.
Kunj smiles.

Scene 2: Outside
Kunj gets discharged from the hospital and he and Twinkle talks.
Kunj: Twinkle I dont know much about what happened with me in this last 5 years, I may have changed I hope you are fine with it.
Twinkle: However you are, I am always there for you and I will always accept you, Kunj.
Kunj smiles.
Kunj: Now I know why I fell in love with you only.
Twinkle: Me too.
Sajna plays, they look at each other and share an eyelock.
On the other hand, Yuvraj comes.
Yuvi: Finally I will be meeting Twinkle after 2 years, she will be surprised to see me here.
Yuvraj is shocked to see Kunj and Twinkle speaking to each other.
Yuvi: Kunj?
Yuvraj remembers how Kunj misbehaved with Twinkle years back and said he didn’t know her and all that. Yuvraj gets out of the flashback and fumes.
Yuvi: What is he doing here? Finally Twinkle is moving on with her life and he?
Kunj: Twinkle I actually needed help as I wanted to
Yuvraj comes and punch Kunj.
Twinkle: Kunj!
Kunj is shocked.
Twinkle: Yuvi! What have you done!
Yuvi: Something which I should have done long time back.
Twinkle rushes to Kunj.
Twinkle: Kunj, are you okay?
Kunj: Yes, I am but what have I done?
Twinkle is surprised and worried.
Yuvi: You don’t know what you have done years back?
Kunj: No.
Yuvi: Oh please don’t act I have considered you like my brother, I called you bhai and you?
Twinkle persuades Yuvraj to stop.
Yuvi: No Twinkle I won’t stop today.
Twinkle: (in her mind) If Yuvi tells Kunj everything what happened years ago, then a very big problem will occur.

Yuvi: You, you have
Just then Mahi comes and persuades Yuvraj and requests him not to say anything.
Kunj: What have I done?
Yuvi: You have never met me in these few years bro. I am angry with you.
Kunj and Twinkle are surprised.
Yuvi: Sorry for hurting you. I am like that.
Kunj: It’s okay. It’s fine.
Twinkle: Yuvi you shouldn’t have hit Kunj like this.
Yuvi: I am sorry. Okay I have some work, you both speak I leave.
Yuvraj leaves.
Kunj: Such a weird guy!
Twinkle takes a sigh of relief.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Thank God Yuvi didn’t tell Kunj anything.

On the other hand,
Yuvraj comes to Mahi.
Yuvi: Why you didn’t allow me to tell Kunj and confront him? He would have learnt a lesson of his life.
Mahi: Look Yuvraj its not as it seems.
Yuvi: Meaning?
Mahi: It’s a very very long story.
Yuvi: I didn’t get you.
Mahi tells Yuvraj the entire story. How he suffers from alzimers and all that.
Yuvi: Oh God. Such a big thing happened. Poor Kunj I feel so bad for him.
Mahi: Yes, me too.
Yuvi: But how is it possible? Isn’t it common for senior citizens, Kunj is an adult.
Mahi: Yes it is. But this is a very rare case.
Yuvi: And I hit him for no reason.
Yuvraj feels bad.

Scene 3: Kunj’s Residence
Kunj’s parents are also here, so they live in a rented apartment for 2-3 days instead of hotel. Kunj brings Twinkle.
Kunj: Twinkle I know you are busy for work, sorry for bringing you here.
Twinkle: Okay that’s fine but why have you brought me here?
Kunj: To introduce you to my parents and talk about our alliance.
Twinkle looks on.
Kunj: Dont worry, this will not affect your career. You still have time. I wont force you.
Twinkle: What are you saying, Kunj? I am always ready and you know that very well.
Kunj smiles.
Twinkle: If needed to leave my medical career, I am fine with that.
Kunj: No. Never think of breaking your dreams. Your dreams is my dreams and they are important to me too.
Twinkle: (in her mind) You are so nice Kunj. Sometimes I feel I should tell you about your disease, but I know that wont go well, and I can’t see you depressed.
Kunj holds Twinkle’s hand.
Kunj: Let’s go.

Kunj and Twinkle comes to the apartment.
Jai: Kunj? Twinkle?
Kunj: Yes Bhaia, today I have decided I will talk to mom and dad about mine and Twinkle’s alliance.
Jai: That’s amazing. I am happy for you both.
Kunj: By the way, where are they?
Jai: They went out for a while.
Kunj: Okay Twinkle you stay here. I will be right back. I need to buy something.
Twinkle: Should I come with you?
Kunj: It’s okay. It’s nearby only.
Twinkle: Be careful.
Kunj: No need to worry.
Kunj leaves.
Twinkle: He shouldn’t have gone by himself. I am afraid what if he forgets everything again. I should have go with him.
Jai: Twinkle thank you so much.
Twinkle: Thank you for what.
Jai: For taking care of my brother Kunj. And also accepting his love even after knowing his disease.
Twinkle: Jai Bhaia, not only he loves me, I love him too. And I will always be there for him.
Jai smiles.
Jai: Really you both are made for each other,
Twinkle: I am ready to do anything for my Kunj. This is nothing.
Jai: Really? You are the perfect girl for Kunj.
Twinkle: Does uncle, aunty knows about this?
Jai: No, I haven’t tell them. I dont dare to tell them.

Later, Kunj’s parents Usha and Manohar come.
Usha: Jai, where is Kunj?
Jai: He have went there for some work.
Usha sees Twinkle.
Usha: Who is this?
Jai: Kunj’s doctor and his friend also. Actually
Usha: Oh so she is the one who have taking care of my son?
Jai nods.
Usha comes and asks Twinkle.
Usha: What is your name beta?
Twinkle: Twinkle Taneja.
Usha: Beta, thank you so much for giving treatment to my son. It really means a lot. I will always remember. Do tell me if there is anything I can do for you?
Twinkle: I just need your blessings and that’s it.
Twinkle takes blessings from Usha and Usha blesses here.
Usha: You live here in overseas and you still have the culture? I am really proud of girls like you.
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: My mom taught me all this.
Usha: Is it? Where is she? I would love to meet her.
Twinkle: She passed away.
Usha: Oh beta. Don’t worry I am also like your mother.
Twinkle smiles.

Usha and Twinkle talks to each other.
Twinkle: (in her mind) It’s been long since Kunj is out. Where is he? I hope everything is fine.
Jai: Mom, I wanted to say that.
Usha: Where is Kunj? I am quite worried.
Twinkle: Yes, where is he?
Later Kunj comes.
Kunj: Maa, I am here.
Usha smiles and hugs Kunj. Twinkle smiles seeing this.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Finally Kunj is here.

Usha: Kunj good you came right on time I was speaking to your doctor.
Kunj: Twinkle?
Twinkle looks at Kunj.
Kunj: What are you doing here?
Twinkle is surprised.
Twinkle: But you brought me here?
Kunj: No I didn’t infact I just came here.
Usha and Manohar are confused.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Oh no I think he is again in
Jai: Kunj, you yourself brought her here.
Kunj: No I didn’t
Jai: Kunj?
Twinkle gestures Jai not to say anything and Jai understands what Twinkle meant.
Kunj: Twinkle by the way, why are you here?
Twinkle: I have come to give some prescriptions of your medicine. I have passed Jai bhaia the paper, I should take your leave now.
Twinkle leaves and is teary-eyed.
Jai: I drop her home.
Jai leaves.

Scene 4: Outside
Twinkle is crying.
Jai: Twinkle why you didn’t tell mom and dad?
Twinkle: How could I? Kunj was here, and I didn’t have the guts to say that Kunj was suffering from alzimers.
Twinkle cries.
Jai: I know, but still.
Twinkle: If Kunj listens to this, there will be big problem. I should take your leave now.
Twinkle leaves.
Jai goes and he is shocked to see his parents behind.

Scene 5: Apartment
Usha: Is it true that Kunj is suffering from alzimers?
Jai: Yes mom it is true.
Usha cries.
Manohar: How is this possible?
Jai: Even I didn’t believe until I saw all the reports and the symptoms.
Usha: Thats why he tends to forget things without any reason.
Manohar: I always scold him.
Manohar gets emotional.
Jai: Mom dad, now its not the time and we must make sure Kunj doesn’t get to know about it at any cost.
Usha: Yes.

Days passed by. Kunj was again in other world, and he still assumed Twinkle just as his friend and doctor. Twinkle waited Kunj to recover so that he could speak about their marriage to his parents. Until the day come, Kunj was about to leave Singapore and go to India.

Scene 5: Twinkle’s Residence
Twinkle sadly stares at the window and looks at the star.
Twinkle: Today is the day Kunj is suppose to leave India. And he still doesn’t remembers about me? Looks like we were never destined to be together.
Later someone comes and pats her. It’s Mahi.
Mahi: Dii?
Twinkle: Mahi?
Mahi: Dii, I know you are thinking about Kunj.
Twinkle looks on.
Mahi: Why dont you tell him the truth?
Twinkle: No Mahi, I can’t. I just can’t see my Kunj like this.
Mahi: Dii, he is leaving today. One day he will anyways know. Before he is hurt just tell him.
Twinkle: No, its okay. We are not destined to be together that’s it.
Just then a guy comes and its Yuvraj.
Yuvi: Twinkle, go and tell him the truth.
Twinkle: No Yuvi I cant.
Yuvi: If not the truth then tell him how much you love him. Maybe he may agree?
Twinkle gets thinking, but hesitant .

Twinkle: No that wont be good.
Yuvi: Look Twinkle, I know I have no rights to interfere. But if today he leaves, then you will never ever meet him and you may feel very guilty.
Twinkle looks on.
Yuvi: Already due to Kunj’s lie yours and his 5 years are wasted now dont waste more due to your lie Twinkle. I know I was the one who encouraged him, but now I feel if I dont do this, I may regret. Twinkle there is still time. If you truly love him go and tell him.
Twinkle gets on thinking. Later, she gets a call and becomes shocked. Twinkle runs from the place.

Scene 6: Airport
Twinkle comes to the airport to find Kunj.
Twinkle: Kunj!
Twinkle runs around and tries to find Kunj. Just then Twinkle sees Kunj’s parents and smiles. Twinkle runs to them.
Usha: Twinkle! What are you doing here?
Twinkle: I will say all that later, but where is Kunj?
Usha: Kunj?
Twinkle: Yes Kunj?
Usha: But he said he have gone to meet you.
Twinkle: What!
Jai: Yes, he went to the hospital because I myself dropped him there.
Wait let me call him.
Twinkle: Jai Bhaia, it’s my request please don’t call him. Please.
Jai: Why?
Twinkle: That I can’t say now.
Twinkle runs.
Usha: Twinkle beta, listen.

Scene 7: On the Road
Twinkle is on the taxi, and looking for Kunj what if she sees him.
Tuna Jane Aas Paas Hain Khuda from Anjaana Anjaani plays.
Twinkle: Kunj, where are you? Where is my Kunj?
Suddenly Twinkle sees Kunj on another taxi, and she tells the taxi driver to stop. She pays the driver and runs. Kunj’s taxi passes by.
Twinkle runs and follows behind Kunj’s taxi. Kunj sees Twinkle from behind and gets shocked. Kunj gets up from the car and also pays the taxi driver. Kunj runs to Twinkle and saves her as another car was approaching towards her.
Kunj: Twinkle?
Twinkle: Kunj!
Twinkle hugs Kunj and cries. Saajna plays. They break hug.
Kunj: What happened Twinkle, what are you doing here?
Twinkle: Kunj? Kunj? Kunj?
Kunj: Twinkle say what happened?
Twinkle: Kunj, I love you!
Kunj is surprised.
Twinkle: I couldn’t keep it to myself anymore. I had to tell you the truth.
Kunj walks behind.
Twinkle: Kunj, I know you have always considered as a friend and I love you, and you also love me.
Kunj: Enough! Twinkle I didn’t expect this from you.
Twinkle: I know this maybe shocking for you. But this is true.
Kunj: No!
Twinkle: Kunj, just listen to me once, please.
Kunj: I don’t love any girl named Twinkle is that clear!
Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle: But Kunj?
Kunj: Look Siyappa Queen, if you take one more step forward I will just jump from the cliff.
Twinkle: No!
Kunj: Yes
Twinkle: Okay fine Kunj relax. I am leaving. Should I drop you at the airport?
Kunj: No thank you.
Twinkle: Stay happy Kunj.
Twinkle gets teary-eyed as she remembers how harshly Kunj just behaved with her Kunj also walks in opposite direction. And while wiping her tears, she remembers something and she runs to Kunj. She pats Kunj.
Kunj: Twinkle, you?
Twinkle gives Kunj a tight slap. Kunj is shocked as he puts his hand on his cheeks.
Kunj: Twinkle!
Twinkle holds Kunj’s collar. Kunj is stunned.
Twinkle: What do you think of yourself?
Kunj: Twinkle, what are you trying to say?
Twinkle: That you will lie to me, again?
Kunj: When did I lie to you?
Twinkle: You thought what I won’t know Kunj Sarna?
Kunj: I am not getting you, what’s your problem? What do you want? Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: Siyappa Queen!
Kunj is surprised and he tries to change the topic.
Twinkle: I never told you about Siyappa Queen. Then how do you know?
Kunj: Actually, actually.
Twinkle makes Kunj swear on her.
Twinkle: You have to swear on me that you only know me as a friend.
Kunj removes his hand.
Kunj: Yes, I admit that I lied Twinkle. And I know our story very well.
Twinkle is teary-eyed.
Twinkle: But why?
Kunj gets angry and furious.
Kunj: Because I know I am suffering from alzimers.
Twinkle is shocked.

Kunj gets into flashback,
Twinkle: Thank you for what.
Jai: For taking care of my brother Kunj. And also accepting his love even after knowing his disease.
Twinkle: Jai Bhaia, not only he loves me, I love him too. And I will always be there for him.
Kunj: Me? What happened to me? What am I suffering from?
Kunj gets thinking and he decides to go to the hospital and find out. And he finds Jaya.
Kunj: Tell me what happened to me.
Jaya: Kunj?
Kunj: Dr.Jaya please it’s important for me to know.
Jaya: Relax.
Kunj: No I won’t until and unless I dont know what am I suffering from.
Jaya gives him the report.
Kunj: Alzimers?
Kunj breaks down.
Jaya: It’s not so serious Kunj.
Kunj: Is there any treatment for this?
Jaya: No.
Kunj: That’s why I remained clueless at times what happened with me in the last few days.
Jaya hands him a diary.
Jaya: That’s the only way I can help.
Kunj sees the diary.
Kunj: Anyone else read this? Besides you?
Jaya: Twinkle!
Kunj is shocked.
Kunj walks and thinks.
Kunj: (in his mind) Twinkle got to know everything about me regarding this diary and she stayed silent despite knowing my disease.
Kunj sees Yuvraj and Mahi speaking with each other,
Where Yuvi tells how he saw Kunj ignoring Twinkle five years back and how Twinkle left the place. Kunj feels super bad.

Kunj is outside walking and breaks down.
Kunj: I am suffering from a big disease which have no cure and Twinkle she still loves me even after that?
Kunj wipes his tears.
Kunj: No! I can’t let my Twinkle suffer due to this. I have to act as if I dont know her much and she will think it’s due to the disease. I will leave India soon, and gradually she will forget me and move on.
Kunj goes and acts.
Kunj gets out of the flashback,
Kunj: I did all this so that you leave me, but you got to know everything.
Twinkle: And you thought if you leave I will forget you and move on.
Kunj: If you could do that five years ago why not now?
Twinkle: That was due to a misunderstanding Kunj.
Kunj: But at least you were happy. Now you won’t be able to be happy because of me.
Twinkle: Who said?

Kunj: I know. How can I keep you happy even after my disease? I tell you. You just forget me and move on.
Twinkle: So easily you said forget you and move on.
Kunj looks on.
Twinkle: Do you have any idea, the last five years how much I suffered? It seemed I move on, but I was dying from inside.
Twinkle hugs Kunj and cries.
Kunj: Twinkle, no you still have time. Let me go. My mom, dad and siblings are there for me. You move on.
Twinkle: No!
Kunj brings Twinkle close.
Kunj: Twinkle look at me.
Twinkle looks.
Kunj: I can’t see you in pain. I really love you a lot.
Twinkle: I dont love you? I can’t live without you.
Kunj: Please Twinkle, why don’t you just leave me alone?
Twinkle to stop Kunj kisses Kunj. They share a kiss. Kunj is stunned.
Later they get out and they stare at each other.
Twinkle: I am sorry Kunj, I had to do so.
Kunj: Twinkle?
Twinkle: Kunj, please don’t leave me, if you truly loved me.
Kunj: But?
Twinkle: I love you, Kunj please don’t leave me.
Twinkle breaks down and falls on the ground. Kunj makes her get up.
Kunj: I did that for you only. I love you too.
Twinkle: Please don’t leave me again. I don’t have the guts to lose you this time.
Twinkle and Kunj hug each other.

Scene 8: Event
After a few years,
A lady is shown and she is Twinkle.
Twinkle: It have been 6 years since Twinkle and Kunj got separated.
Just then a little girl comes,
Girl: Maa!
Twinkle: Sidmin!
The girl hugs Twinkle.
Sidmin: Mom, where were you? I was finding you?
Sidmin was none other than Twinkle’s daughter. Twinkle carries Sidmin.

Sidmin: Mom where is dad! He won’t come today? Today is my birthday.
Twinkle: Beta, try to understand your dad have went to a place where it is hard for him to come.
Sidmin: No this is not fair! I want to meet dad right now!
Twinkle: Sidmin, don’t be stubborn.
Just then a guy comes,
Guy: How can dad not come in Sidmin’s birthday?
Twinkle and Sidmin looks
Sidmin: Papa!
And the guy is none other than Kunj. Sidmin hugs Kunj.
Twinkle: Kunj?
Kunj: Happy Birthday Sidmin!
Sidmin: Thank you, but I am angry.
Kunj: Sorry princess, dad was late as dad had some work in India. And mom also have her hospital work here also that’s why.
Sidmin: At least you came.
Kunj: Your friends must be waiting right?
Sidmin: Oh yes.
Sidmin goes.

Twinkle: Kunj, you and here?
Kunj: Yes.
Twinkle: I thought you.
Kunj: Twinkle, 6 years ago Twinkle and Kunj got separated but Siyappa Queen and Sadu Sarna got united.
Twinkle: Sadu Sarna! Good you remember what is today, if not your daughter would have driven me crazy she is just Sadu like you.
Kunj: Hey our daughter and she is also full of Siyappa like you.
Twinkle gets surprised and later Twinkle and Kunj share a laugh and share a hug.
Twinkle: You remembered?
Kunj: How can I not! I know about my disease but I have always tried my best.
Twinkle: That’s why my Kunj is the best.

Later, Sidmin cuts her birthday cake. All claps. Twinkle and Kunj blow the candles along with Sidmin.
Later, Sidmin feeds cake to Twinkle and Kunj. Twinkle and Kunj smile looking at each other remembering about their story and smiles. Saajna plays.
The end

I am sorry for ending this fan fiction but it was for finite episodes and also I will be out from 31st August and would have been more difficult to post. I hope you all liked the story and well many asked my actual name. My nickname is Joyee as you most know and my formal name is Farin. You can call me Joyee , Farin or Fatarajo or Jo whatever you want. And special thank you to you all for waiting for my fan fiction patiently. You all are amazing. Will miss you all a lot. And will definitely write once I get a new story but maybe a combo of another show.
And all readers and silent readers, this is the last episode. So one comment toh banta hain at least one, at least I can get to know how many of you read and liked my fan fiction. So would love to say please please please comment even if is bad, is last episode na. Pleaseeeeee.

And please do feel free to express your opinions and drop your comments. Criticism is open. Thank you 

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey chiku thanks for commenting happy u liked it
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      well i posted the remaining part in the comment
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      and sorry for making it confusing
      u can check in the comment box
      hope this clears your confusion 😛

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      Hey aamu thanks for commenting
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      and yes I already dropped in the comment box u can check sorry for making it confusing 😛
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    (Actually Kunj forgot that he has a family due to alzimers. Like he tends to forget things at times)
    Twinkle: You know I was so worried You will forget Sidmin’a birthday?
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    Twinkle: I am so sorry, Kunj this time I couldn’t be with you.
    Kunj: it’s okay i understand and Mom is there for me. And it is important we follow our passion.
    Twinkle: But how about You Kunj?
    Kunj: Nothing wIll happen after all my Wife is a doctor and is there to remind me of things.
    Twinkle smiles.
    And then , just then a guy and lady comes and says
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    Lady: Yes, even after distant marriage Mr and Mrs Sarna love each other a lot
    Twinkle and Kunj looks at each other. And smiles
    Later someone calls them and leaves.
    Just then sidmin comes,
    Sidmin: I got such wonderful gifts. Thank u Mom and dad for the party.
    Sidmin hugs her Mom and dad
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      Hey romisha thanks for commenting
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      Hey sujina thanks for commenting happy u liked it 🙂
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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey fan thanks for commenting
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      Hey ria thanks for commenting
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      Hey shatakshi thanks for commenting happy u liked it
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