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Hi all. I am back with the first episode of the intense story of our love. Thanks for all the lovely support you all gave me in the introduction part, I hope you all will continue to support me like this. By any chance, if you didn’t read the introduction here is the link:

Here is episode 1.
(I am from Singapore that’s why I used Singapore in my fan fiction :P)
The episode begins with a guy being shown sad as he looks at a portrait and have tears on his eye.
Guy: (in his mind) Where are you my love? Where have you been?
Why did you leave me?
The guy who was questioning by looking at the picture was none other than Kunj.
Kunj: You do not have any idea, how much I love you Twinkle, and even today I love you a lot.
The picture was of none other than Twinkle.
Kunj is crying while hugging the picture, and Kunj’s elder brother, Jaidev sees this and he gets sad.
Jai: Since that day, I could see there was always something missing in his face. I have always being rude with him, I feel so bad. I want the old Kunj back.
Jaidev is talking to Dr.Jaya, and tells her about Kunj as they both see Kunj sad.
Jaya: Have something happened in the past which made him like this?
Jai: He lost someone he loved a lot, and since then he is like this. I can’t see my brother like this please do something.
Jaya: Don’t worry I will talk to him.
Jai: Thanks.
Jaidev leaves and Jaya talks to Kunj.
Jaya: Hi, you are Mr. Kunj Sarna right?
Kunj: Yes, is there something you want to say?
Jaya: Hi. I am Dr.Jaya Singh, nice to meet you.
Kunj and Jaya handshakes, and sees the portrait in his hand.
Jaya: What is this?
Kunj: No, no nothing.
Jaya: Show me, please.
Jaya is about to see the picture.
Kunj: No, I won’t let anyone see this picture.
Kunj takes the picture and leaves from there.
Jaya: Kunj, listen?
As Jaya was about to go, she finds a diary.
Jaya: What is this?
She starts reading it.

Diary: This story is about my life, the life of Kunj Sarna. I never expected I will be writing this diary like this, but this is from my bottom of my heart. This is the story of me and my love. My love is my life.


Scene 2: Taneja Residence
Here a lady, Leela is shown is waking up a girl.
Leela: Hey wake up, you are getting late for college.
The girl wakes up who is Mahi.
Mahi: What mom! I saw a beautiful dream just now and you woke me up.
Leela: Let me how many dreams you can see once you get punished by your teacher.
Mahi: Let me sleep na mom,
Leela: You will never change. By the way, where is Twinkle?
Mahi: She must be somewhere, let me sleep.
Mahi again falls asleep.
Leela: This girl will never change.
Leela starts searching for Twinkle,
Leela: Twinkle! Twinkle!
Leela finds Twinkle in a garden,
Leela: See, you were here and I was finding you everywhere.
Twinkle looks behind and she smiles as she is watering the plants.
Twinkle: Mom, I was just watering the plants.
Leela: That is okay, but aren’t you getting late for classes.
Twinkle: Mom, you forgot today our lesson will start late,
Leela: See, I am very forgetful. Now come with me.
Twinkle: Where?
Leela: To help me in cooking and what else?
Twinkle’s expression changes.
Twinkle: What! Cooking.
Leela: Yes, cooking.
Twinkle: First let me water the plants.
Twinkle continues watering the plants and Leela closes the water hose and pulls her hand and brings her to the kitchen.
Twinkle: Mom?

Later, Leela is cooking and orders Twinkle.
Leela: Twinkle, cut the vegetables,
Twinkle slowly cut the vegetables,
Leela: Why are you working like a tortoise, work like a cheetah.
Twinkle with dissatisfaction does the work, and she sees Mahi talking on the phone.
Mahi: Yaar, be it lesson start early or late, mom never fails me to wake up early. She broke my beautiful dream even today.
Twinkle sees Mahi and smiles,
Twinkle: Oh, my friend messaged me.
Twinkle pretends to see the message and pretends to be shocked.
Leela: What happened?
Twinkle: Let me talk to her.
Twinkle pretends talking on phone.
Twinkle: What? Lesson will start as per normal today.
Twinkle keeps the phone.
Twinkle: Mom, the lesson will start early today I have to go now we are getting late.
Twinkle quickly goes as Mahi is walking,
Twinkle: Mahi, lesson will actually start as per normal lets go we are getting late.
Mahi: But dii, just now I
Twinkle: We have no time.
Twinkle holds Mahi’s hand and they both leave.
Leela: Areh listen Twinkle, Mahi?
Leela looks at the vegetables,
Leela: Looks like even today I have to do all the work.

Scene 3: Sarna Residence
Here there is some business meeting going on.
Manohar: I am happy that you all took some valuable time and came to our house for lunch.
Businessman: Well Mr. Sarna it is very nice meeting you.
Manohar introduces his family to the businessman. Manohar is about to introduce Kunj to the businessman.
Businessman: Where is your younger son, Kunj? I heard that besides you and your elder son, your younger son also have a role to play in his business and he also studies at the same time. I would love to meet him.
Manohar: Aliya, where is Kunj? Bring him here.
Aliya: Okay sure dad.
Aliya goes to Kunj’s room and doesn’t find him there, she gets surprised and later she looks everywhere and she finally finds Kunj.
Aliya: Oh so you are here, we all were finding you like crazy and you are here fixing the computer,
A guy is fixing the computer, and he smiles and he looks and he is none other than Kunj with glasses.
Aliya: Come with me, Bhaia you can do this later na.
Kunj: Chotti, let me fix this computer first then I will come.
Aliya: Oho Bhaia.
Kunj finishes his computer, and he opens his glasses and keeps them.
Aliya: Actually that businessman was asking about you.
Kunj: What? You should have told me earlier na.
Aliya: Okay fine, I am waiting.
Kunj quickly changes to formal and he comes downstairs.
Manohar: He must be coming down now,
Businessman: Here he is.
Kunj comes.
Kunj: Hello, I am Mr. Kunj Sarna nice to meet you sir.
The businessman and Kunj handshakes.
Businessman: Kunj Sarna, I have heard about you.
Kunj: I am sorry sir for being late.
Businessman: It’s okay, for now I leave and thanks for the wonderful lunch and Mr. Sarna I accept your deal.
Manohar and others gets happy.
Manohar: Thanks sir, would have been happier if you were here for longer time.
Businessman: I have some work that’s why I couldn’t.
Jai: Do come here again next time.
Businessman: Sure.
The businessman leaves and Manohar starts scolding Kunj.
Manohar: Why were you late?
Kunj: Dad, actually actually
Aliya: Let it be dad, at least he finally came.
Jai: Kunj, be careful next time, we would have lost a business deal now.
Kunj: I am sorry.
Later, Kunj sees the time,
Kunj: Dad I take your leave now and I am getting late for classes now.
Manohar: But Kunj?
Kunj: Don’t worry dad, all will be done by tonight.
Kunj is about to leave,
Aliya: Bhaia do bring my cycle today, its suppose to come today.
Kunj: Okay sure Chotti.
Kunj leaves.

Scene 4: ON THE ROAD
Here Twinkle and Mahi are walking as they are on their way to their college.
Mahi: Dii, our lesson will begin late today not as per normal who told you?
Twinkle: I know that very well.
Mahi: Then you told mom that
Twinkle: What else I could do I didn’t want to cook.
Mahi: You lied to mom?
Twinkle nods.
Mahi: If mom gets to know then you are dead.
Twinkle: What to do? I don’t want to cook. You know cooking is worse like a horror movie. Peeling Potato looks like Annabelle to me, and Cutting Onion looks like Conjuring.
Mahi: Oho dii
Twinkle: And the whistle of the pressure cooker, uff worse than the noise of the alarm clock.
Twinkle uses her hand and covers her ears.
Mahi: With alarm clock, I remember but this is not fair na, despite lesson starting late we are still going early? Not fair.
Twinkle: You said na, that mom wakes us up early so no use.
Mahi: That is also right.
Twinkle: Let’s get going.
Twinkle and Mahi are walking and they see some kids sitting down.
Twinkle: Aww so cute.
Twinkle sees it’s an orphanage and she feels bad.
Twinkle: Strange these kids don’t have anyone in their life, this is not fair.
Mahi: May their parents’ soul rest in peace. They look so gloomy.
Twinkle: Idea!
Mahi: Idea for?
Twinkle: To bring a smile in their face.
Mahi: Dii?
Twinkle: You can go college early, you need to meet your friend right?
Mahi leaves for college and Twinkle goes to the orphanage, and goes to the kids.

Scene 5: Outside the Orphanage
Twinkle: What’s your name?
Kid 1: Kuhu!
Kid 2: Ravi!
All the kids introduce themselves and they get happy.
Twinkle: Well my name is Twinkle. Do you want to be my friend?
Kuhu: Yes.
Kuhu and the other kids handshake with Twinkle.
Twinkle: Let’s play a game.
Ravi: What game?
Kuhu: Catch! Catch! Twinkle: Okay.

Just then Kunj is in his car, and he is wearing sunglasses.
Kunj: Driver go to the vendor shop first then I will collect Chotti’s cycle and then we will go to college.
Driver: Okay sir.
Later, there is traffic jam.
Kunj: What happened?
Driver: Traffic jam, sir.
Kunj waits and he looks around. And he looks at one side.

Kuhu blindfolds Twinkle and Twinkle tries to catch all the kids. The kids move and Twinkle goes left and right.
Kunj takes out his sunglass and he smiles seeing this. Music plays.
The kids roam around Twinkle and Twinkle finally catches a kid, she opens her blindfold, Kunj gets lost seeing Twinkle’s beauty and love. Twinkle carries Ravi in her arm and spins around. Kunj starts smiling even more seeing this and later the traffic gets over and the car leaves.

Twinkle is playing with the kids and she gets a phone call.
Twinkle: Hello?
Mahi: Where are you dii? Did you see the time?
Twinkle sees the time and gets surprised.
Twinkle: Oh no I am getting late.
Twinkle keeps the phone.
Twinkle: Kids, I have to leave now.
Kuhu: Stay here for longer time na, please didi.
Twinkle: Kids, like you all have school I also have school if I get late teacher will scold me.
Ravi: Then promise us you will come again.
Twinkle: I promise.
Twinkle leaves.

Scene 6: On the Road
Twinkle is walking and she is worried.
Twinkle: Oh no I am getting late for real now, and there is no auto also. What to do?
Twinkle tries to take auto, but the auto doesn’t stop.
Twinkle: What to do?
Kunj, on the other hand is paying the vendor,
Kunj: I wonder why Aliya loved this cycle a lot she didn’t find any other cycle? What is so special about it?
Vendor: Sir, this cycle is very special. Brand new in market.
Kunj: Okay, okay take the money.
Kunj pays the money and he takes the cycle, and he calls the driver,
Kunj: Hello driver come and help me to take the cycle in the car.
Kunj is talking on phone,

Twinkle: I need to get to college at time.
Twinkle sees the same cycle which Kunj brought for Aliya and smiles,
Twinkle: Idea!
Twinkle quickly runs and she sees no one around and she rides on the cycle.

Just then the driver come,
Kunj: Where were you?
Driver sees Twinkle stealing the cycle,
Driver: Sir, that girl is stealing the cycle.
Twinkle quickly rides the cycle,
Kunj: Excuse me, a random person took away cycle from your place and you are sitting here.
Vendor: What sir, now the cycle is yours nothing to do with me.
Kunj gets angry,
Kunj: If I don’t get this cycle, Chotti will kill me.
Kunj: Wait! Kunj chases Twinkle who is riding the cycle, and he starts running and running, just then Twinkle looks behind, Kunj is again lost in her, music plays and he stops. He lovingly stares at Twinkle. Twinkle smiles and she holds her ears, and she rides again as the cycle was about to stumble, and she leaves. Kunj smiles seeing her. The episode ends.

Precap: Twinkle and Kunj collide with each other and they are shocked to see each other in the college. Kunj says so you were the one who stole my cycle, you thief! Twinkle gets shocked and gets angry.
Well, I hope you all loved the first episode. Sorry no much of Twinj scenes as first half was used for the intro of the characters but I hope you all liked it overall as there was Twinj parts too. Don’t worry from episode 2 there will be more Twinj scenes but please don’t stop reading my fan fiction. And I am sure you will love it more.

The next episode will be published on next Sunday, 26th June.

Please do comment and feel free to express your opinions. Thank you (

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      Hey zikra thanks for commenting happy u liked the episode dear and sorry must wait for next week as following week i have tests so i may not be able to update b4 sunday

  2. Aastha

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    Now, back to the episode it was amazing. I really loved it. Especially the way Twinkle escaped from cooking food was a superb idea. I’ll be looking forward for the next episode.

    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey ria its okay I understand I was also very busy despite having holidays this week it was not even a holiday for me mon-wed i had competition fri i had to do my project so i used my thurs and sat to write all my ffs and happy u liked the cooking part 😛 and yes next episode will be published next week

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    1. RANdomfANCreationz

      Hey shatakshi thanks for commenting happy u liked it oh i m so sorry if i made u confused in season 1 well i did provide summary in every 5 epi maybe u didnt read it its okay and i will try to find link for season 1 then next episode will provide the link and hope u can read epi 1 if u want too in my last epi all the epi links r given even summary too and no yaar i was not much into writing but i loved to think a lot so i didnt mind writing essay in english (only thing i liked in english is essay and oral) during my long holiday after my school life ended i had 6 months holiday that time i decided to write but i didnt know i will get passionate about writing all thanks to the lovely comments i receive from alll of u

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      hey princess first of all thanks for commenting and happy u like my ffs a lot dear and whether u r twi

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