Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love (Introduction)


Hi. This my ff on the show Tashan-E-Ishq and each episode of this ff will be published on every Wednesday and Sunday in January.

Show introduction:
Twinkle Taneja(Jasmin Bhasin)is a typically adorable Punjabi Kudi and a drama queen! Her love story is set against the vibrant backdrop of upscale, upwardly mobile Punjab where her mother, Leela Taneja(Vaishnavi Mahant)and her love interest Yuvraj Luthra’s(Zain Imam)’s mother, Anita Luthra(Eva Grover) have scores to settle both personally and professionally. will Twinkle’s love endure the complications presented by her mother being at loggerheads with Yuvraj’s?

The show continues on how Yuvraj is playing with Twinkle’s feelings and do not love Twinkle and doing it for his mom, Anita. Somehow, a proposal comes for Twinkle and the guy is Kunj. In midst of all Twinkle-Kunj marriage, twinkle comes to know about Yuvi’s truth, Yuvi continues to threat Twinkle, and finally Twinkle-Kunj gets married. Now Twinkle-Kunj hate love story is shown in the show, and how Yuvi tries to create problems for them. Currently the track shows how Yuvi gets exposed when he forces twinkle to marry him.

My ff will continue from where Kunj saves Twinkle from getting married to Yuvi.

Character Introduction-
Twinkle Kunj Sarna(Jasmin Bhasin)-
wife of Kunj and ex- gf of Yuvi, she is bubbly, funny, drama queen, naggy, good hearted

Kunj Sarna (Siddhant Gupta)-
Husband of Twinkle , he is smart, handsome, talented , serious, funny also and good hearted

Yuvraj Luthra(Zain Imam)- He is the lead and villian at the same time. Ex bf of Twinkle, carefree, possessive , influenced, stubborn, flirt

Anita Luthra(Eva Grover)-
Mother of Yuvraj and She is one of reasons behind all problems of Twinkle.she hates Leela to the core and using Twinkle for it. She actually likes Twinkle not Leela. She is greedy, selfish , possessive but loves her son and step-son a lot and also soft corner for her husband

Cherry Sarna(Raj Singh)-
He has problems with Kunj and his family and creates problems for them. He blindly follows Anita and his dad. But he hates Yuvi a lot He is a flirt, influenced and a follower.

Surjeet Sarna(Nasirr Khan)-
Kunj’s uncle ,He has problems with his brother which is why he creates problems for them . He love his son and wife a lot. He also likes Yuvi. He is greedy, selfish and always wants to be the best

Supporting Characters
Leela Taneja(Vaishnavi Mahant)-
She is the mother of Twinkle and has brought her up single-handed. She is always supporting Twinkle and didn’t get angry when she came to know about twinkle-Yuvi’s affair but was hurt. Her aim is to give Twinkle happiness and also clear her problems with Anita. She is good-hearted .

Usha Manohar Sarna(Deepika Amin)-
Kunj’s mom here she is positive but she pretends to taunt Twinkle, she actually likes Twinkle a lot and is strict purposely, so that she doesn’t get in trouble.

Manohar Sarna(Bobby Parvez)-
Kunj’s father is also positive here and always supports Twinkle but he hates his brother a lot.

Babe(Tanushree Kaushal)-
Babe is the kind-hearted aunt of Kunj and Cherry. She always supports Twinkle. She is good hearted, honest , understanding and helpful.

Bubbly Taneja-
Bubbly is the daughter of Raman, and cousin of Twinkle. She’s sweet and cute and always wants someone like Kunj to be her partner. (No pinni character here)

Raman Taneja (Ashwin Kaushal)-
Uncle of Twinkle and brother of Leela, he always supports Twinkle and helps Leela a lot. He loves his daughter a lot .

Characters to be continued(that were discontinued or not shown in the show anymore)
Alisha(Sonica D’Souza) the ex lover of Kunj and here she will be positive she won’t love Kunj anymore but will fall for Yuvi.

New Characters
Aliya- she will be Kunj’s younger sister and also Twinkle’s good friend and always do things to bring Twinkle-Kunj closer. She is romantic and cute.
U can assume Kanchi Singh as Aliya who was last seen as Avni in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya

These are the characters for Tashan-e-Ishq- Intense Love ff I have made some changes to the character and some of the characters will be shown after some episodes
And if needed more characters maybe introduced but. The minimum episode of this ff is 6 episodes. And the fate of this ff will depend on ur comments so comment as much as u can 🙂

This is the precap for episode 1:
Yuvi is forcing Twinkle to take rounds with him to get married. As Yuvi starts taking round, Kunj with injuired head comes and tells Yuvi to stop.

Do check out the first episode of Tashan-e-Ishq- Intense Love on this Wednesday, 13th January, night
By any chance, if this ff gets cancelled I will inform u beforehand on TEI episode update or on this page.

And please feel free to express ur opinions 🙂

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  2. Hey nice start love your way of starting it u r a gud writer……nd plz in your ff show that kunj has fallen for twinkle because in real serial they r just draging it has become very boring plz

  3. Please continue.

  4. that seems to be interesting nd d aliya character nice wld like u too continue wid ur ff

  5. Make kunj fall for twinkle not twinkle falling for kunj
    Because in the serial twinkle is falling for kunj I think

  6. Waiting 4 ur episode

  7. Hii randomfan, wlcm to TEI family…. Another born writer is here…..plzz make twinj fall for each other…..plzz upload nxt epi soon …!!!! 🙂

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