Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love (Episode 7)

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Here Twinkle is surprised as she opens the door.
Twinkle: Kunj?
Here Kunj has decorated the entire room and arranged a date for Twinkle.
Twinkle: It is so beautiful.
Kunj: Come with me, my love.
Kunj forwards his hand to Twinkle. Twinkle gives him her hand. Kunj makes Twinkle sit and also he sits. Kunj gives Twinkle a rose. Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: I didn’t know that you are so romantic.
Kunj serves Twinkle food and then they both dine together. As they were about to eat,
Twinkle: I hope the food has not being made like that.
Kunj: No, no don’t worry, today I have ordered food. I am not crazy that I will undergo that trauma again.

Twinkle laughs.
Kunj: It’s not funny, Siyappa Queen I did this for you.
Twinkle: Sorry, sorry
Kunj: You know how much I had to go through just to confess love to you.
Twinkle: I know.
Kunj: No, you don’t.
Twinkle: Okay, tell me.
Kunj: I wanted to confess my love, for many days and finally yesterday I did.
Twinkle: Oh really?
Kunj: Yes. You don’t know how much problems I faced.
Twinkle: Problems?
Kunj: Whenever I was going to confess my love for you, somehow I couldn’t as there was always something coming in between. You know me, Kunj Sarna even wrote a letter for you.
Twinkle: Yes, I know how much you love me in that letter. You even made me a joker for that. I didn’t forget it.
Twinkle gets angry.
Kunj: That time, you were laughing a lot, now what happened?
Twinkle: Nothing happened.
Kunj: I didn’t even write that letter, I swear.
Twinkle: What?
Kunj: I wrote some other letter, I dont know how the letter got swapped.
Twinkle: Kunj tell me what you wrote in that letter? Please
Kunj: How will I remember?
Twinkle gets sad.

Kunj comes to Twinkle.
Kunj: You are just like your name always shining and smiling. I have always fought wjth you. I don’t know what made me fell in love with you, but now I know, It’s your Siyappa. You are my Siyappa Queen, Kunj Sarna’s Siyappa Queen only and no one else’s. Our love had lots of fights but there is also love. I would name our love Tashan-e-Ishq.
Twinkle was angry and then she gets touched by those words and hugs Kunj. Saajna plays.
Twinkle: I LOVE YOU TOO.
Kunj: Would you love to dance with me?
He forwards his hand and dances with Twinkle. He switches on the music. They dance on the song Jeena Jeena from Badlapur. They share some romantic and cosy moments. And they kiss each other.
And then the music ends.
Twinkle: I wish this moment always stay like this.
Kunj hugs Twinkle and lifts her.
Twinkle: Promise me, you will never leave me.
Kunj: Promise.

Twinkle: I love you a lot.
Kunj: I love you too.
Kunj carries Twinkle to the bed and switches off the lights. They bring their relationship to the next level.

Twinkle and Kunj are sleeping in each others arms. Twinkle wakes up and smiles remembering about what happened between them last night. Twinkle is about to wake Kunj up.
Twinkle: You look so cute when you are sleeping. I don’t feel like disturbing you.
Twinkle goes and comes back after having a shower. She is drying her hair with the towel and sees Kunj sleeping.
Twinkle: Kunj is still sleeping? I hope he is fine.
Twinkle comes to Kunj and checks him and Kunj brings her close to him.
Twinkle: Kunj?
Kunj: Good morning, my Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: Are you okay?
Kunj: No, I am not.

Twinkle: Why? What happened to you?
Kunj: It’s yesterday’s effect.
Twinkle feels shy.
Twinkle: Kunj leave me.
Kunj: No. No.
Twinkle sprinkles water from her hair on Kunj’s face and gets up.
Twinkle: Quickly fresh up.
Kunj pulls her closer and as they were about to kiss, just then someone knocks the door.
Babe: Twinkle and Kunj come downstairs for breakfast
Twinkle: Okay, Babe.
Twinkle looks at Kunj.
Twinkle: Now, go and get ready.
Kunj goes and Twinkle smiles.

Here Yuvraj is riding his bike.
Yuvi: (in his mind) I think I should tell Chinki the entire truth. But she is Twinkle’s friend. No use.
Just then, Yuvraj sees a guy taunting and eve-teasing a lady.
Lady: Someone please help me.
Guy: Now no one will be there to help you.
The guy throws away the lady’s dupatta.
Lady: No!
The guy comes closer to the girl, Yuvraj touches the guy’s shoulder. Yuvraj starts hitting him black and blue.
Yuvi: Now, you will think twice before touching a girl.
The man runs away.
Yuvi: Are you okay?

Lady: Thank you so much for saving me.
Yuvraj takes the dupatta and drapes it around her and as he is adjusting it, just then another girl comes and slaps him.
Yuvraj looks behind and is shocked,
Yuvraj: You?
The girl is none other than Mahi. Here Mahi is totally different from what is being shown in the show. Mahi studied in London, and she is bubbly, chirpy, talkative, brave, modern and naughty. She knows the enmity between her and Yuvraj’s family. She is exactly the same as her Sakshi character in Kalash on life ok. She hates Yuvraj even more after she came to know what he did with Twinkle . She can’t tolerate him at all. Even Yuvraj hates her a lot.
Mahi: Yes, me.
Yuvi: Mahi Taneja, right? How dare you slap me? How dare you slap Yuvraj Luthra?
Mahi: You deserve it, how dare you touch a girl?
Yuvi: No, Mahi you are misunderstanding me.
Lady: Yes, he is right. He didn’t touch me. Infact, he saved me.
Mahi: How much money he gave you? Or did he threat you? I am here. Don’t worry.
Lady: No, he didn’t do anything of that sort.
Mahi: Now you leave from here.
Lady: What?

Mahi: I said leave.
The lady leaves.
Mahi: Nowadays these girls are too much. They should understand the fact that they should raise their voice against these kinds of boys.
Yuvraj holds Mahi’s hand.
Yuvi: Excuse me, if I haven’t done anything of that sort then why will she be scared of me?
Mahi stamps Yuvraj’s foot.
Yuvi: Ouch!
Mahi: Don’t think that I am those type of girls. After what you did with my sister, I will never forget you. If you try to interfere in my sister’s life again, you will see the worst of me.
Mahi shows Yuvraj her finger and goes away.
Yuvi: This Twinkle was less that even her sister this Mahi came?
Yuvraj angrily takes his bike and leaves from there.

Here, Twinkle reaches her house and just then someone closes her eyes with her hand.
Twinkle: Who is it? Mahi?

Mahi leaves her hand,
Mahi: Yes dii.
Twinkle smiles and hugs Mahi.
Twinkle: How are you? I have got to meet you after many days.
Mahi: I am fine,
Twinkle: Wait a minute. You were supposed to come tomorrow, right?
RT: We were suppose to come tomorrow, but then the flight was preponed and Mahi told me that she wants to give you and your mom a surprise.
Twinkle: Dad?
Twinkle goes and hugs her dad.
RT: How are you, my princess?
Twinkle: I am good, dad.
Leela: You all seem to have forget me.
Mahi: What are you saying mom?
Twinkle: Mom, you didnt tell me?
Leela: Mahi was telling me she wanted to give you a surprise also.
RT: Twinkle beta, are you happy?

Twinkle: I am very happy.
Mahi: Dad, looks like you have forgotten me?
Leela comes to Mahi.
Leela: But I am here.
Mahi: Thank god at least someone remembered about me.
RT, Leela, Twinkle ane Mahi smiles.

Mahi and Twinkle are talking with each other.
Twinkle: How was your trip?
Mahi: It was great. And best thing is studies are over. Now I can relax.
Twinkle smiles.
Mahi: Dii, how is jiju?
Twinkle: Kunj is fine.

Mahi: How about your and jiju’s love story?
Twinkle tells Mahi about how Kunj confessed love to her.
Mahi: I am so happy for you dii. Aww how romantic. I wish I get a guy who is just as romantic as Kunj jiju.
Twinkle: I will pray to God that my sister will get the best guy.
Mahi: Tomorrow is Valentines’ day. Have you and jiju plan something?
Twinkle: Oh no, I forgot how can I?
Mahi: No problem, dii. I wil help you.
And they get to work by planning what to do. They both smile and give hi-5 to each other.
The episode ends.

Valentines’ special Precap: Here Twinkle blindflods Kunj and gives him a sweet surprise. Kunj says I have something to tell you. Twinkle says what. Kunj shows something to Twinkle which shocks her.

What did Kunj show Twinkle which shocked her?

Sorry all, you all may be thinking its too short, but I am kind of not getting time to update my fan-ficfion and I also work on 4 more fan-fictions thats why.
The next episode of Tashan-e-Ishq:Intense Love , will be published on next Sunday, 14th February, so please stay tuned. It will be a Valentines’ special.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions as the fate of this ff and no. of episodes will depend on the no. of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as you can 🙂

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