Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love (Episode 6) Maha Episode


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Summary of episode 1-5:
Here, Yuvi kidnaps Twinkle, and forcefully tries to marry her. Kunj gets to know about it and he rushes to save Twinkle, and later get injuired as one of Yuvi’s goon hits him. He manages to reach the mandap somehow and stops the wedding. Yuvi escapes as he hears the police siren. Yuvi’s goon helps Kunj seeing his true love and somehow amid tashans Twinkle and Kunj remarries. They are welcomed by their family, and at night Kunj tries to confess his love for Twinkle and share some moments but fails to do so. Yuvi comes back and helps Anita in his plan, in actual he have some other plans. Kunj continues trying but fails due to funny mistakes. Anita and Yuvi plans to kidnap Kunj’s sister but ends up kidnapping Chinki. Yuvi saves Chinki from being molested by his goon and Chinki feels Yuvi is hiding something.

Here Twinkle gets injuired and Kunj carries and worries a lot and Twinkle also realizes her love and Kunj tries to help Twinkle but makes it a disaster while cooking. Later, next day Kunj and Twinkle have some cute nok-jhoks. When Kunj is at office, Twinkle comes to give him lunch, Kunj tries confessing but again fails. Here Kunj’s boss come and tell about his promotion and posting somewhere else. Twinkle thinks he accepted it but Kunj rejects it. Later Kunj pretend that he accept it. Twinkle is scared that Kunj goes far away from her and gets nightmare. She is angry and behaves weirdly with Kunj and fight and Kunj rethinks his decision. Both thinks their love is one-sided. In the morning, Twinkle gets to know that Kunj has left already and she rushes to stop him. Here Kunj saves Twinkle from a car hitting her and Twinkle gets disappointed and leaves from there angrily.

This episode will continue from what happens after that.
Here, Twinkle is leaving angrily and Kunj stops her.
Kunj: Twinkle, stop!
Twinkle looks at Kunj.
Twinkle: What?
Kunj comes to Twinkle.
Kunj: Why are you here?
Twinkle: You didn’t even say bye to me.
Kunj: Why would I need to say bye to Siyappa Queen?
Twinkle: Yes, that’s true who am I after all?
Kunj: You are my wife.
Twinkle looks at Kunj and Saajna plays.

Kunj: I mean why are you acting like typical wives?
Twinkle: Okay, I am sorry are you happy?
Kunj: Twinkle?
Twinkle: You are leaving for Bangalore as you got promotions and you won’t even inform me? Not as a wife at least as a friend you should have done so.
Kunj: What? Oh god there has been some kind of misunderstanding.
Twinkle: What misunderstanding?
Kunj: I did got promotion but I denied it as I didn’t want to leave
Kunj stops
Twinkle: Leave?
Kunj: I didn’t want to leave my family.
Twinkle: Then why did you lie to me?
Kunj: When did I lie to you?
Twinkle: You did.
Kunj: I didn’t say anything, you started making assumptions and then I thought okay, I won’t say anything as you love to complain a lot Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: But you should have said something?
Kunj: You didn’t even give me chance and started making assumptions by yourself.
Twinkle: What chance? What assumptions?
Kunj: You won’t understand.

Twinkle: I have understood.
Kunj: Then, please kindly tell me what have you understood?
Twinkle: I know that you were really happy with the promotions, as you would get rid of me and my Siyappa, right?
Kunj: What?
Twinkle: Yes, I am sure this is the case and maybe Babe or Ma must have persuaded you to stop going, so that’s why you are disappointed right?
Kunj: Seriously, Twinkle?
Twinkle: What else? Now a guy who can’t tolerate his wife’s Siyappa won’t leave a golden opportunity like this so easily.
Kunj: Then, you are abosolutely wrong, Twinkle.
Twinkle: No, I am not wrong. Just look at me. I am so disturbing. I am so irritating.
Kunj: Twinkle, stop!
Twinkle: No, let me talk Kunj. You should have left for Bangalore, why you didn’t leave? Will you be able to tolerate me?
Kunj: You are getting me wrong.

Twinkle: Okay fine, I am wrong. Happy?
Kunj gets angry.
Twinkle: Then, why you didn’t leave me, Kunj? Why?
Kunj: Twinkle
Twinkle: I want an answer right now. You still have time it’s not too late. You can leave now. I will manage to persuade Babe and Ma. How can you do so? How did you tolerate me? I am so irritating, and whatever.I am a headache for you. Why did you do so?
Twinkle is shocked.
Kunj: Finally. I have managed to confess my love.
Twinkle is stunned.
Kunj: Twinkle?
Twinkle is silent.
Kunj: Twinkle, say something.
Twinkle has tears on her eyes.
Kunj: Looks like you heard what you didn’t want to. But I can’t deny the fact that I love you Twinkle. I have tried to confess it several times but I couldn’t. I know what happened. I also know that it will be difficult for you to accept love after what Yuvi has done. I may not have the qualities you wanted. But I still love you.
Twinkle is quiet.

Kunj: Maybe, my love is one-sided.
Twinkle looks at Kunj.
Kunj: Since, you are insisting a lot, I will leave. It will be easier, at least you will be able to forget me. I can’t forget you. I am sorry. I have liked Alisha, but I have loved you. And you are my first and last love. I am happy I have got to tell you the truth.
As Kunj walks away, Twinkle stops him.
Twinkle: Kunj?
Kunj looks at Twinkle and Twinkle hugs him. Kunj also hugs her. Humdard from Ek Villian plays. They both have tears on their eyes. After a while, they break the hug.
Twinkle: Why you took so long, Idiot!
Kunj: I was scared of losing you.
Twinkle: I was scared too, but what were you saying? That you are not my Mr. Perfect?
Kunj itches his head.
Twinkle: I do agree you may not have the qualities of my Mr. Perfect, but I don’t care. You are my Mr. Perfect, no one elses.
Kunj: Really?

Twinkle: Yes, mom was right. Love just happens no one can stop and this love alone is enough for you to be my Mr. Perfect, Kunj.
Saajna plays.
Twinkle: I won’t spare anyone whoever keeps an eye on you, not even Alisha.
Kunj smiles.
Twinkle: I am so happy today. You know Kunj I was waiting for this moment for quite a long time. I LOVE YOU KUNJ
And he hugs Twinkle.
Twinkle: You won’t leave me right?
Kunj: No, I won’t.

Here, Yuvraj finally reveals his truth to Chinki.
Chinki: Tell me, Yuvi why did you do so? You must tell the truth now.
Yuvi: I did this for mom.
Chinki is surprised.
Chinki: What?
Yuvi: Yes, for my mom. I know that mom hates Leela aunty a lot, and she is the one who told me to fake love with Twinkle.
Chinki: And you did so?
Yuvi: Yes. And while doing so, I really fall in love with Twinkle. And I was scared to lose her.
Chinki: But what is Twinkle’s fault in that?

Yuvi: You are right, Twinkle is not the one to be blamed. In that pretext, I have realized that I have hurt Twinkle a lot, and I feel guilty for it.
Chinki: You and guilt?
Yuvi: I knew that you won’t believe me, but since you came to know my truth I had no other option, Chinki.
Chinki: And you thought I will believe you, no way.
As Chinki is about to leave
Yuvi: I want Kunj and Twinkle to be together.
Chinki looks at Yuvraj.
Yuvi: If Kunj and Twinkle becomes one, maybe I can clear all the enmity between mom and Leela aunty. Because of this, it has ruined several lives. I can’t let this happen.
Chinki is very much shocked.
Chinki: But what has Aliya got to do with this?
Yuvi: Aliya is Kunj’s sister, I wanted to tell her the truth as she may believe me, as she doesn’t fully knows what I have done before.
Chinki: What?
Yuvi: Yes, but you spoiled my entire plan and forced me to tell the truth. At least, you can help me.

Chinki: Me and help?
Yuvi: Yes, Chinki. I am happy that at least a wrong person did not come to know about my plan. Now only you can help me, please unite Twinkle and Kunj.
Chinki: If whatever, you are telling is true then I don’t mind helping you, but if I find something is fishy then I will tell Twinkle everything, understand?
Yuvi: I know it will take time for you to accept the truth, but I know only you can help me.
Chinki: Okay, okay I understand.
Yuvi: You may leave now, but make sure mom doesn’t gets to know that you were the one who was actually kidnapped.
Chinki leaves.
Chinki: (in her mind) Has Yuvi really changed or is he pretending?
Yuvi: (in his mind) Chinki, whatever I just told you was the half-truth, you are yet to listen to the entire truth. Actually, you getting to know about my truth instead of Aliya was a blessing in disguise. And Yuvraj Luthra never changes.
Yuvraj smirks.

Here Twinkle and Kunj returns home, and while they are coming home Twinkle asks Kunj.
Twinkle: Kunj, if you were not going to Bangalore then where were you going this morning?
Kunj: Twinkle, the thing is that
Just then Babe comes.
Babe: So, both of you came finally, and that too together. You both can’t live without each other for a moment right?
Kunj and Twinkle feels shy.
Babe: One just rushed home when the other went out, and the other just came back with her without even doing the work.
Kunj: Oh no!
Twinkle: What happenes?
Babe: Twinkle puttar, Kunj went out early in the morning, to give some documents in some other place from his office, and this boy has forgot to do so.
Kunj has no reaction.

Aliya: Leave them Babe, they both are too much lost in love. After all both are lovebirds.
Kunj and Twinkle both are very shy.
Babe: You keep quiet. I will see what you do after you get married.
Aliya: Babe?
Kunj: Absolutely right, at least let me spend some time with my wife.
Kunj hold Twinkle closer to him, and Twinkle is stunned.
Aliya: Okay, fine.
Twinkle seperates herself.
Twinkle: Babe, may I go upstairs?
Babe: Sure.
Twinkle goes and as Kunj is about to go,
Babe: Where are you going? Quickly call your office people and inform them.
Kunj leaves and calls his office people.

Here, Twinkle is waiting for Kunj and Kunj finally comes.
Twinkle: So, you have come finally.

Kunj: Why my Siyappa Queen is so angry?
Twinkle: You should have told me that you are not going Bangalore, but you lied to me.
Kunj: Again. How many times will I tell you?
Twinkle: You should have said that you are going just to deliever some important documents somewhere else.
Kunj: Okay, baba I am really sorry.
Twinkle takes the pillow and starts hitting Kunj.
Twinkle: You husbands love to disturb your wives a lot right?
Kunj: Twinkle.
Kunj gets up on the bed and Twinkle starts hitting him with the pillow and alos gets on the bed.
Twinkle: You know you almost gave me a heart attack that time. I thought you will leave me forever.
And she continues hitting him, and Kunj protects himself.
Kunj: Who told you to misinterpet things?
And he also hits Twinkle with the pillow.
Twinkle: How dare you hit me?

And she hits him with the pillow even more.
They both are having, a pillow fight, and the feathers from the pillow starts falling.
Kunj: You are enjoying hitting me a lot, right? Now I am enjoying. Any problem?
Twinkle: Yes, you can’t hit me.
Kunj: Hello, you are not a princess from any angle, you are merely a Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: What did you say?
And they go on with the pillow fight, and Twinkle is about to fall, Kunj saves her and while saving they both fall down on the bed. Saajna plays, they share an intense eyelock, and as they both were coming closer to each other for a kiss, just then Babe knocks the door.
Babe: Kunj Puttar? Twinkle Puttar?
Kunj: Wow, what a timing. I wonder what’s wrong with Babe.Her timing is so bad. And why today?
Twinkle smiles.
Babe: Is anyone there?
Twinkle opens the door.

Babe: Finally, you opened the door.
And as Babe comes in the room, she is stunned to see the room in this state.
Babe: Hai Rabba, what’s wrong with this room? And the pillows?
Kunj and Twinkle do not know what to answer.
Babe: Can anyone say something and answer me?
Twinkle: It’s all because of Kunj.
Kunj: Me?
Twinkle goes to Babe.
Twinkle: You know Babe, Kunj scold me because he said because of me you scolded him, and then he started hitting me with the pillows.

Kunj: What a big liar you are!
Babe: Kunj, why are you disturbing Twinkle puttar?
Kunj: I just came in the room and she start hitting me with the pillows.
Babe: Twinkle puttar?
Twinkle: Babe, you don’t believe me. You saw right how he looked at me angrily when you were scolding him.
Kunj: Siyyapa Queen. This title perfectly suits you. You should have been titled as Siyappa Queen instead of Miss Amritsar.
Twinkle: See Babe, how he is talking to me?
Babe: Oi Kunj, don’t disturb my Twinkle Puttar understand? Now you will be the one who will clean this room.
Kunj: Me?

Babe: Yes, you.
Twinkle makes faces to Kunj.
Babe: Twinkle, you come with me as I need some help and then I will go to the temple for the puja at night, okay?
Twinkle: As your wish, Babe.
Twinkle leaves with Babe and Kunj makes funny faces to Twinkle.

Here Chinki comes to meet Twinkle and she gets thinking about what Yuvraj has told her.
Chinki: (in her mind) I wonder whatever Yuvi said was true or false? Should I ask Twinkle about it?
Twinkle sees Chinki and hugs her.

Twinkle: Finally, you have come. You know how much worried I was, no phone calls for the past 2-3 days. Is everything alright, Chinki?
Chinki does not reply.
Twinkle: Chinki?
Chinki: Yes, Twinkle.
Twinkle: Where are you lost? Is everything alright?
Just then Yuvraj comes and he gestures her not to tell Twinkle anything.
Chinki: Actually I had some family problems, so that’s why I had to rush and go out of the city, I wanted to inform you, but everthing happened so suddenly.
Twinkle: I hope everything is fine.
Chinki: Yes, everything is fine now.
Twinkle: Chinki, I need to tell you something, please come with me.
Chinki: Okay.

Twinkle brings Chinki to the guestroom.
Anita: (in her mind) Aliya was supposed to be kidnapped 2 days ago, but she didn’t and Yuvi was at Goa for 2 days and Chinki was also out of the city 2 days ago. Strange. But who cares? She is Twinkle’s friend and she has got nothing to do with my plans.
Just then Anita sees Yuvraj.
Anita: Finally you are back.

Yuvraj hugs his mom.
Yuvraj whsipers.
Yuvi: Sorry mom, because of me your plans flopped please forgive me.
Anita: No problem beta, it was just a plan, I have thought of more so don’t worry.
Yuvi: (in his mind) Sorry mom, but those plans will also be flopped by me as I have other plans, but it’s goof for us mom. I know you won’t accept it so that’s why I didn’t tell you the truth.

Here Twinkle reveals to Chinki how Kunj confessed his love to Twinkle.
Twinkle: Chinki, you know a lot happened in these two days.
Chinki: So true.
Twinkle: Chinki?
Chinki: What have happend in these two days?
Twinkle: You know Chinki, Kunj confessed that he loves me.
Chinki becomes happy.

Chinki: Really?
Twinkle: Yes, I also confessed my love for him.
Chinki hugs Twinkke.
Chinki: I am so happy for you.
Twinkle smiles.
Chinki: Tell me from the beginning what happened? I would love to hear it.
Twinkle narrates the story how Kunj confessed her love.
Chinki: Awww how cute.
Twinkle feels shy.
Twinkle: I am very happy today.
Chinki: (in her mind) I should tell Yuvi about this. Maybe then I can know if he have changed in real or is he pretending?
Twinkle: I have realized that you are quite lost today.
Chinki: No, no nothing is like that.

Twinkle: Are you thinking of someone special?
Chinki: Twinkle yaar, you are too much.
Twinkle: Okay fine, I will not disturb you.
Chinki: I have got to go now Twinkle.
Twinkle: So fast!
Chinki: Yes, I am very tired as I just returned.
Twinkle: Okay fine.
And they both leave.

Here Twinkle drops Chinki home and comes to visit her mom.
Leela: Finally, you have come.
Twinkle hugs her mom.
Twinkle: Mom, thank you sooo much.
Leela: What happened puttar?
Twinkle: I am so lucky to have a husband like Kunj.
Leela: See, I told you that you will be happy once you live with Kunj.
Twinkle: Yes, mom. You were right. We children must always listen to our parents.
Leela: Absolutely.
Twinkle: Thank you so much, mom.
Leela: I forgot to told you something.

Twinkle: What mom?
Leela: Your dad and sister is coming from London day after tomorrow.
(Here Twinkle, Leela, RT and Mahi are a happy family, and assume that they know everything and also were there during Twinkle’s wedding)
Twinkle: Really?
Leela: Yes
Twinkle: Today is such a great day.
Leela: Mahi sounded very happy she says she can’t wait to meet you and Kunj.
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: Ma, I have to leave now. I just came her to pay a visit to you. I will come and stay tomorrow to help you.
Leela: No need of that.
Twinkle: Why not? After all my dad and sister is coming home after many days.
Leela: Okay fine, as your wish. But ask Kunj before coming.
Twinkle: I will ask him right now.
Leela: No, no he must be busy.
Twinkle: Why won’t he hold my phone call?
Leela: Twinkle.

Twinkle calls Kunj.
Twinkle: Hello Kunj.
Kunj: Hello my Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: Actually Kunj
Leela: No, no let it be
Kunj: What happened?
Twinkle gives the phone on loudspeaker.
Kunj: What does my darling want to say?
Leela laughs silently and Twinkle is surprised.
Twinkle: Kunj, phone is on loudspeaker mode.
The phone almost slips from Kunj’s hand.
Kunj: Tell me what happened?
Twinkle: Actually Kunj, dad and Mahi are coming back home from London day after tomorrow.
Kunj: That’s a great news.

Twinkle: Actually, I wanted to stay home tomorrow so that I can help ma.
Kunj: Then, where is the problem?
Leela: Are you fine with it?
Kunj: Yes, I am absolutely fine with it.
Leela: How are you beta?
Kunj: I am fine Leela mom, thanks to your daughter.
Twinkle and Leela smiles.
Leela: I am happy to know that all the problems between both of you are resolved
Kunj: I am very lucky to have Twinkle in my life.
Leela: Beta, I will keep the phone now.
Kunj: Bye, leela mom.

Leela: Bye.
Leela keeps the phone.
Twinkle: See mom, I told you he won’t deny.
Leela: Yes, you are right.I am lucky to have a son-in-law like Kunj. And Twinkle, you are lucky to have a husband like Kunj. May God bless you and you always stay happy like this.
Twinkle smiles.

Here Babe and others are going.
Babe: We all are going to the temple, Anita you come with me.
Yuvraj is about to go,
Babe: Where are you going?
Yuvi: I am going anywhere, how does it matter to you?
Anita: Yuvi, why are you speaking to elders like this?
Yuvi: I dont care.

Yuvraj leaves.
Yuvi: (in his mind) Sorry mom, I can’t reveal my actual intention to anyone especially you.
Just then Twinkle comes,
Twinkle: Where are you all going?
Babe: We are to the temple. We may return late tonight. Have dinner.
Twinkle: Okay, I will wait for you all.
All leaves.
Twinkle: That means today also I will be alone at home?
Twinkle goes up and she opens the room and is surprised.
The episode ends.

Precap: Here Kunj and Twinkle are dancing with each other on Jeena Jeena from Badlapur and later Kunj lifts Twinkle and they say I love you to each other. On the other hand, Yuvi is coming close to a girl, when suddenly someone comes and slaps him. Yuvi looks behind and is shocked as he has his hand on his face.

Will Twinkle and Kunj’s love story continue without hurdles? Who is the one who slapped Yuvi?

The next episode of Tashan-e-Ishq:Intense Love , will be published on next Wednesday 11th February, so please stay tuned. From this episode onwards my ff episodes will be slightly shorter than the initial ones.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions as the fate of this ff and no. of episodes will depend on the no. of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as you can 🙂

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