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I have realised that in my fan-fiction introduction I forgot to mention Chinki’s character, Chinki is Twinkle’s best friend, she is sweet, brave, silent, and always helps Twinkle in all ways and vice versa.

The episode begins with Yuvraj searching for Chinki on the road and is very angry with Chinki.
Yuvi: All my plans are being flopped because of that Chinki, I wonder where she is? Mom was right. We should never be sweet to others. I have to find that Chinki as soon as possible before mom comes to know that instead of Aliya, Chinki is kidnapped.
Yuvraj leaves and Chinki is hiding behind the tree.
Chinki: (in her mind) Oh so that Yuvi was planning to kidnap Kunj’s sister, Aliya. But why?
As Chinki is about to go someone pats on her shoulder. Chinki looks behind and is surprised. It is the goon who was hired to kidnap Aliya.
Chinki: Please leave me. I beg you.

Goon: Okay, I will leave you.
Chinki: Thank you very much, but please don’t tell that Yuvi anything.
Goon: I won’t tell him, but I have a condition?
Chinki: What condition?
Goon: You must agree to stay with me.
Chinki: What do you mean? Tell me clearly.
The goon comes closer and tries to molest her. Chinki slaps him hard and runs away from the place.
As Chinki is running away, Yuvraj on the other hand whose bike got damaged.
Yuvi: This bike had to be damaged now. It’s totally useless. But no one can save me from you, Chinki.

And he kicks the bike angrily. And then he sees Chinki.
Yuvi: Chinki?
Chinki looks behind and she starts running even faster. As Chinki is running, Chinki trips over a stone and gets hurt on her head.
Yuvi: Chinki!

It is evening here, and everyone is outside, and only Twinkle is at home.
Twinkle: I am so hungry, everyone had eaten lunch, and there is nothing to eat. What to do? I only know how to cook whatever sasu ma taught me, I think I should not waste a lot of ingredients, what should I do?
Just then Twinkle looks at the top and she sees something.
Twinkle: Biscuits! Yes that will be enough for me, as I can’t find anything else.
As Twinkle is about to take the biscuit, she couldn’t get hold of it, so she climbed on the stool and is about to take the biscuit jar she trips and falls down
Twinkle: Ouch!!!!!

Twinkle injuries her foot and she is not able to get up. She has tears on her eyes, she tries to get up but fails and finally with very much difficulty she gets up.
Twinkle: It’s paining a lot. How do I go upstairs? No one is here.
As Twinkle, is about to go upstairs, she is about to fall down, Kunj holds her. Twinkle closes her eyes, and she slowly opens her eye and sees Kunj. They both share an eyelock and Saajna plays.
Twinkle: Kunj!
Kunj: Look carefully, where is your mind? You were about to fall.
Twinkle: I can manage myself.
As Twinkle is about to go,

Twinkle: Ouch!!!
Kunj: Are you okay? What happened?
Twinkle: Nothing.
Kunj checks her leg.
Kunj: You sprained your leg but how?
Twinkle: I was about to take the biscuit jar and then I fall down.
Kunj: But why?
Twinkle: Because I was hungry.
Kunj: You should have cooked some food, and then what’s the use for mom teaching you how to cook?
Twinkle: You ate at office and sasu ma said that she and Babe will have dinner at Babe’s relative house; sasur ji and Surjeet uncle also have some conference, so I decided that I won’t cook food, so that I don’t waste food.
Kunj: This girl?
Twinkle: I will go upstairs.
Twinkle stumbles.
Kunj: You are not even able to stand up on your own leg, how you will even climb the stairs?
Twinkle: I will try.
And she tries to climb the stairs; Kunj lifts and carries Twinkle upstairs.
Twinkle: Kunj?
Kunj: Keep quiet.

And he brings Twinkle by carrying her in his arms to the room, Twinkle looks at him and Saajna plays.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Kunj, you care so much about me?

Here, Chinki trips and after that she continues to run.
Yuvraj: Chinki, are you okay?
Chinki doesn’t replies and runs away,
Yuvraj: Chinki? Chinki?
As Chinki continues to run, she gets tired and she takes some rest, as she was about to run the goon reaches.
Goon: Now, I will see who will save me from you?
Chinki: Please leave me.
Chinki tries to get up, but due to weakness she couldn’t run fast.
The goon comes nearer, and nearer. And as he tries to come closer to Chinki, someone pats on his shoulder, the goon looks and it’s none other than Yuvraj. Yuvraj gives him a punch. Chinki looks on.
Chinki: Yuvi?
Yuvraj starts hitting the goon non-stop,
Yuvi: I know I was the one to hire you, I wanted to you to kidnap a girl, but not to touch her. How dare you touch Chinki?
And Yuvraj starts to hit the goon non-stop. Chinki is stunned, and doesn’t knows how to react. Finally, police comes and takes the goon away.
Yuvraj: Chinki? Are you okay?
Chinki is scared, Yuvraj takes his jacket and drapes it around Chinki.
Yuvraj: Chinki, I am so sorry I didn’t know you will be the one trapped, I am really sorry.
As Chinki is about to say something, she faints and falls on Yuvraj’s shoulder.
Yuvi: Chinki? Chinki! Wake up!
Yuvi: (in his mind) Oh no, what do I do now? My bike is damaged, now what to do?
Yuvraj carries Chinki in his arms and walks on.

Here, after Kunj carries Twinkle to the room, he keeps her on the bed.
Kunj: Show me exactly, where it is paining?
Twinkle: Here?
Kunj: Where?
Twinkle points it out.
Kunj touches her leg.
Twinkle: Don’t touch my foot what are you doing?
Kunj: Now you stop acting like typical wives and let me see.
Twinkle: Ouch!

Kunj closes his eyes and bandages Twinkle’s foot and Twinkle sees that.
Twinkle: I am the one, who got injured, but Kunj why are you closing your eyes?
Kunj: Twinkle, I can’t bear to see you in pain.
Twinkle: But why?
Kunj: Because I,
As Kunj was about to confess his love, Twinkle asks him
Twinke: I, what?
Kunj: Because I don’t want you to blame me. You injured yourself and I will be the one to get scolded.
Twinkle: It was not your fault.
Kunj: What did you say? Can you say loudly?
Twinkle: No, thanks.
And then Twinkle feels uneasy.
Kunj: What happened?

Twinkle: How does it matter to you?
Kunj: It does.
Twinkle looks at him.
Kunj: Okay, it’s none of my business.
Twinkle: Actually Kunj, I am very hungry.
Kunj: That’s the matter. Okay, I will call for home delivery.
Twinkle: But now it’s very late, I don’t think home delivery will be available at this time?
Kunj: Then?
Twinkle: Never mind, I am okay with biscuits.
Kunj: No, I can’t let you sleep with having biscuits, you must have something.
Twinkle: Never mind, I will cook.
Twinkle is about to get up with very much difficulties,
Kunj: Let it be, I will cook.
Twinkle: What?
Kunj: I will cook.
Twinkle laughs.
Twinkle: You will cook?
Kunj: Listen Twinkle, you may not know but I am a very good cook.
Twinkle: Really? I don’t believe you.
Kunj: No, it’s true. I won cooking competitions in my school, and I was the best cook in my college.
Twinkle: Impossible.

Kunj: Possible.
Twinkle: Proof?
Kunj: Okay, I will cook.
Twinkle: I will see.
Kunj leaves to cook food.
Twinkle: (in her mind) I like your innocence a lot Kunj, so sweet of you to cook food just for me. Why am I thinking like that?
Twinkle remembers all her moments with Kunj especially when Kunj carried her.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Am I in love with Kunj?
Aadha Ishq from the movie Band Baaja Baraat plays, and Twinkle plays with the teddy bear and remembers about how she fighted with Kunj and smiles.
She hugs her teddy bear
Twinkle: This was the teddy bear Kunj gave me.
Twinkle smiles.

Here Yuvraj reaches in the godown with Chinki.
Yuvi: Chinki! Chinki! Wake up!
Yuvraj sprinkles water on Chinki and Chinki gains consciousness.
Chinki remembers the part where the goon tried to tease her and she hugs Yuvraj in fear.
Yuvi: Chinki?
Yuvraj also hugs her. And Chinki seperates herself.
Dil sambhal ja zaara from murder movie plays.
Chinki: I am sorry.
Yuvraj: Its okay.
Yuvraj looks at Chinki injuired.
Yuvraj brings medical box and aids Chinki.
Chinki: What are you doing?
Yuvi tells Chinki to keep quiet by putting his finger on his lips.
Yuvi: Shhhhhh.
Yuvraj bandages Chinki, and blows. Chinki looks at Yuvraj surprised.
Chinki: You are so good-hearted.

Yuvi: Look Chinki, I have helped you don’t mean that I changed. I will never change. Yuvraj Luthra will never change and his only mission will be Twinkle. You have got nothing to do with it, just that you are Twinkle’s friend.
Chinki: Look Yuvi, please understand Kunj and Twinkle loves each other a lot. They just don’t show it.
Yuvraj comes closer to Chinki and becomes the old Yuvraj.
Yuvraj: Listen Chinki, this will never happen. Twinkle and Kunj don’t love each other, they just doing these for their family’s sake.
Chinki gets scared. Yuvraj is about to leave.
Chinki: Oh yes, I forgot that you are Yuvraj Luthra. Please Yuvraj open your eyes and see Twinkle and Kunj have true love. It’s better for you if you understand that as soon as possible.
Yuvraj looks at Chinki, he smirks and leaves.
Chinki: (in her mind) it was so stupid of me to think Yuvi has changed but he is still the same. But why did he save me? I just hope he doesn’t separates Kunj and Twinkle.

Here Kunj is cooking food for Twinkle and what happens.
Kunj: In excitement, what did I say? I told Siyappa Queen that I am a great cook, I am the best cook but the fact is I don’t even know how to cook at all. I only come for water in the kitchen. Kunj? What did you do?
Kunj: Idea. I will cook noodles that will take a few minutes.
Kunj opens it and does not find any noodles.
Kunj: Noodles is over, what to do? Looks like I have to cook something else. Idea. I will cook Palak Paneer.

Kunj looks at fridge and takes out paneer. And he starts finding palak.
Kunj: Now where is this palak?
He finds things like coriander and green vegetables and assume it as palak.
Kunj: Looks like this is palak, okay now palak is found.
He puts the palak and cooks it.
Kunj: Something is wrong; I think I need to add water
He adds water in the green vegetables and gets thinking.
Kunj: No, oh now I remember, I need to use a blender.
He takes blender, and then puts the green vegetables in the blender, and closes it.
And then
Kunj: Okay, I will make some roti.
As he was about to take flour from the tin, the tin falls down, and the entire flour falls on him.
Kunj: Wow!

And he sees that he forgot to on the blender. He tries to on it, but he forgot to plug in the blender, he opens the cover and tries, and then he sees the plug. As he plugs in the blender, he forgets the cover and on it and the entire palak gets spilled.
Kunj gets shocked.
Kunj: I thought cooking was easy, but no I was wrong. I think I should give up. No. No. Twinkle must be very hungry now I must do something.
He somehow manages to make roti but it burns, he makes it again and then makes the palak paneer. Finally he makes palak paneer and roti and then he goes to serve it to Twinkle.

Here Yuvraj brings some food for Chinki.
Yuvi: Have some food Chinki, I don’t know when you will get the next meal.
Chinki: I don’t want to eat anything, just leave.
Yuvraj comes nearer to Chinki, Chinki gets scared.
Yuvi: Quietly, have this food if not?
Chinki: If not what?
Yuvi: I hope you don’t want to die.
Chinki: Its better to die than having food served by you.
Yuvi: Okay, don’t have the food it’s your wish.
Yuvraj goes away. Chinki sees if Yuvraj went away, and she silently eats the food. While Chinki is having food, Yuvraj looks at Chinki while hiding.
Yuvi: (in his mind) I knew that Chinki will have the food when I will go away.
While eating, as Chinki is about to look, Yuvraj hides his face.
Chinki: It seems that someone is having an eye on me. Anyways, I must finish the food as soon as possible before that Yuvi comes back.
Chinki: (in her mind) how to get out from this place? I must do something.

Kunj goes to the bedroom with cooked food to serve it to Twinkle. Twinkle was sleeping, as she wakes up she is horrified to see Kunj as his face is covered with flour.
Twinkle: Ahhhhhhh!
Kunj gets stunned.
Twinkle: Get out.
And she starts hitting him.

Kunj: Twinkle, Twinkle I am Kunj, Siyappa Queen
Twinkle: You….are…….Kunj?
Kunj: Yes
Twinkle starts laughing.
Kunj: What’s wrong with you sometime you scream, sometimes you laugh I think something is wrong with your brain.
Twinkle: Look at the mirror first.
Kunj looks and gets stunned.
Kunj: This…..is…….me?
Twinkle continues laughing.
Kunj: What happened to my handsome face?
Twinkle: You and handsome? Better go and wash your face now.
Kunj comes after washing his face.
Kunj: Now you can have the food.
Twinkle: (in her mind) If Kunj can come in this avatar from the kitchen, I wonder what will happen about the food.
Kunj: Taste it.
Twinkle looks at Kunj.
Kunj: C’mon taste.
After that finally Twinkle tastes the food.
Twinkle: (in her mind) the food is so bad. No salt, no spice, nothing and that too the roti is so hard that my teeth will break. What kind of trouble is this? I can’t even swallow the food.
Kunj: How was it?

Twinkle: (in her mind) Kunj made it so lovingly how to say how bad his food tastes.
Kunj: Answer me.
Kunj: (in his mind) I think Twinkle didn’t like the food.
Twinkle: Very yummy.
Kunj: What?
Twinkle: It’s really tasty.
Kunj takes a sign of relief.
Kunj: Then you should have more.
Twinkle: (in her mind) it was better to have nothing than this food.
Twinkle finally eats the food, she tries to puke.
Kunj: What’s wrong? Are you ok?
Twinkle: Yes, yes.
Twinkle tries to eat, and swallow and then suddenly someone calls Kunj.
Kunj: Twinkle, it’s an important call, I must pick it up.
Twinkle: Okay, you can go and pick up the call.
Kunj goes, Twinkle sees him gone, and she quickly goes to the washroom and puke.
Kunj comes and sees Twinkle is not there.
Kunj: I think Twinkle is at the washroom. Really my food is that good? I think I should taste it.
Twinkle comes from the washroom and sees Kunj tasting the food.
Twinkle: Kunj?

Kunj tastes it and he also runs to the washroom and puke.
Twinkle hits her forehead using her hand.
Kunj: How can you have such a bad food? You should have told me.
Twinkle: I am not a mean person like you that I will say that the food is bad.
Kunj: But this is too bad?
Twinkle: Then, who told you to cook food? What you told me champion. You are correct. You are a champion in spoiling food.
Kunj: Look Twinkle, I am sorry. But it’s also your fault you should have told me that the food is really bad.
Twinkle: I thought I cooked really badly when I cooked for the first time, but you have gone ahead of me.

Kunj: I made food for you that’s a lot.
Kunj: (in his mind) Oh no, just to make me happy Twinkle had this spoiled food, and she even fall sick but she didn’t tell me. I am sorry Twinkle.
Twinkle: (in her mind) I think I was been to mean to Kunj, he made food so lovingly but I just scolded him. I should apologise to him.
And then Twinkle and Kunj says sorry together. They smile.
Kunj: Why are you saying sorry? I was the one who cooked the food and you had to consume it. I am sorry for not giving you good food.
Twinkle: No Kunj, actually I am sorry, I was been too mean, you made the food lovingly, but I just scolded you.
Kunj: No, I am sorry.
Twinkle: I am sorry.
Kunj: I am sorry.

Twinkle: It’s okay.
Kunj: It’s okay? I am the one who made the food and you say it’s ok.
Twinkle: What’s your problem, if I say sorry you have problem, I say its okay you also have problem. What do you exactly want?
Kunj: You!
Twinkle: What?
Kunj: I want you to keep quiet.
Twinkle: Okay fine.
Twinkle: (in her mind) I thought you wanted me, but I think I heard wrongly. Looks like I am madly in love with you. I wish you really said that.
Kunj: (in his mind) I really want you Twinkle. I love you a lot and I can’t live without you. I wish you listened what I said.

Kunj: Now, you will sit here quietly?
Twinkle: Okay, I will cook something.
Kunj: No need. You injured your leg. Don’t go to the kitchen.
Twinkle: But what will I eat?
Kunj: I also didn’t eat anything.
Twinkle: What?
Kunj: The place where I wanted to eat was closed today.
Twinkle: Then what will we eat?
They get thinking. Suddenly Leela calls Twinkle.
Leela: Hello, Twinkle I heard that you cooked food today?
Twinkle: Yes. Sasu ma taught me
Leela: Well done. Today I cooked some of yours and Kunj’s favourite dish so I am sending the driver to send you the food. I hope you didn’t have anything till now as I heard that Usha ji and Babe has gone out.

Twinkle: Thank you so much ma, you don’t know how much you helped us.
Leela: What do you mean?
Twinkle: It’s a very long story. I will tell you some other day. Bye ma.
Leela: Bye.
Twinkle keeps the phone.
Kunj: What was the need of telling Leela mom about the food?
Twinkle: Kunj, actually
Kunj: I wonder what Leela mom must be thinking, she has to now do so much for us. Call her and say we got some arrangements done.
Twinkle: Will you listen to me?
Kunj: I don’t want to.
Twinkle: Okay, fine.
Kunj: Tell me.
Twinkle: Actually ma sent some food for us already, I didn’t tell her to do so, and it’s our favourite food.

Kunj: Really?
Twinkle: Yes.
Kunj: Leela mom, you rock.
Twinkle and Kunj look at each other and smile.
Kunj: (in his mind) Twinkle, you look so cute when you fight with me, I love your craziness, and you are my Siyappa Queen and no one else’s. You are very funny and lively. Today I realized you are my dream girl, Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna. I love you Twinkle.
Twinkle: (in her mind) you care so much about me and my mom, I just can’t take off my eyes from you. You are the perfect husband I always wanted. My Prince Charming is none other than you Mr Kunj Sarna. I love you Kunj
Saajna plays. They look at each other
The episode ends.

Precap: Yuvi is discussing about her plans, when Chinki tells him I got to know about your entire plan, Yuvi looks behind and is shocked. On the other hand, Kunj and Twinkle fights and Kunj says that I am leaving from here forever. Twinkle is shocked and she tries to stop Kunj.

What is Yuvraj’s actual plan? How did Chinki know about it? And is Kunj really leaving Twinkle forever? Will Twinkle and Kunj that they love each other?

The next episode of Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love will be published by this Wednesday, 27th Jan. So please stay tuned.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions, as the fate of this ff and no.of episodes will depend on the no. Of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as u can 

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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