Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love (Episode 14)


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Sorry for the delay caused in publishing the episode which was supposed to be published on Friday, 18th March. This was due to internet issues.

Hey all I am sorry to inform that instead of 20 episodes I have decided to end my ff in 18 episodes. The reason is because I m planning to end all my ff by April. So basically there are only 4 episodes to go so please do comment and express your opinions,

Here Twinkle is sad as Anita have spoke bad about Kunj and she gets thinking. Just then while walking, Mahi comes to Twinkle.
Mahi: Dii, just don’t mind whatever that Anita aunty said? You know her nature very well.
Twinkle: I am not worried about that, I am just thinking that its good that Kunj wasn’t here today, he would have become disheartened?
And while walking, Mahi spots Twinkle’s reports.
Mahi: What is that?
Mahi takes Twinkle’s reports.
Mahi: Dii, it mentions your name.
Twinkle takes the report.
Mahi: Is everything alright dii?
Twinkle: I don’t know Mahi, I still haven’t check it.
Mahi: Then check it now? Its regarding your health.
Twinkle opens her report and Mahi sees it, they both are surprised.

Later, Twinkle sits at the bedroom and calls Kunj,
Kunj: Hello, my Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: When are you coming?
Kunj: You are missing me a lot?
Twinkle: Kunj, please say when you are coming? Please I am not joking.
Kunj: Oh looks like my Siyappa Queen is in a bad mood.
Twinkle: You always tease me, fine I won’t even speak to you.
Kunj: Okay say whatever you want
Twinkle: Please come back very soon.
Kunj: I know Twinkle you are missing me a lot, what to do I have some urgent work these two days.
Twinkle: I understand, but please come back
Kunj: Twinkle is everything is fine here
Twinkle: Yes, everything is fine here, just come back soon. I have to tell you something very important
Kunj: What is it? You can tell me
Twinkle is about to say and she gets thinking
Twinkle: I will tell you once you come back to me, I promise.
Kunj: Okay fine, tell me once I come but you won’t have tears just because of me.
Twinkle: Okay fine.
Kunj: Take care of yourself and everyone.
Twinkle: You also take care,
As Twinkle is about to keep the phone,
Kunj: Listen, Twinkle.
Twinkle again talks to Kunj
Twinkle: What is it?
Kunj: I love you, Twinkle.
Twinkle: I love you too, Kunj.
Saajna plays.
Twinkle and Kunj keeps the phone.
Kunj: (in his mind) Twinkle I know you miss me a lot my love, but this work is very important its not only regarding office, but also regarding something else. Once everything is solved, I will tell you everything,
Twinkle: (in her mind) Kunj please come quickly I need to tell you something its regarding our life,

Twinkle gets into flashback.
Here Twinkle opens the report, and Mahi sees it. Twinkle reads it.
Twinkle: That means I am pregnant?
Mahi: Dii, I am so happy for you. Its a great news. We should tell this to everyone.
As Mahi was about to go,
Twinkle: Mahi wait?
Mahi: Why dii is there any problem?
Twinkle: Please don’t tell anyone.
Mahi: But why dii? Oh I get it you want to tell Jiju first right?
Twinle smiles and nods,
Mahi: Fine, I won’t tell anyone. Jiju have the right to know after all he is going to become a father soon.
Twinkle feels shy,
Mahi: I am so happy today.
Twinkle: Slow down, Mahi no one should listen to this.
Mahi: Okay fine, sorry dii.
Twinkle smiles.
Mahi: Its late now, I should go now.
Twinkle: No, you will have dinner and then go.
Mahi: Okay fine, since you are insisting I would have dinner here.
Twinkle: Okay good call and inform mom.
Mahi: I will do so, but now you should take rest especially in this condition.
Twinkle: Okay fine,
Twinkle goes.

Here Yuvraj is sleeping, and Mahi comes there and see Yuvraj sleeping.
Mahi: Oh Yuvraj is sleeping, what to do now? Dii is talking with Jiju on phone and this Yuvraj is also sleeping. What to do?
Mahi gets an idea and she smiles. She rushes to the drawer and finds some markers. She takes them out. And she starts drawing and vandalising Yuvraj’s bandage with a lot of things. Yuvraj is about to wake up, Mahi quickly hides them and in his sleep he hugs Mahi.
Mahi: (in her mind) Now what to do?
She slowly gets out and Yuvraj wakes up.
Yuvi: Mahi, you and here?
Mahi: I have come to see if you need anything, you can sleep peacefully.
Mahi slowly goes and as Yuvraj is about to sleep he looks at his designed bandage shocked.
Yuvi: What is this? My bandage?
Mahi starts laughing silently and she is about to go,
Yuvi: Mahi! What nonsense is this! I hate this kind of childishness.
Mahi is shocked and she looks at Yuvraj.
Mahi: Yuvraj?
Yuvraj starts laughing
Yuvi: You should look at your face its worth seeing
Mahi: What?
Yuvi: I was just kidding.
Mahi: Yuvraj, now I won’t spare you.
Mahi tries to chase Yuvraj and Yuvraj laughs and just then Yuvraj accidentally unzips Mahi’s dress. Both are shocked.
Yuvi: Mahi? I I am so sorry.
Mahi: Its okay.
Mahi is about to adjust, Yuvraj comes and zips it for her. Mahi is surprised and Yuvraj is done, Mahi and Yuvraj look at each other and share an eyelock.

Here Twinkle is feeling restless and she speaks to Kunj’s photo looking at it.
Twinkle: Kunj, when will you come I miss you a lot.
Twinkle is continuously speaking,
Twinkle: Please come back soon.
Twinkle holds her belly and talks to the picture,
Twinkle: I have got a good news for you, we are waiting for you,
Saajna plays. And Twinkle smiles looking at Kunj’s picture.

Here Kunj is looking at his and Twinkle’s picture on the phone,
Kunj: Today I feel so restless without you Siyappa Queen, it seems that you really wanted to tell me something, but you couldn’t
Kunj again looks at the picture
Kunj: I am sure it must be something, but what is it? But don’t worry once my work is done I will tell you for sure. And you will also understand.
Kunj keeps Twinkle’s picture and looks at it.
Kunj: I have to go now Twinkle
Kunj keeps the phone and he goes to his train.

Twinkle while going to sleep remembers about her moments with Kunj and Kunj while looking through the train window remembers his moments with Twinkle. Agar Tum Saath Ho from Tamasha plays and Twinkle and Kunj both fall asleep.

Here Its morning and Twinkle wakes up listening to some noise,
Twinkle: What kind of noise is this at such an early morning?
Twinkle goes downstairs to check what is happening, and is surprised to see everyone worried,
Usha: How is this possible? I am sure this news is wrong,
Manohar: I also thought this news is right, but?
Twinkle: What is happening?
Everyone looks at Twinkle, and Babe hugs Twinkle crying,
Twinkle: What happened, why is everyone crying?
Just the.Leela and Mahi rushes,
Leela: Twinkle!
Twinkle: Can anyone tell me what is happening?
Usha: Kunj, he
Usha points at the TV
Twinkle looks at the TV.
On the news, it is shown that there have been a train crash at night at the same place and train Kunj have gone and many people died due to that crash.
Twinkle: No this is not possible. I am sure something is wrong.
Manohar: I wish this was wrong, I have gone to all hospitals I haven’t find Kunj yet, but later I got news of Kunj’s dead body being found
Twinkle: No, this is wrong. I am sure its not Kunj’s it is someone else. I spoke to him yesterday he promised me he will come very soon. He can’t do like this to me,
Twinkle walks and she is about to faint and fall down Yuvraj and Mahi holds her together,

They bring Twinkle to the room.
Mahi makes her drink water,
Mahi: I am sure all will be fine, and you must take care of yourself especially in this comdition dii?
Twinkle: What will I do Mahi? I know nothing have happened to my Kunj? How will I manage everything? I couldn’t even share this news to Kunj.
Yuvi: News?
Mahi is consoling Twinkle and she gestures Yuvraj that she will tell him the matter,
Later Mahi goes to Yuvraj, Yuvi: What news?
Mahi: Twinkle dii, actually
Yuvi: What happened?
Mahi: Twinkle dii is pregnant.
Yuvraj is surprised and he looks at Twinkle feeling sorry for her.

Twinkle is crying she looks at Kunj’s picture.
Twinkle: No, you can’t leave me so easily, I am sure you are fine.
Twinkle is still crying.
Twinkle: I trust you Kunj, and I trust our love I am sure you will come back to me.
Twinkle is teary eyed looking at Kunj’s picture.
The episode ends.

Precap: Twinkle is 7 months pregnant and she is going somewhere and her smile has vanished, and as she was taking steps she is about to slip, but someone holds her, Twinkle looks at the person who saved her shocked.

And from 22nd to 31st March I may face some internet issues so I may not be able to publish ff in these days but if I get chance maybe in one or two of the days between these periods I may publish one or two episodes together and I will inform all of you beforehand. And once the issue is solved I will inform all of you. And if I publish next episode after 31st, I will publish the last 4 episodes on 4 consecutive days at first week of April.

Only 4 episodes to go
So please do comment

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