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Here Twinkle is working in the kitchen and she is cutting vegetables.
Twinkle: What do you want Kunj?
Twinkle remembers that Kunj is not at home,
Twinkle: (in her mind) I am thinking about Kunj every time, now already like this, I can’t even imagine how will I cope without him for two days?
And while curring vegetables,
Kunj: Here is the vegetable,
Twinkle looks,
Twinkle: Kunj, you are here?
Kunj: Yes, me I am here.
Twinke: But you have got work right?

Kunj: Who cares about work?
Kunj goes to Twinkle and helps her cut vegetables. Saajna plays.
Twinkle is smiling,
Twinkle: Thank you Kunj for helping me.
Kunj: No problem my Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle and Kunj are cutting vegetables, as Kunj is behind Twinkle and helping her, just then Usha comes
Usha: Twinkle!
Twinkle gets surprised.
Twinkle: Kunj, you?
Just then Twinkle doesn’t see Kunj anywhere and realizes that it was her imagination.
Usha: Twinkle, where are you lost?
Twinkle: Nothing, Sasu Maa
Usha: Be careful beta, you were about to cut your finger while cutting vegetables,
Twinkle looks at Usha.
Usha: If you need any help you can tell me I will help you.
Twinkle: No Sasu maa its okay I can manage.

Usha: Are you sure?
Twinkle: Yes
Usha leaves
Twinkle: (in her mind) At least while working I may not think about Kunj much and miss him much, I just hope somehow these two days just pass by.

Here Kunj is driving his car, and while he drives his car he sees Twinkle with the mirror.
Kunj looks from behind.
Kunj: Twinkle you and here!
Twinkle: Yes how can I stay without you.
Kunj: But like this?
Twinkle: Yes while you were about to go, I quickly went in the car and hide from behind and decided you to give you surprise,
Kunj: What if the other house members find out?
Twinkle: That I don’t know You know since the time you went out, I was thinking about you, only you, while cutting vegetables also you know while thinking about you I almost cut my finger.
Kunj: Oh ho I am sorry, but Siyappa Queen what will we answer others?
Twinkle: I don’t know you do whatever you want to, but I cant stay without you,
Kunj: You are so stubborn.

Twinkle: Thank you. Now call mom and inform them that I am with you.
Kunj calls Usha, Usha holds the phone.
Usha: hello Kunj, good did you call,you know Twinkle
Kunj: Yes, mom don’t worry Twinkle is with me.
Usha: With you?
Kunj: Yes

Twinkle looks at Kunj smiliing,
Usha: What are you saying? Twinkle is with me working in the kitchen.
Kunj: What? Twinkle is there.
Kunj looks behind and doesn’t see Twinkle and realizes that it was his imagination.
Usha: hello Kunj? Hello?
Kunj: Mom I will speak to you later,
Kunj keeps the phone,
Usha: Strange!
Kunj: (in his mind) I am imagining Twinkle everywhere, I wonder how will I live without my Siyappa Queen?

While Twinkle is about to call Kunj, Mahi comes to Twinkle
Mahi: Hi dii
Twinkle: Mahi, you and here?
Mahi: Yes dii, any problem?
Twinkle: No, no what are you saying?
Mahi: Mom sent me here thats why I came here
Twinkle: You go to my room, I am coming.
Mahi: Its okay Dii you do your work, I will just walk around this house for a while.
Twinkle: As your wish
Mahi: (in her mind) Luckily this Dii is busy, I can go to Yuvraj now.
Mahi goes to Yuvraj’s room

Yuvraj is disappointed thinking about Chinki, he tries to forget her and he takes the knife and he looks at it. Mahi comes in the room and is shocked.
Mahi: Yuvraj!
Mahi rushes and throws the knife from Yuvraj’s hand
Mahi: What were you doing?
Yuvi: Mahi, I was just
Mahi: Keep Quiet! You were going to lose your life, just because a girl rejected you?
Yuvi: What nonsense Mahi! I was going to cut this apple.
Mahi finds an apple on Yuvi’s hand,
Mahi: I am sorry, Yuvraj I don’t know what I was thinking.
Yuvi: I am not those type of boys, it was my mistake after all.
Mahi looks on

Yuvi: I have tortured Twinkle a lot and hurt her by acting to love her, and when I really fall for Chinki she rejected md as she loved someone else, now I understand how it feels when someone you love hurts you, I got my punishment.
Mahi: Don’t say like this Yuvraj, you did for this for your mom but when you got to know the truth I am happy that you helped us a lot in uniting Twinkle dii and Kunj Jiju.
Mahi hugs Yuvraj, Yuvraj is surprised,
Mahi: I will hope that you will get someone whom you truly love and also she will also equally love you,
Yuvi: Mahi?
Mahi sepeates herself.

Mahi: I am so sorry, Yuvraj I didn’t know what happened to me?
Yuvi: Its okay Mahi, ouch!
Mahi: What happened?
Yuvi: My hand
Mahi goes closer to Yuvraj and helps him to adjust his bandage, Yuvraj looks at Mahi staringly, and Anita sees this and fumes,
Anita: What is happening here?
Yuvraj and Mahi are surprised.
Mahi: I was just helping your son any problem
Mahi leave from there.
Anita: Yuvi beta are you okay, how dare that Kunj hurt you and eloped?
Yuvi: Cmon Mom it was an accident and Kunj went for some work,
Anita: Anyways, I like your idea of trapping Mahi.
Yuvraj smirks and Anita leaves as someone calls her,
Yuvi: (in her mind) This time I got a true friend like Mahi I won’t let you hurt her or her family at all mom, only because of dad I am quiet till now-

Here someone knocks on the door, and Twinkke goes to open the door.
Postman: Mam, sign here.
Twinkle signs on the paper, and the postman leaves.
Twinkle: I wonder what is this.
And Twinkle sees it properly and is surprised,
Twinkle: Oh yes, this is the reports for my check up which was done yesterday.
As Twinkle was about to open it,

Twinklr: I am so scared to open it, I hope its not nothing serious, What to do?
Just then Kunj calls Twinkle,
Kunj: Hello Siyappa Queen I have called to inform that I am at the station now, my train will arrive in a few minutes,
Twinkle: You don’t know that I am in a very big dillema
Kunj: Why what happened?

Twinkle: My reports came.
Kunj: Is everything okay?
Twinkle: I didn’t even check I am very scared.
Kunj: But why?
Twinkle: I hope its nothing serious
Kunj: Listen Twinkle, all will be fine. And remember that you will always be fine, after all you are my Siyappa Queen and nothing can happen to you.
Saajna plays.
Twinkle: I am scared what if my cholesterol level is too high, or I m overweight?
Kunj starts laughing.
Kunj: Seriously, Twinkle? Really you are the eternal Siyappa Queen.
Twinkle: Okay fine, let me read the reports I will call you later,
Twinkle keeps the phone.

Kunj: This girl is too strange, I wonder what will happen to her? Wow really she is the 8th wonder.

As Twinkle is about to open the report, Babe calls Twinkle
Babe: Twinkle!
Twinkle: Coming.
Babe: Come fast, puttar!
Twinkle: I hope nothing is serious in the reports, anyways I will read it later.
Twinkle puts the report on her table and leaves.

As Twinkle comes she sees Anita doing a drama
Anita: I have just went out for a day, and my son’s state is like this?
Babe: Anita even we were equally surprised and worried for Yuvi.
Anita: I need an explanation, Babe can you please tell me?
Twinkle: Mistake was mine, so talk to me Anita Aunty, not Babe.
Anita comes to Twinkle,
Anita: I know very well that your husband tried to harm Yuvi as he was the first boyfriend of his wife which is you, Twinkle.
Twinkle: Stop it Anita Aunty! I won’t listen a single word against Kunj. Mistake was mine I distracted him while he was driving the car so talk to me.
Anita: I knew it you wanted to teach my son a lesson right?
As Anita was about to slap Twinkle, Mahi holds Anita’s hand
Mahi: Don’t you dare try to hit my dii. You are the one who are the root cause of all these problems not my dii, understand?
Babe: Mahi is not wrong you always have problems with Twinkle.
Usha: I am with my Bahu now, and if you dare to speak a word against my Bahu I will forget that you are my elder sister-in-law.
Anita goes to her room looking at Twinkle and Mahi angrily,
Twinkle starts crying
Twinkle: Its my fault actually I shoukdnt have distracted Kunj.
Babe: Twinkle puttar it was just an accident.
Twinkle gets thinking, The episode ends,

Precap: Twinkle tells Kunj on phone that I have never expected that something like this will happen in my life, and you will come in my life,Twinkle and Kunj says I miss you to each other and Twinkle tells Kunj to come soon as she have something to say to him.

The next episode will be published by Friday, 18 March.

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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