Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love (Episode 11)


PLEASE TAKE NOTE THIS IS A FAN-FICTION NOT THE UPDATE OF THE ACTUAL EPISODE. I m a little dissapointed as my previous episode got very less amount of comments compared to my other episodes. And it is a 20 episode fan fiction.Please do comment.
You can get to read episode 1-10 in this link.
Episode 1-5:
http://www.tellyupdates.com/tashan-e-ishq-intense-love-episode-5/Episode 6-10:

Summary of episode 1-10:
The fan fiction begins with Yuvi trying to seperate Twinj by forcing to marry Twinkle, but Kunj manages to stop them and Twinj get remarried in that pretext. Later, all the rituals take place, and Kunj tries to confess his love to Twinkle several times but fails due to funny mistakes. Twinj are unaware that Anita and Yuvi are once again coming up with a plan. While kidnapping Kunj’s sister Yuvi ends up kidnapping Chinki, and Chinki gets to know that Yuvi is hiding something as Yuvi is having other plans which his mom doesn’t knows. Later Kunj gets an offer for promotion but he has to go to Bangalore for that, Twinkle misunderstands that Kunj accepted and she starts to realize her love for Kunj and starts getting nightmare that Kunj is going far away from her. Twinkle gets angry with Kunj for that and later in that pretext they both confess their love to each other. Kunj plans a date for Twinkle and they spend some romantic moments. Later Twinkle’s sister, Mahi comes from London. And she is happy that Twinj are happily married. Twinj are very much in love with each other and also are romancing and at the same time fighting to just like the title Tashan-e-Ishq. Mahi is angry with the Yuvi and she insults Yuvi very badly. Kunj gives Twinkle a very sweet Valentines surprise,. Later it is revealed that Yuvi is actually positive and he did so to unite Twinj as he got to know that his father died due to illness not suicide and so there was no reason he should do bad things with Leela’s family which Leela revealed when Twinj got kidnapped by Yuvi. Mahi also gets to know about this and Yuvi and Mahi become friends. And Mahi helps Yuvi as Yuvi is in love with Chinki.And Kunj like a good husband supports Twinkle so that she can win the Miss Amritsar competition and Twinkle did manage to win the competition and reveals that Kunj is her most precious thing.

The episode begins with everyone going after congratulating Twinkle for winning the contest. And then Twinkle and Kunj’s nok-jhok starts.
Kunj: I feel so great to see my wife and getting so much respect.
Twinkle: Oh really, that time you were saying something else.
Kunj: How can someone not understand a joke?
Twinkle: I am not so stupid okay.
Kunj touches Twinkle’s pageant,
Kunj: You know what instead of Miss Amritsar this should be named as what you know?
Twinkle: Now you tell me.
Kunj: It should be named Siyappa Queen. After all you are the biggest Siyappa Queen,
Twinkle make faces,
Kunj: I am so lucky that my wife is Siyappa Queen but she have been honored as Miss Amritsar accidentally.
Twinkle: Oh ho very sad, but I am Miss Amritsar for everyone.
Kunj: You may be Miss Amritsar for all, but for me you are Siyappa Queen, my Siyappa Queen.
Kunj pulls Twinkle closer and Saajna plays and as they were about to kiss each other, Purvi comes in.

Purvi: Oh sorry, seems that I have come in a wrong time.
Kunj: No, no its okay.
Twinkle: What do you want to say, say it fast.
Purvi: I just wanted to say that there is a party for all the Miss Amritsar contestants tonight. So you must come after all you are the winner.
Twinkle: Actually the thing is
Kunj: Twinkle will definitely come.
Twinkle: Kunj?
Purvi: Kunj, you are also invited.
Kunj: I will try.
Twinkle: He will definitely come.
Kunj: Twinkle?
Purvi: I will see you both of you at the party. For now I have got to go now.
Purvi leaves,
Twinkle: Kunj, how will we go to the party, I am outside home for a long time today.
Kunj: You have won the contest, and its necessary for you to be present in the party.
Twinkle: But Kunj what would we say to everyone at home?
Kunj: I would have managed this matter very easily, but who told you to take my name too?
Twinkle: You are my husband, why won’t you go with me? May I know?
Kunj: Twinkle, what would I do there?
Twinkle: You will stay with me and what else?
Kunj: Really?
Twinkle: You want to speak to other girls especially Purvi right?
Kunj: No, I didn’t say that.
Twinkle: I know very well what do you mean.
Twinkle leaves and Kunj follows her.
Kunj: Hey Twinkle, listen to me,

Here Mahi is helping Yuvraj in preparing a date for him with Chinki.
Yuvi: Do all the work quick, and make sure everything is perfect. Nothing should go wrong.
Mahi pats on Yuvraj’s shoulder
Mahi: Hi
Yuvi: Hey
Mahi: Don’t worry I am here I will make sure everything goes fine.
Yuvi: Hey Mani, you at least you know something about Chinki, will she be happy with this?
Mahi:Of course, there should be no reason why she would be not happy.
Yuvi: Did you call her?
Mahi: Yes, don’t worry she will be here by evening time and by then everything will be alright.
Yuvi: Thanks for being such a nice friend, I didn’t know how I became blind in whatever mom said.
Mahi: Its okay, if I was in your place I would have done the same maybe. Anyways, I will see if the other work are done,
As Mahi is about to go she slips and Yuvi holds her. They both look at each other. Mahi leaves as she feels shy.

Here Kunj and Twinkle comes home.
Usha: Congratulations, Twinkle for winning the competition. After all you are my daughter-in-law.
Kunj: Mom, actually Twinkle didn’t win this contest.
Usha: How can it be possible?
Babe: Its okay Twinkle puttar there will be many other competitions. This competition is nothing.
Twinkke: Actually Babe, Kunj is joking I also won the title this time.
Babe: I knew it,
And then Usha pulls Kunj’s ear.

Kunj: Mom, mom
Usha: Don’t you ever trick me
Kunj gestures Twinkle to say
Twinkke: Mom, I have to say something
Usha: Sure, what do you want to say Twinkle?
Twinkle: Actually tonight there has been a party thrown for all the Miss Amritsar contest.
Usha: That’s a good thing, you should go there.
Twinkle: But there is so many work at home.
Babe: Twinkle, you should be at the winner and after all you are the winner,
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: Thank you, Babe,
Babe: No problem, Twinkle puttar and Kunj listen today you will follow with Twinkle in the party.
Kunj: Okay Babe, no problem
Usha: Twinkle, you must have been quite stressed due to the competition, so you should take some rest after all in the evening you have a party, right?
Twinkle: Okay fine Mummy Ji, if you need any help you can call me, I will come downstairs.
Twinkle goes upstairs and Kunj follows her.

Kunj: See I told you, mom herself will tell you to go to the party.
Twinkle gives Kunj a weird look and goes upstairs.
Kunj: Twinkle! Twinkle.
Kunj: (in his mind) Strange, even with this Siyappa Queen have problems?
Kunj goes upstairs.

Its evening time.
Twinkle is getting ready for the party and Kunj comes in. As Kunj comes he is stunned to see Twinkle in a beautiful dress. And as Twinkle is getting ready she looks behind and looks at Kunj. They both look at each other and Saajna plays. Kunj comes closer to Twinkle and whispers to her.
Kunj: You are looking really beautiful today.
Twinkle smiles.
Kunj: Now happy? Now quickly get ready we are getting late.
Twinkle: Oh, so you were doing false praises so that I get ready quickly?
Kunj: Why do you always take out the wrong meaning in whatever I say?
Twinkle: Oh please, I know very well why are you curious to go to that party.
Kunj: Listen, I have no interest in all these parties, I am attending it only for you.
Twinkle: I know you want to go to the party to flirt with other girls, right?
Kunj: Me and flirt? Seriously, Twinkle!
Twinkle: Yes that’s the reason, I didn’t tell you to come to the party with you.
Kunj: Big Liar!
Twinkle: You are also no less.
Kunj: Fine, I am leaving,
As Kunj is about to go, he sees Twinkle facing difficulties to pull the chain of her dress to the top, Kunj goes to help Twinkle.
Twinkle: Why have you come here again?
Kunj: Keep Quiet!

Kunj pulls the chain of Twinkle’s dress on the top, Saajna plays.
Kunj: I am waiting for you downstairs, quickly come.
Kunj goes downstairs.
Twinkle: (in her mind) I scolded my Kunj for no reason.

Here, Twinkle and Kunj reach at the party destination. Purvi sees them and goes to hug Kunj, and Twinkle come in front and Purvi hugs Twinkle.
Purvi: Finally you are here.
Twinkle smiles, and Purvi goes to hug Kunj.
Kunj: Its okay, hi Purvi.
Purvi Hi
Kunj goes to the other guys near the bar.
Purvi: You are so lucky to get a husband like Kunj, Twinkle, I wish that I got a husband like Kunj. He is so cute.
Twinkle: Purvi, are you married?
Purvi: No, I am not yet married but after seeing Kunj I feel like marrying.
Twinkle gets jealous.
Purvi: Why are you standing here, come with me.

Purvi brings Twinkle.
Twinkle: (in her mind) You will dare to steal my Kunj in front of me?

Here Yuvraj is done with the preparations. And Mahi calls him by saying that Chinki is coming, Yuvraj gets ready and finally Chinki comes.
Chinki: Yuvi, where are you? Did you call me.
As Chinki comes nearer, flower petals fall on her.
Chinki: What is this?
And then Yuvraj comes and forwards his hand,
Chinki: That was a sweet welcome.
Chinki holds his hand and Yuvraj brings her to the table,
Chinki: Hey Yuvi, your gestures are so sweet, maybe that’s why Twinkle liked you a lot.
Yuvi: But that’s my past.
Chinki smiles,
Chinki: I am very happy that you have helped Twinkle a lot.
After Chinki finishes eating, and as she was about to go,
Yuvi: Chinki, I have to tell you something,
Chinki: What is it, Yuvi?
Yuvi gets down on his legs and proposes Chinki.
Yuvi: Chinki, I have done a wrong things, but while mending them I have fall in love with you. I love you, Chinki.
Chinki is shocked.
Yuvi: Will you accept my proposal, Chinki?
Chinki: Yuvi, all these days you got me wrong,
Yuvraj is surprised. And he gets up.

Yuvi: What do you mean?
Chinki: I don’t love you at all. I just considered you as my friend.
Yuvi is shocked.
Yuvu: You can give me a chance, Chinki.
Chinki: I won’t mind that but the fact is I am engaged Yuvi.
Yuvraj is shattered.
Chinki: I am getting married very soon, and I also love that person, my fiancé a lot. Am sorry Yuvi. I hope you will get a better girl, for now I have to go.
Chinki leaves, Yuvraj is sad.

Here as Twinkle and Kunj are walking they collide with each other.
Twinkle: At last you remembered about me.
Kunj: Then what else will I do in this boring party
Twinkle: Flirt with girls
Kunj: Like who?
Twinkle: Purvi
Kunj: What? Oh really.
Twinkle gives a weird and angry look.
Kunj: I can smell something is burning,
Twinkle: Kunj, you an
Kunj: Me me what.

Just then Purvi makes an announcement,
Purvi: Ladies and gentleman, I would love to welcome the Miss Amritsar winner Twinkle Kunj Sarna and her husband Kunj Sarna to dance on the stage.
Everyone applauds,
Twinkle: Dance?
Kunj: And us?
Purvi comes to Twinkle and Kunj,
Purvi: Twinkle and Kunj quickly come and dance
Twinkle: But Purvi
Purvi: No ifs and buts you both have to dance.
Kunj: Looks like we have no other option.
Kunj forwards Twinkle’s hand and they go to dance.
And Kunj and Twinkle dance on the song Sanam Re. They both look at each other and share an eyelock. Kunj and Twinkle dance sensciously and passionately, and Kunj lifts Twinkle and also carries her, and later they both dance in each other’s arms.
Everyone applauds for them.

Purvi: Wow Twinkle, I didn’t know you and your husband were such a great dancer.
Twinkle and Kunj smiles.

Twinkle and Kunj are in the car and Kunj is driving the car where they share some cute moments.
Twinkle: Kunj Sarna, I didn’t know you were such a great dancer
Kunj: Even I don’t know how come I can dance, that is due to staying with you.
Twinkle: With me?
Kunj: Yes, with you after all I had to dance several times to impress you and in that pretext I became a skilled dancer.
Twinkle: Very funny, now you become a great dancer that is also because of me.
Kunj: Even if I praise you, you have problem with that?
Twinkle: When did I say that?
Kunj: No, no I was crazy to assume things.
Twinkle: You are really weird
Kunj: You are not less after all you are Siyappa Queen,
Twinkle: What is so special about calling me Siyappa Queen?
Kunj: Because I love your Siyappa my jaan, and I am not tired of it because you are only my Siyappa Queen and no one can snatch my Siyappa Queen from me.
Twinkle: Kunj, only you have the right to call me Siyappa Queen I won’t give anyone else this right,
Kunj and Twinkle look at each other, Saajna plays, they share an eye lock, and suddenly Twinkle looks in front shocked,
Twinkle: Kunj look in front.
Kunj sees and is shocked and he tries to control the car, but the car hits a man,
The episode ends,

Precap: Kunj and Twinkle looks at the man and are shocked, Twinkle look at Kunj and Kunj look at Twinkle. Later, Twinkle feels that something very wrong is going to happen and prays to God to protect Kunj.

What do you think would happen next?

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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