Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love (Episode 10)


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Here the entire family are dining together, Yuvi and Anita are not there and just then Kunj makes an announcement.
Kunj: I have something to say.
Everyone looks at Kunj and Twinkle gestures Kunj not to say anything.
Kunj: Its okay Twinkle, let me say.
Babe: Oi Kunj puttar what do you want to say?
Kunj: Actually Babe, we all know that last time Miss Amritsar was won by Twinkle.
Babe: Yes, so
Kunj: Babe, actually Twinkle wants to participate in the Miss Amritsar contest this time also and its tomorrow.
Everyone is stunned.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Now I am going to get scolded a lot.
Manohar: Then what’s the big deal in it? If Twinkle wants to participate in this contest then she can do so.
Twinkle smiles.
Usha: Yes, Twinkle should take part in this contest, after all everyone should know that my daughter-in-law is very beautiful,
Babe: What was the need to ask about?
Kunj: Why are you telling me? Tell your pyaari bahu, Twinkle. She say you all may not accept.
Twinkle: (in her mind) I have got permission for going to the contest, but Kunj has thrown me in trouble now, what to do?
Babe: Twinkle why you say like that? We are family. So from next time don’t say like this okay.
Twinkle: Okay Babe

Here Chinki comes to visit Mahi and to confront her about what she did with Yuvraj.
Mahi: Chinki Dii, you are here? I thought you will not visit me as Twinkle dii is not at home.
Mani hugs Chinki .
Mahi: Happy to know that you remember about me?
Chinki: Mahi, I have got something to say to you.
Mahi: What Chinki dii? Feel free.
Chinki: I saw what you did with Yuvi today.
Mahi: He deserved it.
Chinki: No, you shouldnt have done so. You should apologize to him for what you did.
Mahi is shocked,
Mahi: What are you saying Chinki dii? You know very well what that Yuvi did. And what I did was nothing compared to what he did with my family.
Chinki: Yes, you are right. I still rememeber. But Yuvi himself was also trapped by Anita Aunty’s plan.
Mahi: This can’t be I am sure this Yuvi must fooling you, and he is making plans with his mom which I listened with my own ear today.
Chinki: Even I thought so, but there is something more in this story.
Chinki narrates about Yuvi’s past and his dad. Mahi is shocked.
Mahi: This can’t be possible. I am sure something is wrong.
Chinki: I know it will take time but for now I have to leave.
Chinki leaves.
Mahi: This Yuvraj Luthra is so smart, he must learn his lessons. He may have tricked Chinki but he can’t trick me.
Mahi goes to her room, Leela listens to the entire conversation and is shocked.

Here Kunj and Twinkle’s nok jhok starts.
Kunj: See I told you no one would say anything. You were unnecessarily taking tension, Twinkle.
Twinkle doesn’t say anything.
Kunj: Why aren’t you saying anything.
Twinkle: Yes , yes. I know but because of you I had to be embarrassed in front of everyone.
Kunj: Now what have you done?
Twinkle: Why you say like that I thought that no one would grant me permission for the contest?
Kunj: Now in this also you have problems, so you expect me to lie?
Twinkle: Yes
Kunj: Really Twinkle?
Twinkle: Yes. Apologize to me,
Kunj: Strange. I was expecting for a thank you but I have to apologize to you. Is like I am getting a punishment for a good deed. I wont apologize.
Twinkle: Okay fine, don’t.
And they both sleep in opposite directions.

Here Mahi is about to go to sleep, Leela comes to her.
Mahi: Mom, you here? At this time?
Leela: Yes beta, I have something to speak to you about.
Mahi: What do you want to say ma? Feel free to say.
Leela: I have listened to your entire conversation with Chinki regarding Yuvi.
Mahi: Don’t worry mom, I know this Yuvi is again making plans with his mom, but this time I won’t let him succeed in any of his plans.
Leela: No beta, this time Yuvi is right. Whatever Chinki said was all true.
Mahi: What are you saying ma?
Leela: The truth.
Leela narrates the entire story. Once leela came to visit Yuvi’s dad in the hospital as Mahi was unwell and sees him worried. She gets to know that Yuvi’s dad have cancer. And only they both knew this. Later one day, Yuvi’s father is about to die and he tells Leela to make sure Anita doesn’t knows about this and wants Anita to hate him even when he dies. So that’s why he did all and made sure everything looked like a suicide. But instead of that Anita started hating Leela instead, but Leela never told her the truth as she promised Yuvi’s dad.
Mahi is shocked.
Mahi: But why mom? You should have told us at least.
Leela: I didn’t want Anita to know about it.
Mahi: How did Yuvraj did like this? If he knew everything, he shouldnt have supported his mom by creating problems for us, especially Twinkle dii.
Leela: Even Yuvi didn’t know about it.
And she narrates how Leela got angry when Yuvi kidnapped both Twinkle and Kunj and she went to confront Yuvi and in that pretext she told Yuvi everything and also showed him the medical reports and Yuvi broke down and Leela consoled him. And Yuvi hugs and apologizes to Leela.
Mahii: Then why did he still conspired plans?
Leela: He did so as he wanted Twinkle and Kunj to be together and then he helped me.
And he is hiding all these from Anita.
Mahi: That means he did all these for dii and I misunderstood him? And I sprayed the black spray on his face? I think I should apologize.
Leela: Yes, go and apologize to Yuvi tomorrow the first thing you have to do and make sure that Anita doesn’t sees you doing that.
Mahi gets thinking.

Next day morning,
Here Kunj wakes up in the morning and is shocked to see Twinkle missing.
Kunj: Twinkle? Twinkle?
Kunj sees around his room.
Kunj: Where is Twinkle? Is she that much angry with me? And what I have done? Why would I say sorry?
And then Kunj gets angry and as he looks at the clock he is shocked.
Kunj: Oh no I am quite late I forgot that Twinkle is in Miss Amritsar contest now at this time, I should go and wish her all the best as soon as possible, looks like I have to say sorry now.

Kunj quickly rushes and he reaches at the venue on the right time.
Scene 6: THE VENUE
Kunj reaches and sees that the competition has started already.
Kunj: Oh no, I am very late, now that Siyappa Queen won’t spare me.
Just then as the name is announced.
Announcement: Now it’s time to present the last year’s winner of Miss Amritsar contest Twinkle Kunj Sarna.
Kunj: No, I am not late.
Everyone applauds and Kunj quickly comes at the front.
Twinkle starts a catwalk she is wearing a beautiful gown and Kunj stares at her staringly. Ajaab se ajaab she aadayen hain from Om Shanti Om plays.
Kunj: Twinkle all the best,
Twinkle is smiling and she looks at Kunj and gives him a flying kiss.
And the catwalk finishes.
Host: Now all the models are here, after a while the question drill will start for now, there is an hour interval and after the drill the winner will be announced.

Here Twinkle is in the makeup room and Kunj comes to her, Twinkle looks at the mirror and Saajna plays.
Kunj: You are looking really very beautiful today
Twinkle looks at Kunj and gives him an angry face.
Kunj: No, really you are looking really good I m frankly speaking.
Twinkle: I won’t talk to you.
Kunj: This time I am really sorry, I don’t know how I overslept.
Twinkle smiles.
Twinkle: Fine, I have forgiven you.
Twinkle is worried,
Kunj: Twinkle, what happened you seem to be quite worried,
Twinkle: Yes Kunj, I am very nervous
Kunj: Don’t be nervous, I am sure everything will be fine.
Twinkle: I don’t know what to answer at the question drill and sometimes they ask such weird questions which dont even have an answer, you know?
Kunj smiles.
Kunj: Don’t worry everything will be fine. Answer all the questions from your heart.
Twinkle: Thank you baby, for making me feel good.
Twinkle and Kunj hugs each other, just then Purvi comes.
Purvi: Uhum uhum!
Twinkle and Kunj seperates themselves and feels shy.
Purvi: So this is your husband. Such a cute husband.
Kunj smiles and Twinkle feels jealous.
Purvi: I am Purvi, nice to meet you.
Purvi forwards her hand to handshake with Kunj.
Kunj: I am Kunj.
and they both handshake.
Purvi: Twinkle, the host is calling everyone quickly come. Kunj please come with me.
Kunj: Okay sure
As kunj was about to go Twinkle holds his hand,
Twinkle: Its okay, he will come with me, you no need to worry about that
Purvi: Awww so cute, yes do stay with your husband.
Purvi leaves.
Kunj looks at Twinkle and Twinkle scolds him.
Twinkle: What is the need of listening to that Purvi?
Kunj: Twinkle she is
Twinkle: You will only listen to me and follow me.
Kunj: I can smell something is burning.
Twinkle: Okay fine, you stay here or go with that Purvi I am going alone,
Twinkle leaves.
Kunj: Listen Twinkle! Twinkle!

Here Mahi comes to Yuvraj’s room.
Yuvi: You? What are you doing here? And who told you to come here without asking my permission?
Mahi: Listen, Yuvraj?
Yuvi: Oh please arent you satisfied by insulting me? What else you want?
Yuvraj comes closer to Mahi
Mahi: Yuvraj, what are you doing?
Yuvi: What do you want? Say it in front of my face and then get out of here,
Mahi: I…… I am sorry Yuvraj.
Yuvraj is shocked,
Yuvi: What? What did I just hear?
Mahi says louder.
Mahi: I am really very sorry Yuvraj.
Yuvi: What did I hear? This is not possible.
Yuvraj is about to close the door,
Mahi: I have got to know about everything from Chinki and mom.
Yuvraj is shocked and looks at Mahi,.
Mahi: I have got to know everything, Yuvraj Luthra now you can’t hide anything from me. And she narrates everything to Yuvraj.

Here all the models come and Twinkle also comes and Kunj shows her a thumbs Up to wish her best of luck. And gestures her not to be nervous. Twinkle smiles.
The judges question all the models and then finally they question Twinkle.
Judge 1: Mrs Twinkle Kunj Sarna please do tell us what do you think is the best thing about modellimg?
Twinkle thinks about how Kunj told her to answer everything from the heart.
Twinkle: For me, modeling is not only to portray how beautiful you are, modeling also shows how confident you are, and it is in your personality. For me modelling have always boosted up my self-confidence,.
Judge 2: What would you do if you win this contest?
Twinkke: I would be very lucky to be honored to be Miss Amritsar again, and more than me my family members who have supported me will be really happy. I will do what I should do as a normal citizen of India, I will try my best to do what I can and what I should do.
Twinkle is getting very nervous.
Judge 3: And the last question, what is the most precious thing you have?
Kunj: (in his mind) This Twinkle was right, This judge just love to ask questions that do not make any sense at all. Really. What has the previous thing got to do with modeling?
Twinkle replies to the judges.
Twinkle: My most precious thing is my husband, Kunj Sarna.
Kunj looks at Twinkle and Twinkle looks at Kunj, Saajna plays,
Twinkle: My husband has supported me in all my bad times and never let me give up and inspired me to always fight back. And he have done everything and also did his duties excellently as a perfect husband. He is the reason why I have made this far in this contest this time.
The judge smiles. The round ends.

Yuvi: Please Mahi don’t tell this truth to anyone, and especially mom is a big no.
Mahi: Okay, I won’t tell anyone the truth Yuvraj but I have a condition for that?
Yuvi: What condition?
Mahi smiles.
Mahi: Let’s be friends from today onwards,
Mahi forwards her hand,
Mahi: Friends?
Yuvraj shakes hands with her,
Yuvraj: Friends.
Mahi: That k you so much for helping unite Twinkle Dii and Kunj Jiju.
Yuvi: Okay that all is okay, but I don’t understand one thing.
Mahi: What is that?
Yuvi: How did you get to know or get some idea about it at the first place?
Mahi: Chinki was the one who told me that you did this for a good intention,
Yuvraj thinks about Chinki and smiles,
Mahi: What are you thinking about?
Yuvi: Chinki.
Mahi: What?
Yuvi: No no nothing.
Mani: Okay fine.
Just then Chinki comes and talks to Mahi ,Yuvraj looks at her and is lost in her and doesn’t gets his eye over her. Chinki looks at Yuvraj and smiles and then goes but Yuvraj is still lost in Chinki and Mahi sees this
Mahi: Yuvraj? Yuvraj!
Yuvi: Yes
Mahi: Where you lost?
Yuvi: No, no nothing.
Mahi: You are thinking about Chinki right?
Yuvraj gets nervous,
Mahi: I am telling Chinki right now.
Mahi is about to go and Yuvraj stops her,
Yuvi: No, no please Mahi
Mahi: Okay then tell me what
Yuvi: Actually Mani, I am in love with Chinki,
Mahi smiles,
Mahi: That’s a great news, Then I should call Chinki here now,
Yuvi: No, no no way
Mahi looks at home surprised,
Yuvi: Actually I need some time and I want to confess her as soon as possible.
Mahi: Oh that’s the case . I understood. Don’t worry your work will be done.
Yuvi: What work?
Mahi discusses her idea with Yuvraj and smiles.

SCENE 10: Contest
Later all the judges come to announce the winner,
Judge: All the models were equally good this time. it was really a difficult call to make that who is Miss Amritsar this time is and we came to conclusion that
Other judges: The winner is none other than Twinkle Kunj Sarna
Twinkle gets really happy and Kunj smiles and runs to hug her. Saajna plays.
Everyone applauds, Kunj and Twinkle seperates and feels shy,
Host: Mr Kunj Sarna you must learn how to control your excitement.
Twinkle looks at Kunj and Kunj looks at Twinkle
Host: Now we would present the pageant and crown to Mrs Twinkke Kunj Sarna,
Judge: Mr Kunj Sarna, why don’t you make your wife wear the pageant and crown this time.
Kunj smiles and makes her wear the paegant and crown and Twinkle smiles. They both look at each other and share an eye lock. Saajna plays.
The episode ends,

Precap: Twinkle and Kunj are dancing together in a party on the song Sanam Re and share some romantic moments , on the other hand Yuvraj confesses his love and proposes Chinki. Chinki is shocked.

I don’t know when I can publish the next episode as I will be facing internet issues in the next few days, so I may take time to publish the episode, I will publish the episode whenever it is possible. And if I publish after a few days then I will publish two episodes together or a maha episode.
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