Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love (Episode 1)


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The episode continues from where Yuvraj brings Twinkle to the mandap forcefully. And the goon of Yuvraj attacks Kunj.

Kunj is rushing quickly using his bike to save Twinkle as as she is kidnapped by Yuvraj. But Yuvi’s goons of 5 attack him.
Kunj: Let me go
Gang leader: No, we can’t let you go .
And as they were going to hit Kunj, Kunj holds their hand and single-handly fights with them.
He hits them non-stop. The goons are stunned on how he is fighting and overpowering them without any weapons and using his hands and legs only.
Goon member: Saahab, I think he will give Jakie Chan and Dara Singh a very tough competition.
Kunj comes to him and the goon gets scared.
Kunj smiles and shows him his hands.
Kunj: Which one do you choose left or right one?
Goon: Left.
Kunj punches him with his left hand.
Kunj: You want more?
Goon member nods no.
Gang leader: You can’t escape from us.
And then all the gang member and also the leader runs away.
Kunj: Cowards. Now I have to save my Siyappa Queen from Yuvi.
Kunj: (in his mind) I have to save Twinkle at any cost.
And he rides the bike at a high speed.

Yuvraj brings Twinkle to the mandap. Twinkle is unconscious. So Yuvraj sprinkles water on her. Twinkle wakes up.
Twinkle: Kunj!!!!
Yuvraj: It’s not Kunj, Twinky, it’s me your Yuvi.
Twinke: Yuvi! You!
Yuvraj: By now, Kunj must be dead.
Twinkle: NO!
Yuvraj: I know you won’t love to hear that.
Twinkle breathes a sign of relief.
Yuvraj: But this news can come with one phone call.
Twinkle is shocked.
Twinkle: What do you mean?
Yuvraj walks around.
Yuvraj: If you don’t listen to me, and don’t do what I say with one phone call your Kunj is gone.
Twinkle: Please don’t say so. I will do whatever you say.
Yuvi mimics like a kid.
Yuvraj: Twinky promise?
Twinkle with tears on her eyes.
Twinkle: Promise
Yuvraj gets back to normal and starts laughing.
Yuvraj: You have to marry me today, right now, here
Twinkle: What? No I can’t marry you.
Yuvraj: Okay, I won’t marry you, but your Kunj will definitely die.
Twinkle: Please don’t do like this. I will do whatever you say. I will definitely marry you, Yuvi.
Yuvraj: Well done
And he roams around Twinkle and whistles Tumhe apne banana e ki kasam. Twinkle cries. Yuvi gives her and forces her to wear a pink lehenga.

Twinkle’s mom Leela comes to Kunj’s house to ask about Twinkle-Kunj. She talks to Usha and Babe
Leela: Usha ji, where is Twinkle and Kunj?
Usha: What, they didn’t meet you?
Leela: Me?
Babe: Yes, Twinkle and Kunj said that they are going to your house.
Leela: No, Twinkle didn’t say anything like that.
Usha: What?
As Leela and Usha were talking to each other, Aliya (Kunj’s sister, there is no character of Kunj’s sister in the show, only in this fan-fiction, by any chance if you didn’t read the introduction, you can assume Kanchi Singh as Aliya who was last seen as Avni, the lead in Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya which went off air like in 2014 on zee tv) listens to them.
Aliya: What?
Babe: Aliya, you were the one who said Twinkle- Kunj went to Leela’s house.
Aliya: Sorry mom
Usha: So, you lied to me.
Aliya: Because Bhaia told me to do so.
Usha: This girl
Leela: It’s okay Usha ji, she’s a kid forgive her.
Just then Anita comes.
Anita: (in her mind) Drama in this house will never end.
Babe: Call Kunj right now.
Aliya: But Babe?
Usha: Call him.

Aliya tries to call but its unavailable.
Aliya: It’s unavailable.
Usha: This boy, always does whatever he wishes to.
Leela: Aliya beti, call Twinkle.
Aliya calls Twinkle and the phone rings.
Aliya: It’s ringing.
Leela: Put it on loudspeaker.
Anita: Why loudspeaker, Leela? What if your daughter may do something?
Babe: You keep quiet!
On the other hand, while Twinkle is thinking about Kunj, she is getting ready and crying. She hears the phone ringing.
Twinkle: Aliya!
Twinkle sees Yuvi talking to the priest and she quickly picks up the call.
Twinkle: Hello Aliya
Aliya: Bhabi, why were you not picking up our calls we were so worried?
Twinkle: Aliya I am in trouble, please help me.
Leela gets scared and Aliya gestures her to not make any noise.
And just then Yuvi comes, Twinkle forgets to disconnect the call and hides the phone.
Yuvi: Hey baby, you are looking very beautiful, let’s go and get married.
Everyone listens and is shocked.
Usha: I knew Twinkle will do like this. I shouldn’t have trust he
Leela: You are again misunderstanding my daughter.
In the call
Twinkle: Isn’t there any other way besides getting married too save Kunj?
Yuvraj: There is one way, but?
Twinkle: But?

Yuvraj: You will see the dead body of Kunj.
Usha: Kunj!
Yuvi: From where is this sound coming?
Aliya in fear cuts the call.
Anita: (in her mind) Now Yuvi is in trouble thanks to Twinkle.
Babe: Aliya, why did you cut the call now how will we know the location.
Aliya: Babe, we could hear bells in the place, so that means they are in a temple, and when I called Bhabi via social media, the name of the area appeared and in this area there is only one temple
Babe: Finally, this technology is going to help us in a way at leats.
Everyone rushes to the temple by car.
Anita: Everything was going according to plan, but this Aliya foiled my plan.
And she also goes with them.
Yuvraj: So, you were trying to be oversmart?
Twinkle: I didn’t do anything. I only got the call but I couldn’t do or say anything.
Yuvraj: You think that I am stupid? I know you used social media. Very smart Twinkle, I hope this smartness will not prove harmful for Kunj.
Twinkle: Please don’t say anything.
Yuvraj takes the phone from Twinkle and destroys it.
Yuvraj: You will marry me right now.
Twinkle: YUVI!
He drags Twinkle to the temple.
Just then Kunj reaches the temple. As he was about to enter he temple, the gang leader hits him on the head. Kunj moves but gets injuired his forehead and blood comes out from his forehead. And he falls on the floor.
Kunj: Twinkle!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
And he cries

On the other hand, Yuvraj and Twinkle starts taking round.
Twinkle: Kunj?
Yuvraj: Not Kunj baby, from today its Yuvi.
Twinkle cries and Yuvi forcefully take rounds.
As its the 7th round is about to begin, Kunj comes.
Kunj: Stop it Yuvi!
Yuvi: Kunj?
Twinkle leaves Yuvi’s hand and hugs Kunj. Kunj also hugs Twinkle.
Twinkle: What happened to you? How did you get injuired?
Kunj: That doesn’t matter.
As Yuvi was about to say something, he hears police siren and runs away.
Twinkle: Police?
Kunj: Not Police.
Twinkle: What do you mean?
Kunj gets into flashback what happened when he got hurt.
Kunj: Please let me go. I want to go to my Twinkle. Please.
Gang leader: No, I can’t let you.
Kunj: Pleaseeeeee. He cries, and as he is about to get up he falls down. He tries again and again he falls down. And finally with very much difficulty, he manages to get up.
Gang leader is surprised and smiles.
Gang leader: Go.
Kunj: What?
Gang leader: Go and stop your wife from getting married to someone else. You really love your wife a lot .Its very hard to see true love nowadays. I will manage. I will play police siren and by then, you can meet and take away your wife.
Kunj gets happy.
Kunj: Thank you.
Kunj smiles. And he gets back from flashback.
Twinkle: I knew it, you are my hero and you will save me at any cost.
Twinkle and Kunj hugs and Saajna plays.

Just then the gang member comes.
Gang leader: Take care of yourself and your wife. I just want to give a tip. It is believed that today is an auspicious day, and whoever gets married never gets separated.
Kunj and Twinkle gets surprised as the gang member forces them to get married. Kunj and Twinkle smiles.
And they take 7 rounds happily, as they starting taking rounds entire Sarna family reaches there and sees them and is happy except for Anita.
Aliya: I thought I missed the wedding, but I got to see it. I am so happy.
After Kunj and Twinkle finishes taking rounds by giving promises to each other.
Priest: Now make the wear bride mangalsutra.
Twinkle: Mangalsutra? I don’t have mine with me. It got lost somehow.
Twinkle is sad.
Kunj: Twinkle don’t worry.
He takes out mangalsutra from the pocket.
Twinkle: How is this with you?
Kunj: Remember, your mangalsutra had some problems and you gave it to me to fix it.
Twinkle: You still haven’t fix it? I told you so many times but you never listen to me.
Babe: What’s happening, what is Twinkle-Kunj talking about why he still never made her wear the mangalsutra?
Kunj: Listen, Siyappa Queen, because of that, its proving helpful what would we have done if we didn’t have mangalsutra with us.
Twinkle: We could have got it somehow but you should have fixed it it proves that you never listen to me.
Kunj: Who would listen to you? See, how much helpful it has been without listening to Kunj.
Twinkle: Listen, Kunj.
Kunj: Siyyapa Queen’s usual nautanki.
Priest: Please kindly make the bride wear mangalsutra.
Aliya: Uff this bhaia, bhabi always fight for no reason. Who fights on their wedding?
And then Kunj makes Twinkle wear mangalsutra.

Priest: Now apply sindoor to the bride.
Yuvraj: Now how will you apply sindoor
Kunj and Twinkle are shocked.
Yuvraj: It was a very good way to trick me, but you are a little late. Now how will you complete the ritual?
Kunj quickly opens the sindoor box and is shocked to see it empty.
Twinkle is also shocked.
Twinkle: How did the sindoor box became empty?
Yuvraj remembers how he bumped into someone and how the sindoor fell on the ground.
Yuvraj: I was furious that time, but now I am happy that ths ritual is incomplete, so Twinkle-Kunj’s marriage is also incomplete.
And he laughs.
Aliya: Oh no, this Yuvi had to come now?
Everyone is shocked. Anita smirks.
Kunj also laughs. Twinkle is surprised.
Kunj: You are wrong Yuvi. Who said the ritual is incomplete?
Yuvi is surprised.
Yuvraj: What do you mean?
Kunj takes blood from his injuired forehead and applies it on Twinkle’s forehead
Priest: Now this marriage is completed.
Kunj and Twinkle looks at each other happily and Saajna plays.
Everyone is happy except for Yuvraj and Anita.
The episode ends.

Precap: Usha welcomes Twinkle and Kunj at the house and does ghar pravesh. She says that last time she didn’t accept her as her bahu but now she wholeheartly accepts her. Twinkle is happy, shehas tears on her eyes and hugs Usha. After that Kunj is confused, and then Twinkle asks him what happened? Kunj asks her am I in love?
Twinkle says how do I know? You are always with me. You are my everything. Because I…….. Twinkle says I what? Kunj tries to say but fails to do so. On the other hand, Anita tells Yuvi that their plan failed. Yuvi says no. Anita says what do you mean? Yuvi smiles.
Will Kunj be able to say what he wants to say to Twinkle? What does he wants to say to Twinkle? What is going on Yuvi’s mind this time? Is he going to seperate Twinkle- Kunj again?

The next episode of Tashan-e-Ishq: Intense Love will be published by this Sunday, 17 Jan Night. Stay tuned.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions, as the fate of this ff and no.of episodes will depend on the no. Of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as u can 

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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