Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 9

Hey guys I got a great response on maha episode . So thank you so much

I am really really sorry for the late update .

Here is another episode of my ff

Hope you like it

Episode starts with twinkle and Kunj talking

Kunj – twinkle I am really sorry about what happened. I shouldn’t have doubted you .

Twinkle – it’s OK kunj raat gayi baat gayi

Kunj – but I won’t be able to forgive myself for doubting you .

He gets emotional while saying this

Twinkle – Oho Mr khadoos Sarna does not look good while he is senty

Kunj – what did you call me now ?

Twinkle – Mr khadoos Sarna

Kunj – oh really and miss amritsar “beauty with brains “ is the biggest siyyapa queen in the whole universe

Twinkle – o hello don’t call me siyyapa queen or else ………….

Kunj – or else what ………. What will you do?

Twinkle – or else I will take advantage of you while you are asleep?

Kunj – what ??? You are joking right .

Twinkle – you just wait and watch

Kunj begins to chase her

Kunj – acha faida uthai gi mera ha (ok so you will take advantage of me )and he smiles

Twinkle throws blanket at him but it is so heavy that she also gets a push with it and she falls over kunj and the blanket comes and they get rolled in it

They share a romantic eye lock

Sajna Ve plays in the background

They both are really close

Suddenly kunj gets more close to Twinkle . She gets surprised but she also gets close to him and they were about to kiss but there was a knock at the door . They both get shocked and realises what they were about to do . They both get really embarrassed. But before they could say something bebe came in but as twinj was on the ground in the blanket she couldn’t see them

Bebe – twinkle putter , Kunj putter where are you ?

Twinj thinks – if bebe sees us like this she will think something else was happening between us

They both silently went under the bed with the blanket

Bebe saw them but didn’t say anything

Bebe – I think they both must have gone out .

And she also goes out

Twinj breath a sigh of relief

They both push and comes out from under the bed

Suddenly bebe comes

Bebe- chori pakri gayi akhir kar (the theft have been caught after all)

And she smiles

Bebe – I have seen romance but what kind of romance is this. Getting rolled in the blanket and romancing under the bed . I think soon there will be a baby in our house .

Twinj were so much embarrassed that they didn’t even looked at each other . They tried to explain but bebe said

It’s OK you are newly married. These types of things happen . I am going out . You get free I will come after 10 minutes to tell you something .

And she goes out

Twinj try to get out from the blanket and in the process their faces touch each other .

Sanam re plays in the background
After much try they get out

They don’t even look at each other because of embarrassment

Kunj sits on sofa and twinkle in bed

After 10 minutes bebe comes and sees them sitting sadly.

Bebe – it’s OK I won’t tell anyone what happened here . Don’t be sad . Achha I came here to tell you that I have arranged a dinner for you both . After all what happened in the last days was not good . So you both go and enjoy there . And yes no excuses .

Twinj helplessly look at each other and says – Ji bebe

Bebe smiles and goes from there

Yuvi was standing there and listening all their conversation

He fumes when he listens all the conversation

Yuvi – they both are getting very close to each other everything. Now I have to do something big that it will break twinj very badly and then twinkle will come running to me . He smirks

Kunj went to the washroom to change . Twinkle waited outside

She thought- how can I go with Mr khadoos Sarna and that to what happened in the morning. How can I. ……… well level it . I have to plan something

Precap : kunj slaps chinki and twinkle teases kunj

Again I am really sorry for the late update

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  1. Wowww saibo Loved ur ff ❤!! Its amazinggggg.. Waiting eagerly for ur nxt epi

  2. Ohk so chinki getting d slap is gud nd hope yuvi fails.. lets just wait nd watch whats cooking.. nd i loved d epsiode..

    1. I am happy you liked it

  3. It’s amazing……
    excepting that u write many more episodes……

  4. Twinj is too gud update nxt epi fast

    1. Yeah Twinj is the best

  5. awesome yaar sailbo

    1. Really happy you liked it

  6. Nice Saibo

    1. Thanks chandra
      Can i call you chandra as i am in 9
      And are you in 9 or 10 dear

  7. Hey saibo even I am in class 9 but u really write well ….nd more than that ur imagination is quite high…..!!! Keep it up dear….!!!

    1. Thanks Rakshita
      So that means we are in the same standard

  8. liked ur imagination….rolling in the blanket part was nice

  9. Awesomeeee and pls don’t stop yaa

  10. Awesome yrr saibo …..wow yrrr twinj scenes awesome…. But why did kunj slaps chinki did she confess her mistake

    1. Thats a suspense ?

  11. From ur precap..i tink ur next epi is going to rock…yoo..hihi

    1. Thanks. I hope you like the next episode

  12. Awesome
    Just loved the twinj part

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