Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 8 Maha Episode

Hey guys as I told before this is a Maha episode as some extra of the misunderstandings will get clear and some truths will be revealed

Hope that you all like the episode

The episode starts with kunj informing everyone that twinkle is nowhere to be found

Chinki and yuvi think – now what drama is happening but whatever it is let’s enjoy

Usha – well yes she must have gotten scared of the punishment we will give her and must have ran away with her boyfriend abhay

Bebe – I know twinkle did very wrong but I don’t think she will ran away like this . I mean leaving all this behind .

Usha – bebe as you know twinkle was newly married why will she care about our respect

Bebe – if not us she will atleast not leave her family and specially her parents!

And they keep on arguing and Kunj kept on calling different people asking about twinkle

He thinks – twinkle you left everything like this. At least you must once had thought about your parents . If not them then me . You left easily but you took away my heart with you as well. I feel like I will just live for my family now . As all my emotions my love you took with you .

He was crying while thinking this

Yuvi goes to side and calls twinkle parents Leela and RT from an unknown number and changes his voice

Yuvi- hello Mr and Mrs Taneja please come to Sarna house as your daughter twinkle’s life is in danger .

Leela – but what happened to Twinkle and who are you ?

Yuvi – leave all this and just come to Sarna house or else……………..

Leela – or else what ? Please tell me

But yuvi cuts the phone and takes out the sim from the mobile and crushes it and throws it into the bin but bebe sees him doing this
Bebe thinks- what was yuvi throwing in the bin

She comes and checks and finds the crushed sim and says – maybe yuvi threw it in misunderstanding I will give it to him later . First of all we have to find twinkle

And she puts the sim in her purse and goes from there

Otherside Leela tells RT what she heard on the phone

RT – I don’t want to see her face ! Are these the sanskaars we gave her ! You go I won’t come. Now I will only see her face when I get to know that she is innocent

Leela crys but silently leaves from there

She comes in Sarna house and is shocked to see everyone tensed

She asks what happened ed and bebe tells her about the yesterday incident

She breaks down on floor and says no twinkle can’t do this

She says – ae wahe guru Ji …….. why are you taking our test? You know my twinkle can’t do this ? Please show me a way to prove my daughter innocent

Kunj comes and consoles her

Usha – kunj Twinkle did so much bad deeds with us and still you are supporting her mother

Kunj – I don’t care what twinkle did with us but Leela maa was my mom is my mom and will be my mom and if twinkle is with me or not she will remain in the place of my mother

Usha fumes and leaves from there

Bebe also comes and consoles her

Bebe – Leela Ji I met twinkle yesterday but I feel she is right . I don’t know what a feel a attachment with her . My heart says she can’t be wrong

Leela keeps on crying

Yuvi and chinki are watching this

Yuvi – all this drama is OK but where is Twinkle? I am getting really worried for Her . No matter what happens . I want her at any cost . She is my love .

Chinki fumes listening this but doesn’t say anything

She thinks – why am I getting jealous of twinkle ? Why I want yuvi to talk about just me ? Why I want him with me everytime ? Why am I angry seeing yuvi’s craziness for twinkle ? Why ???

While thinking chinki takes a step forward and her foot twists as she was about to fall down yuvi held her

Janam janam from dilwale plays in the background

Chinki heart begins to beat fastly

Chinki soul talks – yuvi I always need you by my side . I……………… I love…………….. I LOVE YOU YUVI
Yes chinki Sarna is in love

All the excitement can be clearly seen on her face

Yuvi – why are you so happy chinki ?

Chinki – no nothing
And she rushes to her room

In chinki room

Chinki thinks –

I know I did wrong with bhai and twinkle bhabi

That’s why I am not in peace but once she comes back home I will take all the blame on myself and then I will confess my love to yuvi

Other side Leela was crying bitterly and Kunj and bebe were consoling her

Suddenly a voice comes

Mein vapis aa gayi hoon apni begunahi ka sabooth dene ( I have came back to give the prove of my innocence )

All look at her

Usha Manohar yuvi and chinki come in hall

The voice is of non other than twinkle

She has some papers in her hands

Kunj comes running towards her saying – twinkle where were you? You know how much I got tensed seeing you gone ! If something would have happened to you then I would have ………………………….

Hua hai ajj pehli baar from sanam re plays

He suddenly stops remembering all the incidents

He leaves Twinkle and stands with bebe

Twinkle comes and gives the papers one by one to every one

All are shocked to see the papers except Usha

Chinki and yuvi thinks – now our truth will be out

The papers contained the results of tests twinkle gave and it said that twinkle was not pregnant

Usha – what’s in this ? She can bribe the doctor to make fake report

Chinki and Yuvi breath a sigh of relief

Usha – as we all say the mms in which it was clear that twinkle was getting physical with her boyfriend so it was obvious that she can be pregnant. And what proves do you have that you weren’t in that mms . It was clearly your face twinkle . If you prove that you were not in the video then I will believe that you are innocent

And she kept on brainwashing everyone mind

At last bebe said – how much time will you talk ? Let her speak as well ? She is respecting you that’s why she is quiet or else………………

Twinkle – thank you bebe for giving me a chance to speak . Mummy Ji you are saying that the reports are fake so all of you come with me to the hospital I will give the tests there infront of you all then I wont be able to bribe the doctor and if they are positive then I will kill myself there . All are shocked to hear this .

And that mms thing will also get cleared

So all of them Usha Manohar yuvi Chinki kunj and Leela went to hospital with twinkle

Twinkle went in to Give the tests

After some time the doctor came out and said I am sorry the reports are negative

Kunj was more than happy but didn’t expressed it

Leela and bebe and chinki ( she has became positive ) were also happy

Yuvi was bitting his teeth

Yuvi to himself- again my plan got failed but what will twinkle do with the mms ? And he smirked

Twinkle came out kunj wanted to hug her but thought that only half truth is out once the mms thing gets cleared than I will shower all my love over her . And he smiled thinking it

Twinkle says – and now the mms

She shows everyone something in phone

It is another mms the same boy a abhay is in it and all the video is same except the girl her face is changed even the dress is Same

Twinkle tells them how somebody changed her face and sent that mms to everyone

Kunj was shocked to hear this and he hugged twinkle very tightly

Sajna Ve plays in the background

Kunj – I knew in my heart that twinkle won’t do anything like that .

Usha feels ashamed and apologies to Twinkle for doubting on her and twinkle forgives her RT also come and says – I am sorry twinkle. I got so angry on you . Twinkle also forgive him .

Leela and bebe come and hug twinkle and praises her , how she fought with the situation
And proved her innocence

Kunj tries to talk to Twinkle but she angrily leaves from there with other family members
She thinks – now it’s your turn to console me

They come home and everyone goes to there room except twinkle

Kunj thinks- it’s the right time to apologize to her

He tries but twinkle dosent listen to him

He performs in matargasti song ( which he performed in show as well) and in the end twinkle also laughs

Kunj – miss amritsar please forgive me

Twinkle – not so easily

And they chase each other but kunj accidentally falls on twinkle

Sajna Ve plays in the background

And they continue to do funny things like this

Precap: kunj’s funny ways to propose twinkle and chinki confesses her crime

I think you all don’t like my ff as I don’t get much response

I am planning to end my ff

If you want any changes in the storyline please do tell me through your comments

As the number of episodes will depend on the number of comments ❤

Credit to: Saibo


  1. Wowww finally the misunderstandings got cleared. Itss superbbbbbb,, Loved itt, u’re an amazing writer saibo!!! Plzz dear plzz don’t end ur ff its amzingg plzzz don’t end

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