Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 7

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And one more thing the Precap which I posted yesterday was for today’s episode but the new entry will be today so sorry for that
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The episode starts with Usha throwing some papers on twinkle

Everyone are shocked

Yuvi thinks – I didn’t do anything now then what is happening?

But he then looks at chinki who was smirking so he understood that chinki must have made a plan

Chinki thinks – yuvi you did your plan now it’s my turn

Twinkle and Kunj together read the papers and are shell shocked

Before twinkle could say anything kunj slapped her

Kunj – I believed you even when I saw the mms with my own eyes and you were there in it but now this proof is also wrong . I know we did this marriage for our families nothing else but you could have told me that you cannot anymore bear our tashan e shadi . I would have given you divorce myself . Because I wanted to see you happy . I always did small things which made you happy . Always stood by your side . I bear all your tantrums without saying a word as I knew the see little things make you happy but now this is the reward you have given me . I always had pride saying that twinkle Taneja is my wife but today twinkle I feel ashamed by calling you my wife . We are over twinkle . I cannot do this anymore.

Twinkle was crying bitterly and Kunj also had tears in his eyes saying this
Hamari adhuri kahani plays in the background

Usha – now after getting so much insulted just get out from here and tomorrow morning you will receive divorce papers with kunj sign on it .

Twinkle collapsed on the floor

Kunj was about to help her when he remembered what was written in the papers .

An fb is shown chinki bribes the doctor to make fake pregnancy reports of twinkle but not with kunj as it was written that she came for checkup with a boy whose name was abhay and he was the father of her child

Kunj thinks – twinkle I loved you so dearly . I loved you more than me . But was my love just for this time. My love had not started yet and you killed it . Now the passion with which I loved you I will hate you with the same passion.

Just then a voice came – ooooo kya chal raha hai yahan par (what is happening here )

She is wearing green and golden shalwar qameez and is holding bags in her hand.

(Surjeet and Anita are already married and they have a son cherry but he has not entered yet)and yuvi is also their son

Usha Manohar Surjeet and Anita says – are bebe app is waqt yahan wo bhi aisa achanak (bebe you here at this time time that too suddenly

Bebe – why this is my house ? Why can’t I come here at any time I want ? You all didn’t invited me in kunj putter wedding so I came to meet my DIL. Were you all doing something private private and she laughs ( she is a positive character )

Usha and Manohar says – no bebe it’s nothing going like that just we were discussing something serious and you came like that . that’s why

Bebe notices twinkle crying in floor

Bebe- what is this? Why is Twinkle crying ? She is Kunj’s wife right ? I saw her picture in pinch. But what happened ?

Then Usha narrates all the incidents and bebe is also shocked

Bebe- we will talk about this tomorrow. Everyone go to your rooms . And Kunj take twinkle with you . Now the decision will be taken tomorrow morning

Kunj unwillingly takes twinkle in his arms as she wasn’t in a state to walk

Kunj foot slips a bit resulting in twinkle getting more close to him

Sajna Ve plays in the background

Kunj thinks – why twinkle? Why did you do this with me ?

Twinkle thinks – kunj how could you believe I will do this ?

They reach the room and Kunj throws twinkle on bed and goes to sleep on couch

Twinkle wakes the while night thinking something

Other side Chinki is also thinking something

The sun rises up again and Kunj wakes with the rays of sun he thinks to see twinkle

But the remember all the incident of yesterday

He is shocked to see twinkle not on bed he searches the whole house but twinkle is nowhere to be found

He informs this to all

Precap : twinj cute moments and everyone apologize to Twinkle

Where did twinkle go?

What happened that suddenly all family members asked apology from twinkle ?

To know more keep reading TASHAN E ISHQ ( HATE CHANGES INTO LOVE )

They next episode will be a Maha episode as some truths will be revealed

Hope you all enjoyed it

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