Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 6

Hi guys back with another episode

Hope you like it

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Episode starts with kunj carrying twinkle in his arms

Kunj- twinkle I know you can’t do this. Get in your senses then everything would be clear

Twinkle – kuuuuunnnnnjjjjjj

She was unconscious so she couldn’t complete her sentence

Kunj – twinkle you will be alright

And he put her on the bed but there was a book on the floor on which his foot slipped and he fell on her as well

Sajna Ve plays in the background

They are just a centimeter far

Kunj thinks – today we are this much close but I can’t do anything as I don’t have your permission but one day when you will say those three magical words to me I will open my heart out for you and he smiles and gets up

Otherside yuvi tells chinki how he did this

Yuvi – give me your ear

Chinki comes closer to him and feels something but ignores it

Chinki – say quickly I don’t have extra time

Yuvi- OK meri Jan then he corrects himself and says OK my partner in crime. I saw a mms on Internet which was recently uploaded…………..

Chinki – then what did you do ? ? ?

Yuvi- why are you jumping in I am telling you na. Then I saw a app in which faces could be exchanged so I simply exchanged the girl’s face with twinkle and there was already dark so nobody noticed.

Chinki – wow yuvi you have such a evil mind like me we should get married

Yuvi looks at her angrily

Chinki – I mean we should keep plotting against twinj like this

Yuvi gives her a grin and leaves from there

Chinki thinks – what has happened to me today why am I behaving so weirdly today and why I feel something when I go close to yuvi??? Uhhhhhhh leave it i have other works to do as well

And she also leaves

Kunj is thinking that I promised maa (leela)that I will make everything alright and other side maa (usha) said that if I don’t prepare divorce papers till tomorrow then I will see her dead face what to do???

Just then twinkle wakes up and hugs kunj from behind

Soch na sake from airlift plays

Twinkle – kunj you know I will never do anything like this

Kunj – I have full faith in you and we together will solve this problem

Twinkle is touched by his words and smiles a bit

Kunj – but there is a little problem and he tells her what Usha said

Twinkle – kunj mummy Ji is right any person who sees a video of her daughter in law like this will take this step

Kunj- I know but what to do

Just then he sees something and closed his eyes by his hands

Twinkle – what happened kunj

Kunj- Twinkle. ……….uhhhhhhh. ………yourrrrrrr…………

Twinkle – what is wrong why are you behaving like this

Kunj – the back of your dress he says this is just one second and turns the other side

Twinkle touches her back and is shocked it’s zip is full open

She tries to close it but her hands do not reach till her neck

Kunj hesitantly asks- can I help ?

Twinkle thinks from whom else will I take her as everyone is upset with me (bebe entry has not come yet)

She also says yes hasitately

Kunj turns and hugs her and she asks what is he doing ?

You said that close the zip I am just doing that

He closes the zip till her neck and touches her bare back accidentally

Twinkle feels butterfly in her stomach and thinks why I need him lawyer this close to me ? Why my heart wants him to hug me everything why?

Agar tum sathiya ho plays in background

Just then voice calls twinkle and Kunj downstairs

They both go and Usha throws some papers on twinkle’s face

Precap : twinj cute moments and a new entry

Guys I really hope you are not getting bored And if yes please tell me how I can improve

As the number of episodes will depend on the number of comments ❤❤❤

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