Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 5

Hi guys here is another episode of my ff.

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Episode starts with everyone looking at twinkle with shocked eyes

Twinkle : What happened? Why is everyone looking at me like that?

Leela starts crying

Leela: twinkle how could you do this?

Twinkle: but what did I do?

Chinki smirks to yuvi and comes to Twinkle, shows her the video in phone

After seeing the video she gets unconscious

Kunj rush towards her and holds her

Sajna Ve plays in the background

Twinkle: ( in half unconscious state) kunj you know I can’t do this

Kunj : I know there has been a misunderstanding

Twinkle : kunj and she totally gets unconscious

The video is then shown
It has an mms of twinkle and another boy which everyone thought is her boyfriend .

Usha : enough is enough! Leela Ji for how much time will we get badmouthing from other people just because of your daughter

Leela: Usha Ji there is nothing like that it’s just a misunderstanding

Kunj : yes maa there is a misunderstanding Twinkle can never do anything like that

RT : enough I am having guilt calling twinkle my daughter !

Pinni: OMG Didi Ji tissue twinkle has put our respective in dust

Raman : you keep quiet Pinni Ji

And Raman, Pinni, Bubbly and RT leaves from there

Usha : kunj prepare the divorce papers for your and twinkle’s marriage

Leela breaks down in tears

Kunj: maa what are you saying??

And he goes towards Leela to console her

Usha : if you don’t prepare the divorce papers till tomorrow you will see my dead face

And she and Manohar also goes from there

Kunj : don’t worry maa (Leela ) I will set everything right

Leela: I am so proud that I have got a son in law like you

Otherside chinki asks yuvi how did he did this

Yuvi : this depends on mind which I have more than you

Chinki: don’t speak too much just answer my question or else!!!

Yuvi : or else???

Chinki : leave it tell me na!!!

Yuvi : OK come closer to me

Chinki : What? ?

Yuvi I mean come here so I tell you the secret

The screen freezes in chinki ‘s confused face

Precap: Yuki’s next plan, the Sarnas get another shock and Kunj slaps twinkle

What happened that it led kunj to slap twinkle ? To know more keep reading and commenting on Tashan e ishq ( hate changes in to love)

Hope you like it . If you want any changes feel free to express your opinions through your comments
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Credit to: Saibo


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