Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 4

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Kunj comes out of the washroom and stands in front of the mirror

He sees the lipstick mark and thinks why didn’t it go but then thinks why do I care I will tease my siyapa queen now

Twinkle is keeping clothes in the cupboard and sees kunj is smiling to himself and then she sees the lipstick mark and remembers that when she fell on kunj . She gets embarrassed

Kunj notice it and thinks that now you have seen it i will have more fun teasing you

Twinkle: kunj haven’t you bathed??

Kunj : of course I have! Why?

Twinkle : nothing BTW you are sweating here take this tissue and wipe your cheek

Kunj: I am perfectly fine you are sweating and telling me to wipe it

Twinkle : come one I am saying na OK you go and bath again

Kunj : why ? Didn’t I told you I have bathed now? Why are you behaving so weirdly??

Twinkle : OK I will wipe your cheek

Kunj : why are you after my cheek what’s wrong with it ? I will check it I’m the mirror

Twinkle : no no kunj nothings wrong come in will wipe your sweat

But Kunj dosent listen and goes towards the mirror

Twinkle goes to stop him but they both fall on the bed and are so close to each other

Twinkle gets tensed and closes her eyes and so kunj was on her she couldn’t move

Kunj tries to get up but twinkle’s mangalsutar gets stuck to his shirt button

Kunj delicately untangle it and gets off and runs towards the mirror

Twinkle sees this and thinks now I am gone

Kunj: twinkle I know your my wife and we are married but you never told me that you wanted to kiss me

Twinkle : kunj it’s nothing like that……….

Kunj: so what’s it like I never thought you will do this with me!!!

Twinkle : look kunj it’s a…..,,.,

Kunj : it’s a what twinkle you should have told me that you wanted to kiss me

Twinkle doesn’t have a answer and starts crying??

Kunj sees this

He comes to Twinkle and says

Kunj: don’t cry twinkle I was just joking
There was nothing like that
I knew it that this was a accident

Twinkle : do you think this is funny ? Do you even know what is going on me? She was saying this while crying

Kunj cups her face and starts wiping her tears

Maine khud ko plays in the background

Kunj: twinkle I will never intend to hurt you . I was just trying to cheer you up . You are the most important person in my life . If you cry I feel the pain in my heart . I like my bubbly twinkle not this crying twinkle

Twinkle is shocked to hear such words from his mouth

Twinkle soul talks : why am I getting attracted towards him
What’s happening to me
Twinkle was in thoughts when kunj left and she was just starring him

Otherside all twinkle family members come Raman, Pinni, Leela , Bubbly and RT ( there is no sister of twinkle and Mahi track)

They greet the Sarnas

Twinkle hears their voice and comes down

She is surprised to see them

She comes down and hugs Leela and others

They have a family moment

Kunj smiles seeing them

Twinkle : BTW maa you here. is everything alright?

Leela: yes putter everything is alright , yuvi called us and said there is some surprise

Yuvi : I called them I made a special video for all the family members ( yuvi’s true side is not revealed yet)

Everyone gets excited

He starts the video and it contain twinj story from tashan.e.meeting to tashan.e.shading. twinj are smiling at each other and others are also enjoying

Yuvi thinks smile as much as you can as the final explosion is left

Bubbly says : we have seen all the tashan except their tashan.e.romance

Twinj blush and others laugh

Just then everyone phone rings

Everyone sees it and are shocked except twinkle whose phone is upstairs

Everyone looks at twinkle and phone falls from kunj hand

He is so shocked

Precap: twinkle is lying unconscious, Usha says to kunj that prepare divorce papers for twinkle and your marriage

What was in the the phone that the situation became so dangerous ???
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Credit to: Saibo


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