Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 3

I am so happy that on my ff I get such a great response by great ff writers so thank you you so much and I would also like to thank all the silent readers .
So here another episode. Hope you enjoy it

Twinkle is sitting in front of the mirror and is thinking

Twinkle to herself: why baba Ji why? Sometimes kunj is so sweet that I think he is the best husband ever and sometimes he is so irritating that I don’t even want to see his face . I don’t know which is the true side of kunj . Please baba Ji help me

Just then twinkle comes to the window and sees a man whose basket is fallen down and all the vegetables are split on the road .
He is shouting that please stop the cars my vegetables are getting crushed this is my only way to get money
I have a family and I have to give them food
Please somebody help me

Twinkle was about to go down to help him when she sees a man helping the vegetable seller and asking the cars to stop

Twinkle thinks that he is so nice he is helping a stranger

The man gives the basket back to the vegetable seller and gives him extra money to fill his loss.

Twinkle can’t see the man face as he facing backwards

Just then he turns his face and twinkle is shocked to see him……….

He is none other than kunj

Twinkle soul talks : is this just a coincidence or any symbol from God? ? Oh baba Ji I am never so confused in maths paper than in this situation. ………….

Kunj comes to his room and goes to washroom to freshen up and twinkle eyes him lovingly

(Hua hai ajj pehli baar from sanam re plays)

Twinkle was in thoughts and was walking when she hits with the bed and was about to fall down when kunj comes and holds her

(Sajna Ve plays in the background )

They both are lost in each other and Kunj thinks : twinkle you keep falling in my arms and I will get motored strength to confess my love

Twinkle soul talks: why my heart beats so fastly when I am near him ?? ? Why I feel so secure in his arms?? WHY

Kunj feels something wrong then he realises that he is not wearing a shirt

He suddenly gets up and covers himself with a pillow

Twinkle: this much hurry that you forgot to wear shirt and laughs

Kunj: because I heard you were about to fall and came to save you because you are my responsibility and if anything happens to you then I will never forgive myself and leaves

Twinkle is touched by his words

Tu hi hai aashiqui plays in the background

Other side yuvi calls all twinkle family members and invites them to the Sarna house and says that there is a surprise and all are invited . He smirks

CHINKI : so plan A is done next step is plan B and gives a evil grin to yuvi

Chinki soul talks : why am I feeling something is wrong? No chinki Sarna can never be wrong nor she will ever change !!!

Precap: Guys today there is no Precap so feel free to use your imagination to think that what will be Yuki’s evil plan

Guys I hope you all are not getting bored
And if yes then give me your suggestion through your comments
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