Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 11


Hey guys

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Really missed you all but due to exams I couldn’t upload the episodes and could not comment on any ff

But I must say all of you have great powers of writing such great ffs

OK enough of my kach kach and of to the episode

Hope you like the episode

The episode starts with kunj driving the car

His face says that he is in so much tension because of chinki

Twinkle feels bad for him

Twinkle thinks – what can I do ? I really want kunj to cheer up but if I say something, Kunj will be more upset. It’s better I stay quiet .

Kunj thinks – I am dieing inside . I want to tell you Twinkle how much I love you , how much I am feeling sorry for chinki behavior. I don’t know what to do ?

It starts to rain
And the car gets stopped

Kunj gets down to check it

Twinkle wants to stop him as he will get cold in rain but before she could say something ,Kunj goes out

After some time twinkle also goes towards him as she was worried about him

As twinkle goes out kunj gets unconscious due to the rain

Twinkle holds him in time and he falls over her

Kunj in half unconscious state -twinkle ……….. I. ………… I. ……….. lo…………. U………….

And he faints

Twinkle – what does he want to say ? And he is unconscious now , there is no one else around. And I don’t even know how to drive (twinkle doesn’t know how to drive ). Oh baba Ji what will I do know ?

Just then she sees a taxi coming and asks the driver to stop

The driver stops and twinkle and the driver both lift kunj in the car

Twinkle puts kunj head in her lap and looks at him lovingly

Driver – madam I think you both live each other very much as in today’s world nobody cares for his partner , look at my wife she threw me out of my home……….

And so on her told twinkle his story
But twinkle was lost in kunj

Twinkle thinks – kunj you are so nice . You care so much for me . I don’t know why but I am getting good attracted towards you. What is his feeling ?

She was thinking when the driver asks her about her destination

Twinkle – if I go home with kunj in this state then bebe and others will be very worried and Kunj will tell them about chinki. No , first I have to talk to kunj about this matter so tonight we will say in some lounge and tomorrow when kunj will be fine we will go home

Twinkle – bhaiya ap yahan qareeb kisi bhi ache hotel legaye (take us to the nearest good hotel)

Driver – there is only one hotel here which is hotel decent

Twinkle – OK go there

And finally after half an hour they reach the hotel

Twinkle gave money to driver and got in the hotel . The manager gave them a room and helped twinkle to carry kunj

In hotel room

The manager went and twinkle lost balance and fell over kunj

Sajna Ve plays in the background

That night twinkle continuously treated kunj for temperature (dipping a cloth in cold water and putting it on forehead )

Suddenly while thinking she threw the bowl of cold water over him

Twinkle – oh no .!!! What have I done ? Now kunj will be more ill due to the wet clothes .
Now I have to change his clothes !!!

(What happened later will be reaveled after some time )

The next day when kunj woke

First he thought he was dreaming but then when he realized that what had happened

He was so shocked and he screamed

The episode ends on his shocked face

Precap – twinj Nok-jhok , and some tashan??

Guys I know the episode was boring but I am trying my best to cover it

If you want any changes in the storyline please do tell me through your comments

And please do comment either positive as it gives me more strength to write more or negative as I get to know my mistakes

As the number of episodes will depend on the number of comments ❤ ❤ ❤

Credit to: Saibo

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  1. No saibo it was not at all boring ….n all ur epi r wonderful keep writing yrr ….,….n I am waiting 4 ur next update n try 2 update it soon

  2. its not boring at all…welcome back saibo…eagerly waiting for the next episode

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  4. Noo Saibo It wasnt boring at all.. Itss amazingg waiting eagerly fr ur nxt epi

  5. Muskan{News reporter}

    Nice one.

  6. like it very much . we missed u . plz upload the next epi soon

  7. after so many days ur ff saibo..i thought u forgot us….bt it was very nice and not at all boring…

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  9. it was not good but it was excellent.. but I wanted it long..

  10. welcome back saibo
    I had missed ur ff soooooooooo much
    loved it♥♥♥♥♥

  11. nice epi saibo waiting to watch next epi

  12. Awesome Saibo… And it was not at all boring.. Welcome back

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