Tashan e ishq (hate changes into love ) Episode 1

So here comes the first episode
A girl is doing puja her face is shown she is Twinkle Taneja Sarna

A handsome boy is standing beside her he is Kunj Sarna

Behind them is standing Chinki Sarna sister of kunj

Beside her is standing yuvi her cousin

Usha and Manohar are standing on one side and Surjeet and Anita are standing on the other side

After puja twinkle starts cleaning the mandar

Usha : twinkle do it correctly all the dust is left behind

Twinkle : Ji mummi Ji. I will do it again

Kunj sees this and feels bad , he comes to Twinkle and starts helping her
Sajna Ve plays

Twinkle hurts her hand and Kunj becomes possessive

Kunj: twinkle can’t you see if something happens to you then???

Twinkle : then what kunj ?? Why does it matter to you ?? Our marriage is a compromise for our families nothing else!!!

Kunj : because I lo………. because I have other works to do I can’t always look after you ( kunj loves twinkle but does not admit it as he is afraid to lose her)

Twinkle gets sad but does not say anything

On the other side Chinki and Yuvi are watching them

Yuvi : they are getting closer we should do everything hurriedly ( Yuvi loves twinkle and wants her at any cost)

Chinki : I don’t know if they are closers are not I just want bhai’s property (Chinki wants to owe her brother’s property )

Yuvi : Wait I will make a plan and tell you

Chinki : do whatever you want but do it hurriedly

Yuvi goes and chinki also leaves

Precap; Yuki’s plan (chinki and yuvi ) kunj decides to confess his love❤

Guys I know I am not good as you but I am trying my best
feel free to express your feelings through your comments
My exams are approaching so I will try my best to update my ff
The no of episodes will depend on your no of comments

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  1. oh thts a unique theme..i mean kunj already loves twinkle..i liked it saibo..plzz update fast.

  2. Nice episode but plz make episode a bit longer….

  3. A very good start

  4. Unique antique lvly

  5. Thank you so much sidhant,Tara, naira,sabanana and keira. realay it means a lot to me
    I will try my best to upload it as soon as possible❤❤❤

  6. Woww itss amazingg Saibo !! Keep it on

    1. Thanks sunaina ??

  7. What an incredible episode I mean it’s awesomeeeeeeeee……..the twist and turn in the first episode deserves a loud loud round of applause…..????it’s awesome.

  8. i think the story is bit too fast. not everything should be revealed so soon but ur concept is different and nice.

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