Tashan e ishq (Gossip)

Hello guys i am first time uploading a article .I am just 13 years so please if i have committed any mistake please do say me.I have a gossip for you all from tashan e ishq , i am too not sure it is true or fake…If it is fake then i am sorry. And please do comment how’s my post.

Tashan-E-Ishq: Yuvi fails again in front of pure love of Twinj

Yuvi has always tried with every means to spoil Kunj and Twinkle’s relation.
But due to god’s grace true love always wins.

After being failed for too many times Yuvi is still not thinking that his all negative thinking is useless infront of Twinj true love.
Kunj and Twinkle have come very close to each other, Yuvi is jealous to see that.
Yuvi has used maahi to separate Kunj and Twinkle.
Yuvi is destroying Maahi’s life keeping her in darkness of his love and wants to her separate from her sister twinkle.
This time too, Yuvi has decided to kill Twinj.
But this plan also fails due to god’s grace.

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  1. hey ur 13yrs old I m also of 13 old n ur post is awesome….

    1. Thanks tammana for your valuable comment…Think so i got a friend.

  2. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Hey little buddy, I think you analysed very well throughout the story.
    Yuvi was the centre of attraction in the start but now is Kunj.
    Yuvi’s plans will make Twinj draw closer to each other.
    So Mahi, she’s just a coward in the start and became brave due to Yuvi’s fake love which seems pure love to her.
    Regarding the gossip, I’m not very sure.
    But, one confirmed news is that Twinkle will leave Sarna’s house due to Usha Ji.
    BTW, look towards your studies too.
    Good luck in future.
    You maybe become a writer in future too.
    God only knows.

    1. Hey star can i call u di as ur elder than me thanks a lot for rectifying my mistake and i will focus on my studies too.

  3. OMG u 13 yrs wow i’m also 13….so glad to have u tamanna!!!
    BTW u r awesome!!!

    1. Thanks phyco dear and thanks for commenting it really energized me and well u r too awesome.Gr8 i m finding many fends here.?

    2. Hi guys even i am 13 i am from amritsar

      1. wow i can’t believe it yaar!!! so many friends cool!!!

      2. Here many of my age .. hmm gr8 i m finding new frnds

  4. Meenat Abubakar

    Wow u try! Keep on trying only God knows wat u wil bcom in d future. I am 18 bt thombs up 4 u!

    1. Thanks a lot meenat di . Ur comment really encouraged me thanks a lot….

  5. nice try li’ll one…all d best

    1. Thank q prapti for ur wishes wish u the same

  6. hey u r writing superb……………….. i m 14 u r amazing writer

  7. U wrote well… I am 12 years old. Can I call u di?? 😀

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