Tashan e ishq (Gossip) 24 Mar


Hello guys this is Muskan{News Reporter} reporting for your fav serial tashan e ishq(LOL).Anywaus long time writing my gossips…. I just missed you and your all fab comments.So I am back with a very very important and happy news for all the tashan e ishq fans and viewers.As we all are seeing that the current track of tei is dealing with Rajjo sequence so lets stop this non sense and go to topic…….

In tei kunj and twinkle to escape from Choudhary but Yuvi will inform about this to choudhary.
Rajjo to find her lovemate raja.
Choudhary and Yuvi to caych twinj.
And raja, rajjo….
Choudhary decides to kill Raja but Rajjo begs him to not to kill Raja…
On other side kunj will fight yuvi goons and protect twinkle from them and later twinj will meet raja and rajjo near choudhary and goons on the road….
According to the sourcesChoudhary will agree to let raj and rajjo to marry. And the mairrage will complete with all rituals and blessings… But guysthis is not the happy ending because yuvi will come soon with a new plan to destroy twinjs life

So guys please comment on myGossip please.. And do say me whats are the things to improve or are any mistake there…. Anyways keep commenting hope you all enjoyed reading it love all of you and missed all of you and i am sorry i coudnt upload my goosips as i eas tangled up with my exams… Plzzzzz comment guys and sorry if any mistakes. But plzzzz comment…..

Credit to: Muskan{News Reporter}

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  1. Tysm muskan for the report
    Love u yr

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Its ok dear and i even love ur ff.

  2. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Oh dear, it’s so good to see you back.
    Keep up the good news.

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Thanks di…now i can be regular as my exams are done…thanks for comments di.

  3. its awesome muskan…thnx fr ur news dear..so happy to know this…

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Its ok…i m too happy by the news..

  4. I was awaiting the written update for teh 24th March but not up yet & saw your comment If this is true I like it . Well we all know Yuvi will continue to come up with plans to destroy the relationship but I hope it will bring Twinkle & Kunj closer. This is the best show on Zee right now I don’t miss it

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Ya dear its the true news….

  5. ohh….thank god that rajjo didn’t fall for kunj….if that had happened then i would have killed her…….thank u sooo much muskan for sharing the news….

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Its ok..i love sharing news (lol)

  6. this UV has no other work than troubling our twinj anyways thanks for the news dear keep us updating like this

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Ya yuvi does so bcoz tei shoild gain trp anyways thanks a lot…

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