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Hey guys this is ff reader i just changed my name. I am really sorry i could not post many gossips as i am busy with my exams and its preparations but i am back here and when i read my old gossips comment then i just felt like i have many eho love me a lots and thanks every one who commented and who supported me anyways i will stop this bak bak and move on to the gossip.

Our fantastic show tashan e ishq is gonna bring a new entry which will just give tadka(spice) to the show. Now the show will be going with many twists and turns which will be just wonderful to see.

Kunj thinks that for his father name and for twinkle he will support her in all the steps and will help her in the wedding planning work but as we know our Kunj have the title of khadoos sarna so he will not forgive twinkle our Siyappa queen easily .

As we know our Siyappa queen does many Siyappa’s so her new wedding planning task will also create a new siyyapa and the new entry in the show is also due to this so now lets know who is the new entry in our tashan e ishq show….

The new entry is of Sukirti kandpal(see her pic in my gossip dp). As per the sources it is said that she will play the role of a sweet punjabi girl by the name Rajjo. She will be entring the tei track with her father who is a very dangerous goon. She searches for her love in the life and meets kunj and later twinkle. Now it will be super intresting to watch this track because it will be very thrilling to see this drama. Rajjo will have a relation with kunj and twinkle. And for the information Rajjo is just a cameo and she has taken the entry in the serial just to make it intresting,to bring twists and and to spice up the storyine track. Now it will be really intresting to watch the show.

And one more important thing dont forget to watch the mahasangam of it with jamai raja which is on 17 and 18 march so everyone do watch if u can.
I am so thankful to everyone who commented and do comment me for this one too. You are open to comment either negative or positive abd silent readers you too do comment and love u all infinite times???. So guys do give precious feedback to my gossips.

Credit to: Muskan{News Reporter}

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  1. thank uuuu
    very much muskan(news reporter)
    i also had read this on a site.

    again thanku

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Thanks a lot for commenting…

  2. ur new name sounds more cute bcz of d spcl tag?..& thank u for d news..

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Aww thanks for ur comments.

  3. Meenat Abubakar


    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Its ok …

  4. muskan i read ur cmnts in ritzi’s ff that u r planning to end ur gossips becz of some negative ppl …( u all knw who r they so m nt going to mention the names n create a new drama ) bt i dont think u shud feel guilty its not ur fault dear…..u write well n u hav gained fans if u stop writing it will nt b a solution….cz haters gonna hate u cant help them…so it will best if continue writing n entertaing us….plzz its a request…we all love u n are there to support u….

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Thanks dear first i though to end up my gossip but after reading your comments i feel that i cant give up like this bcoz how much u all will miss me more than that i will miss u all and ur all sweet comments but yesterday when i read those comments i was stunned bcoz how can anyone be so rude or write such bad things about anyone’s character. So it was the reason i thought to end my gossips bcoz all this started from my gossips . I really felt very bad. I was polite all the time bcoz here u all ppl are elder than me i am smaller as i m only 13 so i did not cross my limits so i was polite but i was having a guilt in me about those comments. Anyways i will think about this that i should end or not. Thanks so much for understanding me.??

  5. nyz… ur gossip… keep it… up.. nd w8 ur next gossip @tashen e ishqq …..
    Muskan… very beautifull name… !!!!! I jzt lyk…

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Thanks a lot for commenting.and even i love my name.?

  6. Hey muskan d news reporter thank u sooo Mich for d news . ur new name suits u really really well , after all its d truth ur d news reporter on dis tu page . love ya n keep on posting news on our lovely show n twinj.

  7. Muskan{News reporter}

    Welcome and love u too.

  8. muskan i really forgot to tell u that i loved ur name….before i was ur article’s fan now i have turned the fan of ur name..its really sweet…nd i am sure u urself are very sweet…bt i agree wid loveleen..dear dont stop posting..as u are needed in this page…ffs will always come up bt we need these gossip…plzz muskan dont stop this..plzz plzz plzz…its nt ur fault that few ppl have lost it…actually i am feeling bad for ritzi…as i started in her ff….bt really cudnt control my anger….so ritzi if u r reading this m SORRY DEAR…..btw guys all those of u took stand for twinj and partly for me…THANKS A LOT…LOVE U ALL
    one more thing can i call u musu?? if u don’t mind…..love ya take care..

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Of course u can call it and i will call u as di love u lots and after reading this i wont end my gossip.

    2. omg u r just 13?? aww just stepped in teenage…lol..

      1. Muskan{News reporter}


  9. I’m such a dumbo…I missed d war in ur previous gossip & saw it so late…but don’t care abt such mean ppl..go ahead cz we all r with u…& may I also call u musu..actually I wanted to do it from b4 but didn’t ask thinking that u might feel bad…

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      I dont feel bad for it bcoz many frnds call me with that name even my best frnds too. So i dont find.

  10. Nice but i wanna know sth that is will rajjo fall in love for kunj ? Plz plz plz tell

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      I dont think so dear bcoz i m too not sure but if i gett to know i will send u surely and sorry for this innocenvinence…

  11. So, ur name is Muskan ! Such a unique name.
    First, do all ur very best in your exams.
    Next, I hope Rajio really spice the situations.
    Last but not least, ur news are really fast and express !
    Great having u in this TU.

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Thanks so much love u di and i fwll gr8 having u in TU

  12. Hey muskaan….ur new name is so nice Nd adorable…. Hey m really sorry I m late in cmmntng right but actually last paper is there tomorrow so just preparing for it….Nd ya Plss don’t dare to end this gossip….u write so well Nd why to care of others when u a gr8 writer is here Nd we spprtd u spport u and will always spport u ….so don’t worry dear☺☺☺ Nd btw ppl can only say and interfere so u don’t worry OK….Nd if u will go then who will be news reporter for tu especially for tei??????….Nd u are so young and then u write so refinely and sweetly….. I m big fan not only of ur ff but now of ur name Muskan(News Reporter) lovely name first name resembling ur personality and second one resembling is job!!!! Lovely….luv u…..keep reporting Nd we will keep cmmntng!!!????

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Awwww thanks di for ir lovely comments and after dis i really wont end my gossip and love u lots of much di ….?????

      1. Hey muskan u call me Di Nd u r also thanking me…..not fair na…..!!!…cause sisters r only for sharing pain and problems Nd nót thanks and sorries….got that?????? and btw u deserve that but I m thankful to u in fact we all are…..luv u dear???

    2. Muskan{News reporter}

      Aww di so sweet love i too??

  13. Tysm Muski

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Thank u so much

  14. Hey muskan its me sanu actually my real name is sana ….. Its lovely yrr

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Thanks my bestiee big surprise to see u hear yaar love uuuuuuu lots????.

      1. Muskan{News reporter}

        SO sorry dear i thought u as my bestiee as she too have the same name i m really so sorry and anyways thanks for commenting.

  15. Ur gossips are really awesome muskan

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Aww thanks flame keep commenting.

  16. Muskan{News reporter}

    Thanks for everyone who have commented and as per my thinking now i won’t end this gossip and guys i love u all for infinte tons???. I am really lucky to get such frnds and delightful big sisters and thanks everyone.

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