Tashan e ishq (Gossip) 15 Mar


Hey guys this is ff reader again. I am so sorry that i am not able to post any gossips due to my exams but i am here with a news and a gossip..So read and if any doubts ask me.

Yuvi to bring out problems in twinkle bussiness of wedding planning.
Twinkle will try her best to settle her bussiness and save her marriage.
Kunj will become ready to help her in the business.
Yuvi feel annoyed to see Twinj working together.
Twinj to dance on holi together i.e on 20 march 5pm only on zee tv.

Let’s come to news…
1)If you are a real tashan e ishq lover then do vote it as the best serial of zee tv on the website link:http://youthbuzzbiz.blogspot.in/2016/03/which-is-your-favourite-show-on-zee-tv.html.Currently tashan e ishq is on top by 47.20%. So guys please do vote if ur Twinj fans. Its my humble request.

2)Its our sidhant aka kunjs birthday on 23rd April and the last date for sending your gift os 20th April. You can send your gifts on this address mentioned:- Glitz vision
C/O Rakesh Shah
G/5 Jay Apartment,
Next to Agarwal Icecream Factory,
Indra Complex
60 feet road Bhayander West
Mumbai,Thane 401101
– Befores address
And do remember to mention(senders name-*****/place-****)

So guys you all have plenty of time to send your gifts please do send your precious gifts to our fav sidhant aka kunj plz plz plz…..
And also dont forget to vote tashan e ishq as your fav serial.
Hope you all liked my news and gossips if yes do comment even the silent readers too of it is either negative or positive do not hesitate. So plz plz plz comment and if any doubts ask me i will clarify for sure… And i am sorry once again that i am not writing gossips but well if i get time i will surely write. Do send your gifts and votes.and ya if i get time i will surely pot gossips…

Credit to: Ff reader

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  1. Dear ff reader now I have become one of ur fans….no…actually one of the biggest fans…..but I have a doubt…..will there be love confession also on 20 march??? And will there only be holi program or normal episode!!!???

    1. Dont say like that lol bcz i m ur biggest fan of ffs…???

      1. Dear ff reader really no body made me so spcl except few ppl like Tara and prapri of course….hey but really I m ur fan. I m saying so I hate to appreciate someone unnecessarily u r really very fab…u write gossip also in such a sweet manner that I became ur fan dear keep it up!!!????

    2. No i dont think there is any love confession..i m too not sure dear sorry for this abd it wil have mixture of 5 serials and there will be main focous on kkb and our Twinj is gonna dace on remix of rang barse.

  2. Omg twinj dance on holi
    just can’t wait …. well tysm ff reader
    luv ur gossips ♥♥♥

    1. Welcome and i love ur ff.

  3. Twinj Holi Programme.
    I’ll definitely gonna not miss it.
    Thanks for the update.

    1. Thanks s lotttttt. I missed ur comments di.. nice to see u back ?

      1. Hey there, I was very busy with my work.
        I’m sorry for my delay in appreciating your update.
        And it’s cheerful to c u responding back.

  4. hey ff reader..u r no more ff reader..u have become our news teller so plzz change ur name tag!! lol just kidding..btw thanks for the news..

    1. Oh! Thanks so much but the idea of changing the name tag was not bad..

      1. oh..ur welcome..nd if u like my idea then change it…

  5. Thankx a lot…ff reader but dear 20 march episode is 2 hours or normal episode 20 march is on sunday dear… This tei is single or many serial are aded. Plz clear my confusion.

    1. Its of a long time dear and no normal episode. On 20 march there are mixture of 5 serials.

  6. Meenat Abubakar

    THANKS FF READER and i saw it somewhere dat it wil b joined in kumkum bhagya and i think there wil b 5 serials

    1. You are right dear.

  7. Tysm ff reader..luv u loadzz

    1. Its okay dear..

  8. Thanks a lot everyone who ever wrote me comment and love u all??

    1. Its ok

  9. Thanks a lot for the breaking news . Hope they confess their love soon .

    1. My pleasure..

  10. u know u brought a muskan in our faces by this news just like ur real name(muskan aka ff reader)…luv u for that…

    1. Aww thanks for ur lovely comments.?

  11. if it wouuld be of twinkle or yuvi than i would love to spend my money on gifts but kuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunj.never ever.he is now no more cool and he use oo make a cool hair style at first but now ,like sidharth in jamai raja look soo ugly

    1. I understand you but dear dont say like that bcoz kunj is fav of many people and i am one of it and next time dont say like that it hurts a lot its just that i making u understand dont feel bad take csare of it from next time dear anyways thanks for ur comment.

    2. dear insha i can understand that u r twinraj fan..bt let me tell u one thing if the news was of yuvi i.e., zain’s birthday also i would love to wish him..coz i really love him…bt u ppl seem to hate kunj as well as sid which we his fans won’t support…so its a req if u dont like him don’t say like this…m telling u politely so plzz think abt it…

      1. Thanks for supporting, i agree with u.

      2. Insha , as the others said if u r an Twiraj fan it srsly doesn’t matter to me cse v all have our own point of view
        well even I love zain
        in fact I love siddhant and zain equally as an actor
        and even sid of jamai Raja is just splendid
        It may b true that u don’t like them but that doesn’t mean u wd suppress them and hurt the other fans
        plz never do it next time

      3. Thanks a lot sanam for supporting me.

    3. all I wud say haters stay away..i guess that sums it up…and ya ff reader thanx for this info though I knew it from insta but people who are not on social media for them people like u are gift of god…I really appreciate ur effort dear

      1. Thanks very much for supporting my point of view. And take care dear.

      2. tysm muskaan

    4. Like all other ppl were sooo sweet to u m sry I wouldn’t be coz as u r mean then even m gonna be mean. We all don support twiraj but we support twinj it doesn’t mean tat we started to hate zain for tat . insted we love him as yuvi also . if u have hatered n guts to speak dis all shit this is not d place . d real place is insta or twitter where u can tweet sidhant urself , go tell him their that he looks ugly not here . here all d ppl love twinj or twiraj but no one hates them in real lyf . do ya get me girly ? n by d way m sure ur some kido of 11 or 12 tats y u said such a thing . u jus showing tat ur not literally mature .

      1. Thanks for supporting me.

      2. lol simi..what an answer..haha bt seriously man whoever it is..i feel pitty…i dnt knw how many of u remember bt when i posted one of my epi analysis a twiraj fan complained that twinj fans are asking for kunj’s entry in twiraj ff which is the only one in TU..now what kind of behavior is this?? someone asking for kunj’s entry and someone insulting sid is it the same thing?? frankly speaking i got really angry seeing that comment…bt just coz it was muskaan’s article i didn’t wanna spoil it..so commented politely…bt dare anyone comment such nonsense again…i swear i won’t spare him/her….

      3. Thanks tara i am totaly with u and lobe u tons?

  12. I agree with muskaan I hope dear ff reader u wouldn’t mind me calling u by that name….insha everyone has own choices but we don’t have right to offend or hurt their feelings…..our favorite actors pit their life for making tei the best serial in present….in fact we shld pay attribute all actors: jasmine did zain shritama vaishnavi mam eva mam Nd all others!!!!

    1. I dont mind if u call me by my real.and thanks for supporting me.

  13. Thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks, infinite thanks to every one who all commented ur comments just made me fell delighted as i have my exams i dont get much time to write and read ur comments but today when today i read everyone comments it really made me feel so special…. anyways love u all lotttts of muchhhhh.???
    And please keep commenting in same way if i post my next gossip. Thanks a lot everyone.?????

  14. Guys it is also there that the function would be on kb set and other serials are
    Tashan e ishq
    Jamai raja
    Meri sasu ma
    Ye vaada raha

    1. Thanks for ur information twinju and i like ir ff too

  15. Hey ff reader I mean muskan although I read BT all dis on insta still its an awesome thing to update other ppl . thanks a lot I would say . n sry commenting sooooo late . actually m in Kuwait sooooo I read things really late . I hope u bring up ur next gossip soon . best for exams to u as mine too last exams left . ?

    1. Thanks a lot dear for commenting and wishing me for my exams and no need to be sorry , its all right anywas thanks for commenting..

  16. Thanks everyone who commented and even supportec me. Love u all for millions of infinite???

  17. Hey!! Guys.. Im flame .. and im new here….i missed the war…..
    But muskan ur gossip is really good….
    Love u ?

    1. Muskan{News reporter}

      Thanks a lot indded it was encouraging so ur new hmm lets be frnds thanks love u too????

      1. By the way best of luck for ur exams dear .. ??

      2. Muskan{News reporter}

        Thanks a lottttt flame

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