Tashan E Ishq Friendship (Episode 4)


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Thank you for the comments and Abisha you commented saying this is not good ☹️? I want a better one please. I was wondering could you give any suggestions on how I could make it better? Also guys this is a maha episode so this will be a long epsisode

Episode 4
Twinj enter Yuvi’s house. They see that he has many pictures around the house but there is not one single picture of twinkle. Kunj feels bad for her. Yuvi comes down and greets twinkle. He goes towards her and hugs her. He then sees Kunj and says what are you doing here? Get lost! Don’t say this Yuvi. The reason why I am here is because of him. And also why did u run away when u found out I was getting married? How could you? Says twinkle. I’m sorry baby but I had to come. It was an emergency replies Yuvi. Okay twinki so now you are here safe and sound, I’ll leave and please take care of yourself. Says Kunj. Then he turns to Yuvi and says I know you don’t like me because of our past issues but listen to me, I am leaving twinkle on your responsibility so you better take care of her. If I ever find out that she is upset then you wait and watch what I will do. Wait ku. Yuvi you spoke to him so rudely. I want you to apologise and then thank him for everything he has done says twinkle. This shocks Yuvi but he still does it. Then Kunj starts leaves. Wait Kunj shouts twinkle. Then she runs to him and gives him a kiss on his cheeks and hugs him tightly. He gets surprised but still hugs her back. Oh twinki I know this might be shocking for you but please can I have the mangalstutra back? Seeing as we don’t consider ourself husband and wife anymore then i don’t want this necklace to haunt you he says. She gets shell shocked but she gives it to him. She has tears in her eyes. After Kunj leaves and starts walking on the road remembering all his memories with twinkle.

Finally just me and you baby says Yuvi. Then he goes and hugs her. Why am I not happy? Why why why? Why does his touch not make me feel good anymore ? I’m finally with the person I’ve been dying to be with but I’m not happy. Thinks twinkle. Twinkle goes around Yuvi’s house. Then she sees one room which was closed. No no twinkle don’t go in there says Yuvi. She enters because she was curious and gets the shock of her life.

Kunj then goes to a gudwara and prays. Babaji knowing that twinki is happy I’m happy as well but why am I not feeling right?

After a while he heads towards his hotel. He opens the door and enters. Then suddenly he gets a knock on the door. Is that room service? But I didn’t order anything he thinks. Kunj opens the door and sees twinkle standing there. I chose you she says and hugs him. He was confused shocked and surprised. Twinki what’s going on? And where’s Yuvi and why are you here? Shhhhhh she says putting her finger on his lips. Today for the first time I have realised something. I don’t love Yuvi. I love you twinkle replies. Oh I understand! Yuvi probably did something to upset you and you realised you prefer me so you came running back? Why do I feel like you are using me? Kunj shouts. No no you are not understanding me. I went around the house but I wasn’t happy. Even when Yuvi hugged me I wasn’t happy. Then I went to one of the rooms and saw a girl there wearing one of Yuvi’s shirt. But I wasn’t annoyed. In fact I was happy that I saw her there because it made me realise my love was you all along she said. Kunj didn’t know how to react. He was happy but at the same time confused. He hugged her tightly and said don’t ever ever leave me again. I love you like crazy and I promise to make you happy no matter what.

Twinkle breaks the hug and says okay so now everything is sorted I have booked us a table in a restaurant so hurry up and get ready my handsome pati. Kunj smiles and turns but twinkle turns him around and kisses him on the lips. He reciprocates. Then twinkle naughtily says or we can just stay here. Here it is then says Kunj smirking.

Episode 3 ends here

Please comment below and tell me how it is. And now you know that this is a twinj fan fiction. 🙂

Credit to: Alishaa

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