Tashan E Ishq Friendship (Episode 3)


Thank you everyone for the lovely comments 🙂 Also the comments were all voting towards a Twinj fan fiction but I will reveal it in the next episode.

Twinkle wakes up in the morning and sees Kunj sleeping. Yesterday Kunj told me his feelings for the first time. He got very upset and emotional seeing me like that. He loves me and here I am thinking about my happiness with Yuvi. If Yuvi did really love me then why didn’t he try to stop the marriage? Why didn’t he think of something ? Why why why? Babaji what is going on? Do I love Kunj or Yuvi? Thinks twinkle. Then she remembers all her memories with Kunj from her childhood. Like when she forgot to do her homework and Kunj gave her his and he got detention. When twinkle forgot to bring money for food so he gave her his money and stayed hungry. When Kunj helped her with all her projects and all the fun times they had.

Kunj wakes up and doesn’t find twinkle beside him. He gets worried and jumps out of bed. Twinki twinki where are you? He says. Ku don’t worry I’m here she shouts back from the bathroom. Suddenly Kunj sees a cockroach. Ahhhhh twinki help please come fast he screams. She comes running and laughs. Kunj’s one and only fear is cockroach. He runs to twinkle and hugs her tightly. Twinki please muje Baja he says. Okay baba she says but he doesn’t break the hug. First let me go ku she says while smiling. She gets rid of the cockroach.

They check out of the hotel and start walking. Okay so twinki tell me yuvraj’s address and we will go there Kunj says. She gives him the address and they go to his house

Twinkle gets out the taxi and crosses the road but a car was heading her way. She was too shocked to react and move. Kunj saw and ran towards her and pushed her. Twinkle and Kunj were safe but Kunj hurt himself on the elbow. Kunj! Look you hurt yourself! How can u be so careless twinkle says. She tears a part of her dupatta and ties it on his elbow. Kunj looks at her lovingly and Sajana ve plays. Yuvi sees this from his terrace and gets extremely jealous.

Episode 3 finishes here. Please comment below your opinion also sorry for the small update today.

Credit to: Alishaa

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