Tashan E Ishq Friendship (Episode 2)


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Episode 2
Twinj wake up and they get ready to go. Twinkle decides to wear modern clothes because it’s her honeymoon. She chooses to wear a white plain top and short navy skirt. Twinki hurry up how long are yo …. Then he stops because he gets stunned by her beauty. Your looking beautiful and then he pretends to put kaala teeka on her. Twinkle laughs and says let’s go sightseeing before going to meet Yuvi. They check out of the hotel. After walking for a while twinkle sees pani puri. Before she could say anything Kunj says hey twinki pani puri your fave. Come on let’s go and have some. Hey I know we can have a small competition like we used to when we were small. Kunj is so kind. He understands me more than I understand myself. How did he know I wanted pani puri? She thinks to herself. Okay so if I lose then I have to dance in the middle of the street and if u win then then then …… Says Kunj. Then u get a kiss on the cheek replies twinki. Kunj gets surprised but thinks Kunj beta aaj toh tuje jeet na he hoga. They start the competition but it gets too spicy for Kunj however he thinks about the kiss and carries on. In the end Kunj wins. Don’t worry Ku I will give u your kiss but when the time is right twinkle says

After sightseeing twinkle tells Kunj she wants to go for a drink. Twinj goes to a pub nearby and twinkle orders two cold drinks. Kunj goes to the washroom but when he comes back he can’t find her. He rushes to the bartender and asks about her but the bartender says he doesn’t know. Kunj panics and runs outside. He sees her earring on the floor and picks it up. All the sudden he hears a girl screaming in a van. Kunj runs to the van and sees that the door is open. He looks inside and sees 2 people trying to take advantage of her. Anger boils inside of him. Twinkle sees him and hits the goons and runs over and hugs Kunj tight as if she was never going to let go of him. He hugs her back. Suddenly one of the goon comes and Tries to hit them but he stops them. He beats them black and blue. He was about to kill them but twinkle stopped him. Twinj leave from there. Kunj saw that twinkle was shivering so he took off his jacket and made her wear it. She looked at him lovingly. Twinkle what was the need to come to this pub? Huh? Did u see what just happened? If something was to happen to you then I would die. Your pain is my pain. Your happiness is my happiness. When I couldn’t find you in the pub my heart stopped beating. I felt like a piece of my went away Kunj says. Twinkle was shell shocked. She knew that Kunj loved her but she never considered it to be love love she always thought of it as a friendship. They reach the hotel. Without saying a word they check in and enter the bedroom. Kunj was really tired so he jumped in bed and went to sleep.

Episode 2 is finished here.
Also please comment below and tell me whether you think this is a twinkle and yuvi fan fiction or twinkle and Kunj because I haven’t revealed which one it is yet. Also tell me which one you want it to be 🙂

Credit to: Alishaa

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  16. Anisha (Phycho)

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