Tashan E Ishq Friendship (Episode 1)


Hey guys
Thank you so much for the lovely comments. Also I’m sorry because I wrote episode 1 on the previous update however it was meant to be intro. I’ll start straight away

Episode 1
Twinj are shown sleeping in bed. They are sharing it but there is a border between. Although twinkle loves yuvi, she loves Kunj as a Best friend and blindly trusts him. Kunj wakes up. He smiles seeing twinkle sleeping peacefully. Twinkle I promise I will give you the best gift ever today and I will surely make you smile Kunj thinks to himself. He then goes back to sleep.

Twinkle wakes up and goes and freshens up. Yesterday I told Kunj that I love yuvi. He didn’t react that badly but I could see he was clearly upset. I feel so bad for breaking his heart but if we are going to start a relationship then I don’t want to start it off with a lie thinks twinkle. She’s comes out the bathroom and sees that Kunj is still sleeping. Ku ( that’s what she calls him since they were little and he calls her twinki ) wake up. Bebe said she will give suprise and I am excited so let’s gooo!! Shouts twinkle. Ahh twinki you are so annoying. I was having the best dream of me and yo ….. Says Kunj and then he realises what he said. Erm a dream of me and yogurt he says scratching his head. Yogurt? ( funny tune ) twinkle says confused. Then she turns and hits a drawer and is about to fall but Kunj saves her and he accidently slips so they fall on the bed. They share an eyelock. Sajana ve plays. They compose themselves and go downstairs

They don’t see anyone there but there was something on the table. It turns out to be honeymoon tickets. Kunj smiles. Twinkle is shocked. They go back to there room. Twinki I don’t know what ur reaction is going to be to this but I know that you love yuvi too much and you won’t be fully happy with me so I have decided to take you to him. I told Bebe to book us tickets as an excuse. See the ticket is for Mumbai. That’s where he lives right? Kunj says to twinkle. But Ku this isn’t right your my best friend and now your my husband. I can’t just leave like this and anyway what would you say to our families? Twinkle asks. Don’t worry about me. I just want your happiness. That’s my top priority. And I’ll take the blame for the families. I’ll say that I …. Idk what I’ll say but I’ll make an excuse. You don’t worry about that okay? Just live your life and be happy he says. Then he pauses and say Kal Ho na Ho like SRK . Twinkle was touched by his words. She didn’t know what to do. She was happy but shocked at the same time. She hugs him and says your the best person ever. He was over the top. Okay I told Bebe to pack so let’s leave. The flight is in 5 hours Kunj says.

After informing there family they left. After 3 hours they reached Mumbai. Twinj reach the hotel and see it decorated beautifully. Okay so do you know Yuvi’s address? Kunj asked. Yes but let’s test today and we will go tomorrow Kunj.

Episode 1 ends here. Please comment and tell me how it is and if it’s bad then how I can improve 🙂

Credit to: Alishaa

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  1. patakha princess

    its noo nyc……awww bechara kunj…..

  2. nyc episode …..

  3. Very good starting. Loved it.

  4. Awesome start alishaa… Luvd it

  5. Nice?? start aalisha??……keep writing ………best of luck 4 next update??

  6. Osm osm osm epi dear…..

  7. amazing awesome…what to say about ur ff its just awesome…. in your 1st episode only u rocked…..

  8. it was fantastic

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