Tashan-e-ishq… a foodie tashan one shot

Hello frnds..here is a one shot on twinj…have a look and plz let me know was it…loads of love…

Kunj was standing near a cliff…his eyes were completely filled with tears and he was just staring down the cliff as if he was trying to the figure out the height of the cliff…he was taking a step ahead to jump and again a step back to stop…Twinkle who was passing by saw him and understood that he was going to commit suicide…she quickly ran towards him and when Kunj was fully prepared to jump down she shouted-“hold on hold on.. hey u…hold on..”

Kunj rolled his up and turned towards her….his vision was blurred due to tears in his eyes…he rubbed his eyes and again looked towards her…he saw a girl in some dull clothes coming towards him holding burger in one hand and pastry in the other…

She quickly came to him and asked-“hey…stop…are u mad…what were you trying to do?.”

Kunj gave her a glance then ignored her words and again turned his head towards the cliff…

Twinkle-“hey man I m talking to you….tell me are u going to commit suicide….?”

Kunj irritated-“no I was going to dance…wanna join..? …..get lost from here…”

Twinkle-“why are u getting angry…tell me the reason why u were going to die…let me guess…Oh..so ur girlfriend ditched u for someone else…Arey yaar…it’s a gud news..be happy that u got freedom from that b***c for rest of ur life..”

Kunj shouted-“what nonsense…have u run away from some mental asylum…just get lost or else I will push u down..”

Twinkle-“ok fine…don`t tell me ur problem…But promise me that u will not commit suicide..listen..u are not the only on to have problems in ur life…everyone have problems…and it is good..u answer me one thing..if I ask u to eat daal chaawal daily will u eat that…?”

Kunj frowned-“u will not go na..”

Twinkle-“first answer my question then I will definitely go..”

Kunj gave her a killer look

Twinkle-“answer my question or I will keep asking u…

Kunj irritated-“ahhhh…..no I will not..how can one will eat same thing daily..”

Twinkle-“exactly…no one will…life is also like that…if it will only have happiness then it will become boring…so, to make life interesting we have problems and issues..simple..”

Kunj gave her a disgusted look-“are u nuts…?do u think life is a daal chaawal..”

Twinkle-“off course not…that’s what I am trying to explain…life is like an icecream…enjoy it before it melts…”

Kunj lost his temper-“I answered ur question na..so now leave or else I will write ur name in my suicide note…”

Twinkle-“but u don`t know my name ..so, how will u write…”

Kunj-“I will write that a foodie daal chaawal girl compelled me for suicide..

Twinkle-“wao… foodie….i love the name…u impressed me with the name so let me give u some gift..u take this burger… she offered her burger to him…

Kunj was now completely irritated..his anger was at the peak…he snatched the burger from her hand and threw it down the cliff..

Twinkle made a pout face and turned her head down…

Kunj-“now before I throw u like this..go out from my sight..”

Twinkle`s eyes got filled with tears. …Kunj noticed her sad face and felt bad for his act-“hey u r upset for that small burger..ok fine…tell me the price of that burger..I will give u ten times more…and after that u can happily have ur burger..

Twinkle ignored his words and started walking away from there…

Kunj hold her wrist to stop her-“I asked the price of the burger…tell me…was it of 50 or 60…”

Twinkle looked straight into his eyes-“u want to know the price na…see the price…she pointed towards her cut elbow and knees…

Kunj confused-“what…”

Twinkle-“this is the price…I stole that burger and pastry from a bakery shop..and in the process of escaping I fell down and got hurt..

Kunj-“are u out of ur mind…what if they would have caught u…and what was the need of stealing..”

Twinkle-“because I have not ate a single thing from two days…was very hungry and when I saw burgers I was not able to control myself…”

Kunj heart pained hearing her words-“why… u don`t have money…”

Twinkle-“no dear…I live in an orphanage…I used to sell newspapers to earn money…but due to rain yesterday my all newspapers got wet and was destroyed …the manager of the newspaper shoves me for being careless and didn`t gave me a single penny…but guess what I am thankful to him for not paying me…atleast I enjoyed the adventure of stealing..saying so she gave a big smile…

Kunj was completely surprised with her this carefree attitude…His POV- “god have given me everything..home ..money….parents.. but yet I blamed him for my every single problem…I was going to end my life just because I suffer some loss in business….and look at her…she don`t have anything..no home…no money..no parents…yet she never complained about anything….she finds happiness in almost everything….she is right…every person in this world have problems…but it depends on us whether we scare our problems or let our problem scares us… Kunj Mehra now no more daal chawal..only icecream…”

Twinkle shook Kunj-“o prince charming…what are u thinking so deeply..”

Kunj gave her a big smile and hugs her….Twinkle was surprised but she obliged the hug….he broke the hug after a minute-“thanks u..thank u..thank u so much…yeah u r right…life is surely an icecream…and I promise I will enjoy its every bite…”

Twinkle-“so u will not commit suicide right..?

Kunj smiled-“of course not miss…..

Twinkle-Twinkle Mishra…and u..

Kunj-“Kunj Mehra… and now plz come with me..I want to take u somewhere”

Twinkle make a pout face-“where…plz don`t send me to jail by writing my name on ur suicide note…”

Kunj laughed watching her face-“ok I will not…but on one condition…”

Twinkle-“what condition..?”

Kunj- first come with me..he took Twinkle to his car ..made her sit and drove off towards her orphanage by asking the address from her…on his way he purchased burgers,pastries, ice creams and balloons for everyone…After reaching Kunj helped Twinkle getting out from the car and handed her all the items..she asked him to come along with her…they distributed all the things among the people of orphanage and was very happy watching the excitement and happiness of everyone….

Kunj asked Twinkle about the name of the newspaper she used to sell.he made a phone call and asked the person to buy that news paper agency and make Twinkle Mishra the copywriter…

Twinkle was surprised at his words..she asked him how he gets to know that she wanted to be a writer..”

Kunj smiled-“u compelled the stubborn Kunj Mehra to change his decision by your words and thoughts…only that moment I understood u had a great talent of thinking and writing…”

Twinkle was very happy..tears started flowing down from her big brown eyes…she pinched herself to confirm it wasn`t her dream…she had never imagined that her dream to become a writer will ever come true..she hugged Kunj-“thanks Kunj…thanks a lot for giving me so much happiness..”

Kunj wiped her tears and pulled her close-“no Twinkle…I should say thanks…thank u for making me realize the true meaning of life…”

Everyone clapped watching them..Twinkle broke the hug and blushed..After some chit chats with her and others..Kunj left with the promise to come to meet them everyday..

Kunj went straight to his office…called his PA and asked him for the file of the deal in which he suffers huge losses…he started working day and night to compensate the loss and finally his hard words gave fruits…he was awarded with the Best Entrepreneur award…he thanked everyone and dedicated his award to the true owner Twinkle..he went to Twinkle`s news agency and took her to the same cliff where the met for the first time..he made her eat burger ,pastries and ice cream and got on his knees and shouted-“I love u Twinkle…thanks for coming in my life…this place is the most luckiest place of my life..I will never forget the lesson u gave me on our first meet..

Twinkle shouted more louder than him-“I love u too Kunj…thanks for making my dreams true and for everything…but listen I love u but not more than pastry,burger and ice creams…

Kunj laughed at her… he got up.. pulled her into his embrace and they kissed deeply….

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  5. Oh woww its awsm.. N itsss toooooo awsm bcz usme mera fav. Quote hai. Life is a n ice cream enjoy it before it melts. Meri fb.. Instaa sb pr meri profile me h.. I really love this quote.. N very nice story yrr

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  7. It was copied you can at least given the truth that it is copied
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    1. that was written by only me dear…I have written this os on sandhir of sadda haq serial..and I thought to post in on twinj too..

      1. No you are a cheater
        This was written by ritu in Manmarziyan

  8. It is amazing

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  23. Cheater this was written by ritu in manmarziyan

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